Little Sweetpea Gardens and BBR Opticians are sponsoring this series for the second year.

Check with the promoting club for their entry requirements before the event. Many clubs are not accepting on the day cash payments and may have specific requirement for entrants to meet Covid 19 regulations.

2021 SCCA Hill Climb Series Dates

Event Calendar

DateRoundClubCourse No.Dist (miles)Course descriptionTime
25/08/2021R1Wrekinsport CCD0/140.99Willomoor Bank, The Wrekin18:30 
26/08/2021R2Nova RaidersD0/180.75Station Road, Ironbridge19:00 
31/08/2021R3Mid Shropshire WheelersD0/171.02The Stiperstones19:00 
04/09/2021R4Oswestry Paragon CCD0/151.65Mount Road, Oswestry14:30 
05/09/2021R5Paramount CRT D0/51.20The Burway, Church Stretton11:00
07/09/2021R6Ludlow CCKH141.95Wigmore Road, Ludlow18:30 
08/09/2021R7SCCAD3HC/50.50Homer Bank18:30
11/09/2021R8Propel CCD3HC/4 0.52Coalport – Swayney cliff15:00
12/09/2021R9Hafren CCD0/220.90A490 Pentre’r Beirdd11:00 
03/10/2021R10Bridgnorth CCD0/200.80Five Chimneys, Hughley11:00
10/10/2021R11Newport Shropshire CCD0/180.75Station Road, Ironbridge11:00 
Note: other hill climb courses not in use in 2020
Hafren D0/21 (when used) – other side Pentre’r Beirdd 
Paramount CRT D0/20 Five Chimneys, Hughley

SCCA Hill Climb Series – how to win

The Hill Climb Series is particularly suitable for mountain goats and is particularly suitable for Junior riders, whose light weight is a distinct advantage. Short, sharp and with as many different characteristics as you could shake a stick at, some climbs will be constant efforts, others you’ll be changing gear almost continually. Traditionally taking place as the racing season winds down between the end of August and early October, several events take place on consecutive days which is an additional challenge.

In this format you will not receive a ‘push’ start, the pusher-off will merely let go. Riders stopping on the climb and putting their foot down are technically DNF – Did Not Finish. Because of the small distances involved and potential for ties finish timekeepers are recommended to time hill climbs to at least tenths of a second, although this is not universally followed.

All riders from SCCA member clubs automatically qualify for points, whilst Shropshire-based riders of non-affiliated clubs can also join in by taking out private SCCA membership. For 2020 there are 9 rounds. Points from a rider’s highest scoring 5 rounds count towards cumulative positions in each category, with separate points awarded over four categories:

  • Overall
  • Veterans on Actual Time – for over-40 riders
  • Women’s
  • Juniors – 12-18 year olds (18 year olds are classed as Juniors for the calendar year their 18th birthday falls in)

Points are awarded in each category as follows:

  • 20 points for a win, 18 points for second down to 2 points for finishing

It is thus possible for a rider to meet the criteria to be ranked for different points in as many as three categories. Gold, Silver and Bronze County medals are awarded in each category, with the winners also holding an annual trophy each.

A tie results in both (or all) tied riders being awarded the higher points, so for instance two riders tying for runner-up spot: both receive 18 points.

Non-affiliated riders are welcome to compete, although they will not qualify for points.

Note that from 2020 a fixed or flashing red rear light is COMPULSORY when starting: no light, no ride due to need to comply with insurance conditions.

Time Trial Course can be downloaded from our website click here