Reliability Rides are not Races

Please look at Guidelines to Staying Safe put together by Nick Jeggo for the SCCA (Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association)

  • Please support the organising club by registering and paying the entry fee
  • Whilst riding this event, you are representing yourself, your club, the SCCA and the sport of cycling. It’s not a race; there are no prizes and no points to be earned
  • You are responsible for your own safety and for that of your fellow riders
  • Follow the Highway Code and respect other road users
  • Be courteous to drivers, horse riders and other road users, even if they are not courteous to you
  • Make sure that you know the route, or have a map of it. Make a note of any emergency contact numbers (ICE)
  • Make sure you are self-sufficient and carry tools, spares, money, phone, wet weather gear and anything else you may need
  • Ride no more than two abreast. Ride single file when it isn’t safe to ride in pairs
  • Call out when you are passing someone and only ever pass on the right
  • Point out hazards to your fellow riders and call out “Car up”/”Car back” or “Car down” when there are vehicles
  • Try to only cross junctions when the entire group can cross. If this isn’t possible wait on the other side so that riders left behind aren’t tempted to take chances
  • Do not use mobile phones while riding. Stop at the side of the road to make or receive a call.
  • No ‘selfies’ while on the move
  • At least one hand on the bars at all times. No donning or removing of clothing on the move
  • Dispose of gel wrappers, inner tubes or any other litter at the finish, not on the course