The curse of road works strikes again. With long term road works near the former Gate at Bratton Wrekinsport’s normal 2-lap event had to change to the D18/4 reserve for Wednesday, 12th August – straight out along the A442 and back around Hodnet island . However we have been informed today that road works are due to pop up between Crudgington and Waters Upton from 12th-14th August, putting both courses out of action simultaneously.

This means second reserve, The Tiddly circuit over two laps, 20.7 miles will be in use – course D7/10×2. Normally this is held much earlier in the year when available light is not an issue, and therefore it has been necessary to move the start forward to 6:30pm. Signing on will remain at The Woolpack, Shawbirch. Riders should allow time to make the five mile transfer to the start. Early numbers will be reserved for two lap riders known to be slower than 30 minutes for a 10 to allow competitors to return down the A442 safely before sunset at 8:40pm.

The course is here:

Pre-entry only here:

Riders need to be aware:

  1. When queueing stay right into the side and at social distance. Riders will be racing fast in competition alongside you, so be aware of riders coming at speed from behind, don’t pull out on them – look before moving.
  2. Riders are discouraged from warming up beyond the finish line and coming back through at racing pace. If they simply must then they should sit up and wave their hand side to side (“No”). When warming up cede way to riders already on the course, do not impede them.
  3. It is a Liverpool DC local regulation that U-Turns are banned on safety grounds at the start and finish – DQ penalty

On the course:

  1. An extra marshal will be on the exit to A442. Riders completing their first lap should only join the A442 if safe to do so. They should leave sufficient room not to impede a starting rider. Riders are prohibited from cutting behind the start timekeeper via the splay.
  2. It is against CTT regulation 20 “Observance of the law” and specifically again this course’s risk assessment due to the acute nature of the turn to swing out over the central white line either leaving the A53 or entering the unclassified lane past The Tiddly on safety grounds to make time. Reported instances suffer an instant DQ, and the rider risks being called before the District to explain their actions with a possible six month ban.
  3. Riders should call out their number when finishing, it is harder for the timekeeper when riders are on different laps.