SB Sport Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic

A series of 17 ITT events across the whole season promoted by clubs within the SCCA.

Check with the promoting club for their entry requirements before the event. Many clubs are not accepting on the day cash payments and may have specific requirement for entrants to meet Covid 19 regulations.

2022 SB Sport Injuries Series Dates

Event Calendar

19/03/2022R1Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD10/23r1015:00Enter Here
20/03/2022R2North Shropshire WheelersD2/191909:00
26/03/2022R3Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD10/23r1015:00Enter Here
02/04/2022R4Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD10/23r1015:00Enter Here
04/05/2022R5Wrekinsport CCD3/9rev x21919:00
17/05/2022R6Nova RaidersK52/10C1019:00
07/06/2022R7Ludlow CCR10/6B1019:00
22/06/2022R8North Shropshire WheelersD25/202519:00
24/06/2022R9Oswestry Paragon CCD3/191919:00
29/06/2022R10Wrekinsport CCD25/23r2519:00
06/07/2022R11Hafren CCD310/11019:00Enter Here
13/07/2022R12Wrekinsport CCD3/9rev x21919:00
09/08/2022R13Ludlow CCD28/101019:00
16/08/2022R14Bridgnorth CCK21/10B1019:00
17/09/2022R15Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD7/101015:00
24/09/2022R16Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD7/101015:00
01/10/2022R17Shropshire Cycling Clubs AssociationD10/23r1015:00
TBCNewport Shropshire CCD7/101019:00

For riders looking to take advantage of the wide variety of Time Trial courses in Shropshire there’s The SB Sports Injuries Series, covering 17
County-wide events, giving riders opportunities to try out other club’s courses and to try stretching themselves over longer distances.

SB Sports Injuries Series – how to win

Based on a range of Association and solo club events promoted by member clubs, the SB Sports Injuries Series is an Inter-club Series designed to give riders a taste of competition against riders from other clubs, where they are assured a warm welcome to step up from competing in just their own club’s 10 mile event. The series acts as a bridge to entering Open events, with a simple entry-on-the-line format and some longer distance as well as some sporting courses designed to enrich the time trialling experience.

All riders from SCCA member clubs automatically qualify for points, whilst Shropshire-based riders of non-affiliated clubs can also join in by taking out private SCCA membership. For 2020 there are 17 rounds, with bonus points awarded for longer events to encourage riders to stretch themselves. Points from a rider’s highest scoring 12 rounds count towards cumulative positions in each category, with separate points awarded over four categories:

  • Overall
  • Veterans on Standard – for over-40 riders, based on how much a target time is beaten (or missed) by. Standards become more generous with age
  • Women’s
  • Juniors – 12-18 year olds (18 year olds are classed as Juniors for the calendar year their 18th birthday falls in) 

It is thus possible for a rider to meet the criteria to be ranked for different points in as many as three categories. Gold, Silver and Bronze County medals are awarded in each category, with the winners also holding an annual trophy each.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Standard: 20 points for a win, 18 points for second down to 2 points for finishing
  • 25-29 miles: 26 points for a win, 24 for second down to 4 points for finishing
  • 30 miles and over: 30 points for a win, 28 for second down to 6 points for finishing

A tie results in both (or all) tied riders being awarded the higher points, so for instance two riders tying for runner-up spot in a 10 mile event: both receive 18 points.

Non-affiliated riders are welcome to compete, although they will not qualify for points.

Note that from 2020 a fixed or flashing red rear light is COMPULSORY when starting: no light, no ride due to need to comply with insurance conditions.

Reminders of when and where each event takes place will be published a day or two before each event on the SCCA Twitter feed, including a MapMyRide of each course which can also be viewed by clicking on the course description below.

Note that from 2022 a fixed or flashing front and red rear light are COMPULSORY when starting as is the wearing of a helmet. No helmet or lights, no ride due to need to comply with insurance conditions.

Guidance note on the CTT website.

Visit What are the Trophies page on our website to see how the various trophies are awarded

Time Trial Course can be downloaded from our website click here

Twitter reminders and routes are also published  for all the County-wide Series.