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Friction Series R3: WCTTCA and SCCA 30

Start sheet: bib start_time firstname lastname club gender category 3 08:03:00 Alan Forrester Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic Male Veteran 4 08:04:00 Geraint Catherall Anfield BC Male Veteran 5 08:05:00 Nev Ashman Manchester Velo Cycle Racing Club Male Veteran 6 08:06:00 Ben Love Pirate juice cc Male Veteran 7 08:07:00 David Smith Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic […]

R1 Friction Hydraulics Series: Nova Raid...

The Friction Hydraulics Series got off to a belated start two months late with Covid restrictions finally eased enough to allow competition, with The Nova Raiders 25 on the rolling Prees – Battlefield course. The event was bittersweet as it was unfortunately blighted by an accident still under investigation which resulted in the partial abandonment […]