Start sheet: R2 Friction Hydraulics Series – Coaching Revolutions Shropshire Championship 10 presented by Nova Raiders

With the reserve rider scheme in operation it is VERY important that riders who cannot attend let the organiser know before the event so that a reserve rider can slot into their space. Please do not just fail to turn up as you might normally, it’s a lot of faff for the organiser to muster unallocated reserves on the day.

Please be aware of the regulations which are different to normal under this scheme – it’s no use protesting ignorance and/or outrage to the start timekeeper, you’ve signed to say you are aware of the regulations. If you report late for your start a reserve WILL take priority and you may loose your ride unless there are more than four DNS’s, it is a strict 60 rider maximum. You take lowest priority if you are late in the order late starters report IF spaces become available. The relevant regulation is No.26, and it’s the footnote you need to familiarise yourself with here:

1TimBeardmoreNova RaidersMV14:01:00
2Anna DochertyTeam BreezeFS14:02:00
3PhilGuyNorth Shropshire WheelersMV14:03:00
4HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCFV14:04:00
5KieranMorrisSCCA Private MemberMS14:05:00
6HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingMJ14:06:00
7IanConnollyLudlow CCMV14:07:00
8LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersMV14:08:00
9MelGriffithsMid Shropshire WheelersMV14:09:00
10JossLowdenDrops CyclingFS14:10:00
11BrettLowndesPro Vision Cycle Clothing MV14:11:00
12NicholasLongNova RaidersMS14:12:00
13DaveYorkMid Shropshire WheelersMV14:13:00
14Louise Hurdley Hafren CCFV14:14:00
15DeanCallister Nova RaidersMS14:15:00
16KeriPartonPro Vision Cycle Clothing FS14:16:00
17RichardGoddardNewport (Shropshire) CCMV14:17:00
18RichardHowesWrekinsport CCMV14:18:00
19LucyBulkeleyVelotik Racing TeamFS14:19:00
20GrantBighamVeloRunner RTMS14:20:00
22JamesSatoorMid Shropshire WheelersMJ14:22:00
23DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersFV14:23:00
24JennyYorkMid Shropshire WheelersFV14:24:00
25BrynDaviesHafren CCMV14:25:00
26JonathanMills-KeelingCycle Club Bridgnorth RWGMV14:26:00
27TomosHalesWrekinsport CCMS14:27:00
28JennyNewtonNova RaidersFV14:28:00
29CarysBlowersMid Shropshire WheelersFJ14:29:00
30B XavierDisleyAeroCoachMS14:30:00
31BenBrightMarsh Tracks Race TeamMJ14:31:00
32GraemeDonnellNova RaidersMV14:32:00
33NeilWilsonParamount CRTMV14:33:00
34RebeccaWoodvineMid Shropshire WheelersFJ14:34:00
35ChristopherHalfordWrekinsport CCMV14:35:00
36AndrewClarkeNorth Shropshire WheelersMV14:36:00
37RobJacksonWrekinsport CCMV14:37:00
38SteveCornishMid Shropshire WheelersMV14:38:00
39RosemaryHomerNewport (Shropshire) CCFS14:39:00
40George Mills-KeelingRibble Weldtite Pro CyclingMS14:40:00
41VictorChettaSCCA Private MemberMV14:41:00
42AndrewLaconNova RaidersMS14:42:00
43JamesNealeNorth Shropshire WheelersMV14:43:00
44JonBradleyNova RaidersMV14:44:00
45StephenFeeneyTeam ChronomasterMV14:45:00
46TonyHarveyMid Shropshire WheelersMV14:46:00
47AdamMumford Wrekinsport CCMS14:47:00
48GeoffEdgertonNorth Shropshire WheelersMV14:48:00
49BenRawlingsWrekinsport CCMS14:49:00
50Daniel WattsSCCA Private MemberMS14:50:00
51AlastairRibbandsManchester Wheelers MS14:51:00
52AndrewRoseNova RaidersMV14:52:00
53AllanHenderson Wrekinsport CCMS14:53:00
54MarkPritchardNova RaidersMS14:54:00
55NickMorganHitchin Nomads CCMV14:55:00
56DeanDoveyNova RaidersMV14:56:00
57RichSmithWrekinsport CCMV14:57:00
58SteveChapmanNova RaidersMV14:58:00
59BethanTillWrekinsport CCFS14:59:00
60DanBighamRibble Weldtite Pro CyclingMS15:00:00
R61Chris MannVelotik Racing TeamMS
R63Jamie Pleavin Liverpool Century RCMV
R64Tony PerrinStone Wheelers CCMV