The first Championship of the Shropshire time trialling season came early for many thanks to a belated start to the season courtesy of Covid-19, and with torrential rain the day before riders were left splashing through puddles – but thanks to a favourable wind and easy passage through the air courtesy of that storm, the medal winners posted some significantly fast times – with some great efforts from first-timers at the 5 mile discipline. Held over four circuits of the Prees – Quina Brook course The SB Sports Injuries Shropshire Championship 50 presented by Mid Shropshire Wheelers had plenty of incidents as Kirk Vickers took the 50 mile Trophy in a fantastic time of 1 hour, 48 minutes and 29 seconds.

Vickers would normally be seen road racing at this time of year, but with that discipline only cautiously beginning to open up he came up with the goods on a circuit he clearly liked: “I love the course, lots of variety to it, and plenty to think about. I felt like I paced it well with a negative split, thank you to the organisers and marshals at Mid Shropshire Wheelers”.

Vickers managed to push out long distance mile eater Victor Chetta, 2020’s Silver medallist and always at his best over the big distances. Chetta gained that same Overall medal for 2021 with a fine 1:50:47, knocking 4:11 off his 2020 ride; and went one better in the Veteran’s Championship, helping himself to Veteran’s 50 mile Gold and the Jim Heath Trophy after pushing out Tim Beardmore by +1:21 in a solid +24:56. Chetta commented about the favourable conditions in spite of the early morning chill: “Another day with surprisingly quick conditions, the southerly headwind on the sheltered B-road leg meant it didn’t slow us down too much but we gained the full benefit of the tailwind on the more exposed A49, helping me to a course PB by four minutes. Thanks to Mid Shropshire Wheelers for running the event”!

Beardmore is on the come back trail after a winter laying up with injury, so a 50 mile effort was likely to be a stretch, although he managed to help himself to Silver in +23:35, pushing out Wrekinsport’s Chris Halford into Veteran’s Bronze – and agonisingly creating a ‘What if?’ moment in the head-to head against Chetta. Beardmore explained: “I’m still trying to find some form having only been back on the bike for six weeks following back and knee issues over winter. My race didn’t start well as I dropped my chain immediately off the start and had to stop to refit it, but after that I settled into it I was pleased with my pacing and time. I’m hoping for my form to pick up over the next few weeks, a great time by Victor, and big thanks to everyone at Mid Shropshire Wheelers for organising”.

One feature amongst the medallists were the sheer number of first-timers taking part, with Adam Baker surprising himself after a near late start, with his 1:52:15 pushing out Junior Henri Bedford by just 18 seconds and earning Baker Overall 50 mile Bronze – as well as thankfully getting away with the mechanical issues that affected Beardmore. Baker gave a graphic description of nearly missing out due to a last second arrival and some bike maintenance issues that nearly cost him: “My first 50 mile time trial completed so a medal is certainly an unexpected achievement. The race started auspiciously with some bad planning leaving me arriving at the start line with no time to spare. The marshals shouted “Put foot down” and then it was go – at least there was no time to get cold! The actual ride went to plan and I paced it pretty well, starting easy and ending strong with a negative split. I am prone to bike mechanical issues and in this race my gear shifters came very close to falling off, and the tape on my rear wheel came off and got stuck in the brakes creating a disturbing flapping sound! Despite this I’m happy with the race; I just need to work on strengthening my neck muscles which were screaming at the end. It’s going to be hard to maintain for the 100 in a few weeks”.

Bedford was the only Junior taking part, an completing such a distance is a major achievement for a 17 year-old – not that that fazes the Revolutions Racing rider who sliced nearly five minutes off his 2020 time to take Junior Gold: “I loved the challenge of a 50 early in the season. I was very glad the rain held out and the wind stayed calm. I was happy to take five minutes off my time on that course over last year – thanks to Mid Shropshire Wheelers for putting the event on”.

Halford didn’t go home without taking a second medal however as he backed up Tomos Hales in the challenge for 50 mile Team Gold, and with support from another first-timer, Andrew Hellowell Wrekinsport took those medals by 32:50 in a combined 6:04:10. With an issue that took place during the race delaying the result Halford was eventually taken aback when told he’d won a brace of medals, commenting only: “I’m a bit stunned to have won anything. Well done to all Wrekinsport riders”. Hales and Hellowell were a bit more effusive, with Hales stating: “The 50 went very well and I was very happy with my time. It was very good conditions with the tail wind up the climb. It was also good to see Wrekinsport field such a strong squad, and thanks for Mid Shropshire Wheelers for putting it on”. Hellowell added: “I’m glad to have such strong team mates and really happy for the club getting a Gold medal – my first 50 time trial so I was happy just to finish!”

The Women’s Championship is getting keener, with Market Drayton CC’s Alison Dockney taking a maiden 50 Gold and the Women’s 50 mile Trophy. Her 2:10:26 pushed out Hafren CC’s Emma Sarjeant by 1:46 thanks to a personal best effort, but the rising wind as the day finally began to warm up caused her a few issues later on: “A decent 50 mile PB for me so I was happy given conditions and it’s still early in the season. I lost time on lap 3 when the wind started to pick up, making for a battle down to Quina Brook. At least I knew where all the puddles and potholes were by then! Thanks Mid Shropshire Wheelers for hosting a very well organised event”.

Sarjeant also put in a personal best ride, and was delighted to take Women;s 50 mile Silver 1:32 ahead of another first-timer Leonie Keeling. Sarjeant stated: “I really like the 50 course, I think of it as just four laps rather than 50 miles! I paced it well, and was pleased with a three minute course PB and taking Silver. Well done to Alison on taking Gold; and to all the marshals for their support and encouragement on the course”.

Oswestry Paragon’s Keeling was getting her first experience of the distance in her first full season, with an excellent 2:13:44 to take Women’s 50 Bronze. She revealed: “My first 50 after starting time trialling last year. I really enjoyed the race and thankfully the rain held off for us. It was tough conditions due to the rainfall the night before but very well organised and marshalled, I loved every minute and it’s fantastic to be back racing – thanks to all involved”.

Full result:

Pos’nNameClubCatTimeVets +/-
1John ThelwellTricentralUkM01:47:41
2Tony CullenTricentralUkMV01:47:50+29:30
3Kirk VickersHolohan Coaching Race TeamM01:48:29
4Luke PollardRoyal Air Force Cycling AssociationM01:49:19
5Toby WilliamsVelotik Racing TeamM01:50:36
6Victor ChettaPirate juice ccMV01:50:47+24:56
7Mark BensonChester Triathlon ClubMV01:51:01+23:55
8Mat IvingsBuxton CC/Sett Valley CyclesMV01:51:50+25:56
9Ian LawtonMersey TriM01:52:07
10Adam  Baker Royal Air Force Cycling AssociationM01:52:15
11Daniel  Lanigan TricentralUkM01:52:21
12Patrick HickeyRossendale RCM01:52:29
13Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingMJ01:52:33
14David James WilliamsVelotik Racing TeamMV01:52:49+22:30
15Adam DarbyVelotik Racing TeamM01:53:10
16John CrippsWarrington Road Club/Horton Light EngineeringMV01:54:10+20:46
17Daniel ShackletonABC CentrevilleMV01:54:18+24:22
18Tim BeardmoreNova Raiders CCMV01:54:38+23:35
19Matthew HallAura Triathlon CoachingM01:56:33
20Daniel MathersSeamons CCMV01:56:35+21:11
21Dan ElliotTricentralUkM01:56:38
22Tomos HalesWrekinsport CCM01:56:48
23Jason HensonTeam BottrillMV01:56:55+21:18
24Luke JacksonCCN UKM01:57:28
25Christopher HalfordWrekinsport CCMV01:57:51+20:22
26Geoffrey MullettWeaver Valley CCMV01:58:01+19:19
27Alan BroadbentGraham Weigh Racing-Deeside OlympicMV01:58:09+19:11
28Jake TurnerMersey TriM01:58:55
29Benjamin AkinTricentralUkM01:59:04
30Jason WalkleyRoyal Air Force Cycling AssociationMV01:59:44+14:50
31Mark ClairMersey TriMV02:00:43+13:51
32Roger SheridanNorth Devon WheelersMV02:01:09+23:04
33Bryn DaviesHafren CCMV02:01:19+16:01
34Laurie RouwenhorstBath Cycling ClubM02:01:51
35Jay HaddleyChester Triathlon ClubM02:03:06
36James MeldrumLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MV02:03:29+11:27
37Philip JohnsonMersey TriM02:03:54
38Tom HillDursley Road ClubM02:04:03
39Ian DickensTricentralUkMV02:04:09+14:04
40Benjamin  Stones Mersey TriM02:05:23
41Alex TaylorManchester Triathlon ClubMV02:06:08+08:48
42Richard BakerAudlem Cycling ClubMV02:06:21+10:09
43Paul BavingtonEvoVelo RacingM02:06:36
44Joanna CebratBury Clarion CCFV02:06:48+21:16
45Andy RileyABC CentrevilleMV02:07:00+09:06
46Gavin DaviesTotal Tri TrainingM02:07:07
47Liam FerrisAudlem Cycling ClubMV02:07:17+12:21
48Martin HorrobinHorwich Cycling ClubMV02:08:15+12:24
49Mark LivingstonTotal Tri TrainingMV02:08:25+11:13
50Andrew HellowellWrekinsport CCMV02:09:31+07:49
51Anthony SpruceWinsford Wheelers Cycling ClubM02:09:51
52Adam Mumford Wrekinsport CCM02:10:09
53John SwinnertonCrewe Clarion WheelersMV02:10:23+05:43
54Alison DockneyMarket Drayton Cycling ClubF02:10:26
55Emma SerjeantHafren CCFV02:12:12+15:26
56Mark DonnellyBirkenhead North End CCMV02:12:46+03:44
57Leonie KeelingOswestry Paragon CCFV02:13:44+13:28
58Nigel BriggsSouth Pennine RCMV02:14:01+10:12
59Emma BexsonStratford Cycling ClubFV02:15:08+14:43
60Barry WilliamsMersey TriM02:15:54
61Wayne SimmonsTotal Tri TrainingM02:16:08
62Steve CornishMid Shropshire WheelersMV02:16:35+11:19
63Paul MartinNorth EnduranceM02:16:41
64John LoweWithington WheelersMV02:18:02+01:07
65Jeff FidlerKnutsford Tri ClubMV02:18:45+03:00
66Andy WhiteheadSeamons CCMV02:18:52+04:04
67Michael CollinsVC Sevale (Malvern)MV02:19:03+00:06
68Samantha  HowardMersey TriFV02:19:07+09:49
69Janet FaircloughLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)FV02:21:23+16:40
70Martin SturgeGraham Weigh Racing-Deeside OlympicMV02:21:43+12:20
71Marie LlewellynArmy CyclingF02:23:28
72Simon JonesHafren CCMV02:23:29-06:59
73Lorna  Harper Mersey TriF02:23:33
74Jason ArnoldHafren CCMV02:24:01-05:48
75Steve NixonCongleton CCMV02:26:13-05:01
76D J FanningWeybridge WheelersMV02:30:27-08:42
77Ian CassonBirkenhead Victoria CCMV02:30:50-00:18
78Les BougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersMV02:32:52-09:56
79Clare  Cotterill Wrekinsport CCFV02:34:05-05:35
80Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCFV02:40:13-20:35
81Geraint CatherallAnfield BCMV03:02:14-44:54
82Claire CalladineDerby Triathlon ClubFV03:33:44-04:20
.Jon BlackshawLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MVDNF
.Jamie  Pleavin Liverpool Century RCMVDNF
.Simon TinklerTotal Tri TrainingMVDNF
.Arthur WinstanleyLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MVDNF
.David ParkinSalford Cycling ClubMDNF
.Robert KellyMersey TriMDNF
.Sam HughesLiverpool Century RCMDNF
.Sam ShepherdTotal Tri TrainingMDNF
.Jake  JamiesonTotal Tri TrainingMDNF
.Eurwyn ParryVTTA (Merseyside)MVDNS (A)
.Stuart McCormickPirate juice ccMVDNS(A)
.Chris LawsonGraham Weigh Racing-Deeside OlympicMVDNS(A)
.Simon HigginsLiverpool Century RCMVDNS(A)
.Steven JohnsonLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MVDNS(A)
.Rebecca HollandChester RCFVDNS(A)
.Louise  ClagueKnutsford Tri ClubFVDNS(A)
.Matthew WalesPirate juice ccMDNS(A)
.Tom EvansTotal Tri TrainingMDNS(A)
.Dylan RobertsClwb Beicio’R BalaMDNS(A)
.Sean HarrisMersey TriMDNS(A)
.Richard BottPirate juice ccMVDNS
.Adam  Langley Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)MVDNS
.Paul CubbinsMersey TriMVDNS
.Richard CollinsMid Shropshire WheelersMVDNS
.Harry BoscawenSerpentine Running ClubMDNS
.Graham NoblePirate juice ccMVDQ


1Kirk VickersHolohan Coaching Race TeamS1:48:2970
2Victor ChettaSCCA Private MemberV1:50:4765
3Adam Baker SCCA Private MemberS1:52:1560
4Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ1:52:3355
5Tim BeardmoreNova RaidersV1:54:3850
6Tomos HalesWrekinsport CCS1:56:4845
7Christopher HalfordWrekinsport CCV1:57:5140
8Jason WalkleySCCA Private MemberV1:59:4435
9Bryn DaviesHafren CCV2:01:1930
10Andrew HellowellWrekinsport CCV2:09:3125
11Adam Mumford Wrekinsport CCS2:10:0920
12Alison DockneyMarket Drayton CCW2:10:2615
13Emma SerjeantHafren CCWV2:12:1210
14Leonie KeelingOswestry Paragon CCWV2:13:4410
15Steve CornishMid Shropshire WheelersV2:16:3510
16Marie LlewellynNova RaidersW2:23:2810
17Simon JonesHafren CCV2:23:2910
18Jason ArnoldHafren CCV2:24:0110
19Les BougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV2:32:5210
20Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CCWV2:34:0510
21Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV2:40:1310
.Richard CollinsMid Shropshire WheelersVDNS.

Team Gold:

Wrekinsport CC (Tomos Hales, Chris Halford, Andrew Hellowell) 6:04:10


Vets Pos’nNameClubCatVets +/-Vets Points
1Victor ChettaSCCA Private MemberV+24:5670
2Tim BeardmoreNova RaidersV+23:3565
3Christopher HalfordWrekinsport CCV+20:2260
4Bryn DaviesHafren CCV+16:0155
5Emma SerjeantHafren CCWV+15:2650
6Jason WalkleySCCA Private MemberV+14:5045
7Leonie KeelingOswestry Paragon CCWV+13:2840
8Steve CornishMid Shropshire WheelersV+11:1935
9Andrew HellowellWrekinsport CCV+07:4930
10Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CCWV-05:3525
11Jason ArnoldHafren CCV-05:4820
12Simon JonesHafren CCV-06:5915
13Les BougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV-09:5610
14Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV-20:3510


Women’s Pos’nNameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1Alison DockneyMarket Drayton CCW2:10:2670
2Emma SerjeantHafren CCWV2:12:1265
3Leonie KeelingOswestry Paragon CCWV2:13:4460
4Marie LlewellynNova RaidersW2:23:2855
5Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CCWV2:34:0550
6Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV2:40:1345


Junior Pos’nNameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ1:52:3370

Top Club Award:

1Wrekinsport CC 140
2Holohan Coaching Race Team 70
3Hafren CC 60
3Nova Raiders 60
5Revolutions Racing 55
6Oswestry Paragon CC 20
7Market Drayton CC 15
8Mid Shropshire Wheelers 10
8North Shropshire Wheelers 10

Cumulative standings after two rounds:


PositionNameClubCatBest 12
1Kirk VickersHolohan Coaching RTS120
2Victor ChettaSCCA Private MemberV105
3Tim BeardmoreNova Raiders V80
4Adam Baker SCCA Private MemberS60
4George Mills-KeelingBridgnorth CCS60
6Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ55
6Kieran MorrisOswestry Paragon CCS55
8Dean Callister Nova Raiders S45
8Tomos HalesWrekinsport CCS45
10Chris HalfordWrekinsport CCV40


PositionNameClubBest 12
1Victor ChettaSCCA Private Member130
2Tim BeardmoreNova Raiders 120
3Leonie KeelingOswestry Paragon CC65
4Chris HalfordWrekinsport CC60
5Bryn DaviesHafren CC55
6Emma SerjeantHafren CC50
6Jonathan Mills-KeelingBridgnorth CC50
8Jason WalkleySCCA Private Member45
8Oliver RodwellWrekinsport CC45
10Graeme DonnellNova Raiders 40


Women’s Pos’nNameClubBest 12
1Alison DockneyMarket Drayton CC130
2Leonie KeelingOswestry Paragon CC115
3Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CC85
4Emma SerjeantHafren CC65
5Marie LlewellynNova Raiders55
6Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CC50
6Jenny NewtonNova Raiders 50
8Lauren TurleyNova Raiders 45


Junior Pos’nNameClubBest 12
1Henri BedfordRevolutions Racing70

Top Club Award:

PositionClubTotal Points
1Nova Raiders  195
2Wrekinsport CC 180
3Holohan Coaching RT 120
4Oswestry Paragon CC 90
5Bridgnorth CC 85
6Hafren CC 70
7Revolutions Racing 55
8Market Drayton CC 20
8North Shropshire Wheelers 20
10Mid Shropshire Wheelers 15
11Ludlow CC 5