Private Members and the SCCA

The Association provides a series of races for anyone to enter, work and costs of running the events being met by affiliated clubs with entry fee covering little more than CTT levy.

Although anyone can enter, only those who are members of affiliated clubs or are private members qualify for competition points.

The Association’s aim is to promote cycle sport through the affiliated clubs, adding an inter county element to club events. Private members are admitted only when strict criteria are met (effectively live in county and first claim member of a club that does not affiliate). The Association is not intended as a Members Club, and Private Members are not admitted as an alternative to joining your local club. There are times, however, when you own club membership does not qualify you to race for SCCA points, if the correct criteria are met you can apply for Private Membership.

If you are a member of a Shropshire Club that is not an Association Affiliate, why not suggest they join the SCCA?

If you are not a first claim member of an affiliated club you may be eligible for Private membership.

Download the Application form from the link below and email to


Private Membership is currently £5.00 per year and is for all or part of the calendar year in which you join.

As Private Membership is a concession to allow qualifying riders to enter events and gain points and SCCA is no a club for private members, but for Clubs, reminders are not sent out on the expiration of membership. You do not have to complete a new application form unless you have moved out of county. To continue your membership after the first year please e-mail your request and details to

Responsibilities of Private Members

Riders who enter events are expected to offer to Marshal or help out in some other way. Most events are promoted by Affiliated clubs, but there are several that are promoted by the SCCA. Private members are expected to offer to Marshal once a season, usually for one of these events or for some of the Marshal hungry events such as the 100 mile TT. The Association does not want the marshalling requirement to impede entry or impact of series results, but everyone who rides is expected to marshal one event. Pick your event and let the Association Secretary know.

Association Rules for Accepting Private Members

SCCA Rule 4 states

Membership shall be open to clubs within the COUNTY affiliated to the National Bodies, and also to private members aged 16 and over with a permanent address in SHROPSHIRE if they belong to a non-SCCA affiliated club. Riders with a permanent address in SHROPSHIRE can also affiliate to SCCA directly as a first claim member and enter events as such. Points, medals and trophies will be awarded on the same basis to Private and First Claim Members as for those affiliating via a member club, excepting the Top Club Award where points gained by Private Members and First Claim Members shall be excluded.

Exceptionally any other rider can be approved as an honorary member by the SCCA Committee regardless of where they live at any meeting. They will not pay a fee and rides will count for all purposes except the Top Club Award.

CTT Regulation 8 states: “A rider may only be a first claim member of one club or a member of a trade team and must enter Open and Semi-open events in the name of that club or that trade team”.

This means second claim membership does not count EXCEPT in fully Association-restricted events.