SCCA Spring 10 No.1

The County’s time trialling season got off to a belated start with the longed for lifting of Lockdown 3 on a bitterly cold day, which affected times and put 14 riders off from taking the line, but still saw some mightily impressive performances. With snow covering Market Drayton just to the north and an 80% chance of hail forecast the Waters Upton – Hodnet course somehow kept dry for the duration of the event, despite the mercury not rising above 4ºC which saw many riders wrapping up against the bitter north wind that hampered progress on the longer ‘out’ leg.

17 year-old Ryan Greaves took a fabulous win ahead of some quality riders by 12 seconds from four-time Scottish Team Time Trial Champion David Griffiths. The youngster pushed himself hard to a superb time of 21 minutes 13 seconds, which given that muscles would barely be warm is all the more impressive. He commented: “The low temperature and brutal headwind on the way out made conditions far from ideal. I felt like there was a bit more to give, but it was nice to test the legs in my first 10 since last September and a nice bonus to get the overall win”.

Arriving last minute Griffiths was second to last rider off, but took the maximum 20 points on offer to affiliated riders to set out his stall for the coming season. Newly signed for Oswestry Paragon Griffiths stopped the watch on 21:25 to see off the attentions of Matthew Roberts by five seconds.

Greaves won the Junior competition too but reigning Junior SB Champion Henri Bedford looked to be in immediate form with his 21:35 making him County runner-up – a position he’s familiar with having taken Overall SB Silver in the truncated 2020 Series. Bedford’s superbly low and locked position helped him slice through the wind and push out Mid Shropshire Wheelers’ James Satoor by 11 seconds. Bedford stated: “So pleased to get back racing, even when in the cold weather. It was tough on the way out, but I enjoyed the bit of tailwind on the way back – many thanks to organisers and marshals for making it possible”.

Having had an unusually steady start in club-level events Chris Halford showed that he’s beginning to find his form on the flat courses he prefers. Churning a huge gear Halford took 8th spot Overall in 22:24, but when converted to Veteran’s Standard he had a clear win of 38 seconds from Fibrax Wrexham rider Steve Aston with a creditable +4:21. Halford likes racing in the warm and usually avoids the early season lung-openers as a consequence, and so his comments were not unexpected: “I’m not a huge fan of cold conditions – I shivered my way around the course! Big thanks to all the helpers who braved the bitter conditions”.

Alison Dockney had had second thoughts about turning up when she left home, but was glad she did, taking an immediate win to grab the maximum 20 points available in the SB Women’s Series. The Market Drayton CC rider threw herself across the finish line in a solid 25:19, seeing off the attentions of Mid Shropshire Wheelers’ Junior Cerys Blowers by 1:04. Dockney stated: “I questioned my sanity as I drove to the event through heavy snow but fortunately I got to race on dry roads! Despite the freezing conditions and a solid headwind on the way out it was fantastic to be able to get out and pin a number on again for the first time this year.  Huge thanks to timekeepers and marshals for braving the cold to allow us to race”. 


1Ryan GreavesTeam HuubJ21:13
2David GriffithsOswestry Paragon CCS21:2520
3Matthew RobertsTeam BottrillS21:30
4Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ21:3518
=5James SatoorMid Shropshire WheelersJ21:4616
=5Dean CallisterNova RaidersS21:4614
7Fred MeredithTeam Backstedt Bike PerformanceJ22:04
8Chris HalfordWrekinsport CCV22:2412
9Steve AstonFibrax Wrexham RCV22:39
10Oliver RodwellWrekinsport CCV22:5010
11Tomos HalesWrekinsport CCS22:518
12Sam MorrisLoughborough Students CCS23:24
13Jonathan Mills-KeelingBridgnorth CCV23:296
14Bryn DaviesHafren CCV23:344
15Andy RoseNova RaidersV23:502
16Jason WalkleySCCA Private MemberV23:512
17Alec BondMid Shropshire WheelersS24:132
18Mark PritchardNova RaidersS24:152
19Rich SmithWrekinsport CCV24:302
20Peter FletcherOswestry Paragon CCV24:322
21Rob JacksonWrekinsport CCV24:352
22Harry CorneyMarket Drayton CCJ24:482
23Rob JonesNova RaidersV25:012
24Phil GardnerMid Shropshire WheelersV25:132
25Alison DockneyMarket Drayton CCW25:192
26Allan HendersonWrekinsport CCS25:432
27Jason ArnoldHafren CCV25:482
28Pete MulloyWrekinsport CCV25:592
29Stan ElmittFibrax Wrexham RCV26:03
30George CoombesUnattachedS26:11
31Fraser MacKinnonWrekinsport CCV26:132
32Cerys BlowersMid Shropshire WheelersWJ26:232
33Dan RamsbottomSCCA Private MemberS26:292
34Dave FanningClwb Beicio’R BalaV26:47
35Paul LoweClwb Beicio’R BalaV27:14
36Cerys GreavesTeam HuubWJ27:24
37Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV27:382
38Ethan CampbellNewport Shropshire CCJ28:312
39Mark StocksNewport Shropshire CCV28:452
40Marie LlewellynNova RaidersW29:082
41Martyn BramwellUnattachedV29:09
42Pauline HughesRevolutions RacingWV29:142
=43Alex MutchUnattachedV29:39
=43Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV29:392
45Steve MoldWrekinsport CCV29:432
46Clare CotterellWrekinsport CCWV29:532
47Andrew WilliamsMid Shropshire WheelersV29:592
48Tanya SamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV30:49
49Lauren TurleyNova RaidersWV31:212
50Richard GoddardNewport Shropshire CCV31:352
51Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV31:382
52Helen BlakeWrekinsport CCW32:582


Vets Pos’nNameClubCatVet /-Vets Points
1Chris HalfordWrekinsport CCV+4:2120
2Steve AstonFibrax Wrexham RCV+3:43
3Oliver RodwellWrekinsport CCV+3:1718
4Andy RoseNova RaidersV+3:1316
5Jonathan Mills-KeelingBridgnorth CCV+3:1114
6Bryn DaviesHafren CCV+3:0212
7Rob JacksonWrekinsport CCV+2:4210
8Rich SmithWrekinsport CCV+2:338
9Peter FletcherOswestry Paragon CCV+2:136
10Jason WalkleySCCA Private MemberV+2:114
11Rob JonesNova RaidersV+2:022
=12Pete MulloyWrekinsport CCV+2:002
=12Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV+2:002
14Phil GardnerMid Shropshire WheelersV+1:502
15Stan ElmittFibrax Wrexham RCV+1:09
16Jason ArnoldHafren CCV+0:572
17Pauline HughesRevolutions RacingWV+0:352
18Fraser MacKinnonWrekinsport CCV+0:322
19Dave FanningClwb Beicio’R BalaV+0:25
20Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV-0:232
21Paul LoweClwb Beicio’R BalaV-0:38
22Tanya SamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV-1:17
23Clare CotterellWrekinsport CCWV-1:222
24Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV-1:292
25Mark StocksNewport Shropshire CCV-1:332
26Andrew WilliamsMid Shropshire WheelersV-2:262
27Steve MoldWrekinsport CCV-2:452
28Martyn BramwellUnattachedV-2:52
29Lauren TurleyNova RaidersWV-3:012
30Alex MutchUnattachedV-3:08
31Richard GoddardNewport Shropshire CCV-4:232


Women’s Pos’nNameClubCatTimeWomens Points
1Alison DockneyMarket Drayton CCW25:1920
2Cerys BlowersMid Shropshire WheelersWJ26:2318
3Cerys GreavesTeam HuubWJ27:24
4Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV27:3816
5Marie LlewellynNova RaidersW29:0814
6Pauline HughesRevolutions RacingWV29:1412
7Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV29:3910
8Clare CotterellWrekinsport CCWV29:538
9Tanya SamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV30:49
10Lauren TurleyNova RaidersWV31:216
11Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV31:384
12Helen BlakeWrekinsport CCW32:582


Junior Pos’nNameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1Ryan GreavesTeam HuubJ21:13
2Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ21:3520
3James SatoorMid Shropshire WheelersJ21:4618
4Fred MeredithTeam Backstedt Bike PerformanceJ22:04
5Harry CorneyMarket Drayton CCJ24:4816
6Cerys BlowersMid Shropshire WheelersWJ26:2314
7Cerys GreavesTeam HuubWJ27:24
8Ethan CampbellNewport Shropshire CCJ28:3112