Coaching Revolutions Shropshire Championship 10 presented by Nova Raiders

Time trialling returned with a bang after four months of lockdown with both Overall and Women’s course records smashed and County riders competing for the Coaching Revolutions Shropshire Championship 10 straight from the gun in Round 2 of The Friction Hydraulics Series. With limited Open events available countrywide cycling royalty came to town, with Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling professional Dan Bigham annihilating the Waters Upton – Hodnet course record by a huge margin of 1 minute 11 seconds. Visibly faster than other riders in a quality field, Bigham became only the third rider to beat the 20 minute/30mph mark, battling through a tough northerly headwind that made things difficult on the ‘out leg to stop the watch on 18 minutes 27 seconds – over 32.5mph average.

Originally from Stone, Bigham’s entrance to the event attracted plenty of socially distanced supporters and several nationally known photographers willing him on from the sidelines on an otherwise glorious afternoon where there was a palpable sense of relief that an almost-lost season was unexpectedly back on the table. Finally able to return to British shores after time trialling in Denmark, Bigham was pleased with his efforts, stating: “It was nice to be back racing on British soil after a stint abroad, especially as the course is local to where I grew up. I think despite the headwind out the weather were pretty good today and I think I paced it well for the conditions – kudos to Nova Raiders for the super smooth running event given all the restrictions at the moment”.  

Overall it was a 1-2 for Ribble, with Bridgnorth-based George Mills-Keeling taking the runner-up spot in 20:16. But just two seconds behind SCCA Private Member Kieran Morris took The Gordon Davies Trophy and Shropshire Championship Gold with a fabulous 20:18. The 19 year-old shows promise of more to come as he pushed Dan Watts into County runner-up spot by 29 seconds. Morris’ comments refer to the large chippings recently applied to the surface which bring back memories of the infamous Peplow pavé: “I love the course, but those chippings were terrible. It was hard out to the turn, fast coming back. It was amazing to see Dan Bigham ride a local event – class ride. It was great to see everyone – a huge thank you to The Nova Raiders and Shropshire CCA for putting the event on”.

Watts meanwhile was satisfied with his efforts to take Silver, pushing out 2019’s 10 mile Champion Dean Callister into the Bronze medal position after the Nova Raider crossed the line in 21:03. Watts stated: “It feels good to be back racing, was nice to catch up with everyone and see everyone in good spirits. I was happy to come away with an SCCA medal and a good result overall in a strong field. Credit to Nova Raiders and the SCCA for putting on these events when we could have easily ended up with no racing, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the SCCA is probably one of the best run local TT leagues in the country, so hats off to those that make it happen – I’m looking forward to the next one”. 

Callister had double reason to celebrate after leading the promoting club home to Team 10 Gold with solid backup from Tim Beardmore and Andy Rose in a combined 1:05:15, pushing out Wrekinsport by 1:29. Callister commented: “Firstly it’s great to be racing this year and have a number on my back, I was very pleased with both mine and the team’s results in what was a very strong field – a course personal best for me! Big thanks to all the event organisers at The Nova Raiders for a super smooth day”. Beardmore also took home a brace of medals, adding Veteran’s Bronze to that Team Gold with a fine +5:21. He stated: “So happy to be racing again. Well done to everyone who took part and helped make it happen. I was very happy with my race and how I paced it, and gave it all I could due to some really strong competition. I’m very happy to get a Veteran’s medal and the Team Gold”. Rose added: “Delighted to have won Team Gold, I really enjoyed the event. I gave everything on the way out and was really pleased to equal my course best from four years ago, thanks to all the helpers for a great event”.

That Veterans Championship was won by Beardmore’s team mate Deb Hutson-Lumb in +5:35, beating Chris Halford into Silver by just 9 seconds in a great day for the promoting club, with Hutson-Lumb also doubling up with a win in the Women’s Championship in 23:57, retaining two of her 2019 titles in style. She commented: “It was great to be out competing again and on a new bike – although with only a handful of practice miles on it I had a couple of wobbles at the start and turn. I had a tough but good outward leg, but didn’t really capitalize on the return tailwind. Overall I was pleased with the ride. It was good to be out and great to catch up with folk – many thanks to all the organisers and helpers”.

But Hutson-Lumb didn’t have an answer for the Overall Women’s winner Jessica Rhodes-Jones, who broke Hetty Nibblett’s long-standing Women’s course record by 28 seconds in a fabulous time of 22:26. The Aerocoach rider has broken Shropshire course records before on her rare forays into the county, and she was pleased with her efforts, stating: “Thank you very much all the marshals, timekeepers and organisers – it was a very well run event by Nova Raiders – I always enjoy their time trials! It was also great to have so many people out cheering us on the course! It was a tough day with the heat and headwind on the outward leg, but I was very happy to take time off the women’s course record”.  

Halford meanwhile was pleased to take Veteran’s Silver, and gave a typically measured response post-race: “It went OK, I didn’t pace it the best, but I’m very happy to have got a medal”.

Hutson-Lumb wasn’t the only female to take home a brace of medals, with 13 year-old Rebecca Woodvine helping herself to Women’s Silver and Junior Bronze thanks to her 25:48 ride, in the former pushing out Mid Shropshire Wheelers’ team mate Jenny York into the Bronze position by six seconds. A delighted Woodvine commented: “I really didn’t know what to expect. I hoped to get around the 26 minute mark, but to be under was really pleasing. I was surprised to finish second female as it’s only my second year of time trialing amongst such a quality field of ladies.  A lot of thanks go to Mid Shropshire Wheelers as all three junior medalists started as youths at the Shrewsbury based club.  It has given me confidence ahead of the National time trial final planned for September”. York added: “Wow! Pleased with that! The first event for me, it felt good but I knew that I had good competition from my two team mates who both did fantastic rides! Well run by the Nova Raiders; and a great atmosphere too”.

Woodvine’s comments referred to the Gold and Silver Junior medalists, with 16 year-old Henri Bedford capturing The Alan Roberts Junior Trophy in 21:19 with a personal best by the narrowest of margins. He stated: “I was happy to get a new PB by a second despite being held up by a rider causing traffic to slow me down. Well done to Dan Bigham for smashing the course record; and to The Nova Raiders for hosting such a great event”.

That left the final word to James Satoor, posting a fine 21:42 for Junior Silver. He Commented: “It was a good time trial, although it was really tough into the headwind going out. I just thought my legs were dead, but I managed to come back from the roundabout a lot quicker. Fairly happy with the time though, and well done to Henri winning the Juniors! Thanks again to Nova Raiders for putting on such a well organised event”.

Full result.

Course record by 1:11!

Office 2007 XLSX Test Document

1DanBighamRibble Weldtite Pro CyclingMaleSenior6018:27
2George Mills-KeelingRibble Weldtite Pro CyclingMaleEspoir4020:16
3KieranMorrisTeam BottrillMaleEspoir520:18
4Daniel WattsRoyal Air Force Cycling AssociationMaleSenior5020:47
5GrantBighamVeloRunner RTMaleSenior2020:53
6AlastairRibbandsManchester Wheelers MaleSenior5120:55
7DeanCallister Nova Raiders CCMaleSenior1521:03
8ChristopherHalfordWrekinsport CCMaleVeteran3521:14
9StephenFeeneyTeam ChronomasterMaleVeteran4521:18
9NickMorganHitchin Nomads CCMaleVeteran5521:18
11TimBeardmoreNova Raiders CCMaleVeteran121:19
11HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingMaleJunior621:19
13Chris MannVelotik Racing TeamMaleEspoir61 (36)21:33
14JamesSatoorMid Shropshire WheelersMaleJunior2221:42
15BenBrightMarsh Tracks Race TeamMaleJunior3122:01
16JonathanMills-KeelingCycle Club Bridgnorth RWGMaleVeteran2622:04
17BrynDaviesHafren CCMaleVeteran2522:11
18TomosHalesWrekinsport CCMaleSenior2722:18
19BrettLowndesPro Vision Cycle Clothing MaleVeteran1122:22
21AndrewRoseNova Raiders CCMaleVeteran5222:53
22DeanDoveyNova Raiders CCMaleVeteran5622:56
23AdamMumford Wrekinsport CCMaleSenior4723:12
24NicholasLongNova Raiders CCMaleSenior1223:22
25Anna DochertyTeam BreezeFemaleEspoir223:25
26RichSmithWrekinsport CCMaleVeteran5723:30
27GraemeDonnellNova Raiders CCMaleVeteran3223:40
28AndrewLaconNova Raiders CCMaleSenior4223:54
29DebHutson-LumbNova Raiders CCFemaleVeteran2323:57
30AllanHenderson Wrekinsport CCMaleSenior5324:12
30RichardHowesWrekinsport CCMaleVeteran1824:12
32JonBradleyNova Raiders CCMaleVeteran4424:29
33NeilWilsonParamount CRTMaleVeteran3324:33
34IanConnollyLudlow CCMaleVeteran724:43
35TonyHarveyMid Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran4624:53
36SteveCornishMid Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran3825:05
37PhilGuyNorth Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran325:08
38SteveChapmanNova Raiders CCMaleVeteran5825:22
39Tony PerrinStone Wheelers CCMaleVeteran64 (49)25:26
40RebeccaWoodvineMid Shropshire WheelersFemaleJuvenile3425:48
41IanCassonBirkenhead Victoria CCMaleVeteran67 (39)25:52
42JennyYorkMid Shropshire WheelersFemaleVeteran2425:54
43LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran825:58
44CarysBlowersMid Shropshire WheelersFemaleJuvenile2925:59
45DaveYorkMid Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran1326:00
46BethanTillWrekinsport CCFemaleSenior5926:06
47Louise Hurdley Hafren CCFemaleVeteran1426:08
48LucyBulkeleyVelotik Racing TeamFemaleSenior1926:09
49JennyNewtonNova Raiders CCFemaleVeteran2826:19
50RichardGoddardNewport (Shropshire) CCMaleVeteran1726:51
51HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCFemaleVeteran427:30
52MelGriffithsMid Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran937:48
VictorChettaPirate juice ccMaleVeteran41DNF
B XavierDisleyAeroCoachMaleSenior30DNF
RobJacksonWrekinsport CCMaleVeteran37DNS-A
JamesNealeNorth Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran43DNS-A
Jamie Pleavin Liverpool Century RCMaleVeteran63 (16)DNS-A
AndrewClarkeNorth Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran36W/D
RosemaryHomerNewport (Shropshire) CCFemaleSenior39W/D
KeriPartonPro Vision Cycle Clothing FemaleSenior16W/D
BenRawlingsWrekinsport CCMaleSenior49W/D
JossLowdenDrops CyclingFemaleSenior10DNS
MarkPritchardNova Raiders CCMaleSenior54DNS
GeoffEdgertonNorth Shropshire WheelersMaleVeteran48DNS
1CharlotteChapmanNova Raiders CCFemaleSenior6527:39
1Jade ChapmanNova Raiders CCFemaleVeteran6627:39

Shropshire Championship 10 – Overall

Office 2007 XLSX Test Document

1KieranMorrisSCCA Private MemberS20:1860
2Daniel WattsSCCA Private MemberS20:4755
3DeanCallister Nova RaidersS21:0350
4ChristopherHalfordWrekinsport CCV21:1445
5TimBeardmoreNova RaidersV21:1940
6HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingJ21:1940
7JamesSatoorMid Shropshire WheelersJ21:4230
8JonathanMills-KeelingCycle Club Bridgnorth RWGV22:0425
9BrynDaviesHafren CCV22:1120
10TomosHalesWrekinsport CCS22:1815
11AndrewRoseNova RaidersV22:5310
12DeanDoveyNova RaidersV22:565
13AdamMumford Wrekinsport CCS23:125
14NicholasLongNova RaidersS23:225
15RichSmithWrekinsport CCV23:305
16GraemeDonnellNova RaidersV23:405
17AndrewLaconNova RaidersS23:545
18DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV23:575
19AllanHenderson Wrekinsport CCS24:125
20RichardHowesWrekinsport CCV24:125
21JonBradleyNova RaidersV24:295
22NeilWilsonParamount CRTV24:335
23IanConnollyLudlow CCV24:435
24TonyHarveyMid Shropshire WheelersV24:535
25SteveCornishMid Shropshire WheelersV25:055
26PhilGuyNorth Shropshire WheelersV25:085
27SteveChapmanNova RaidersV25:225
28RebeccaWoodvineMid Shropshire WheelersWJ25:485
29JennyYorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV25:545
30LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV25:585
31CarysBlowersMid Shropshire WheelersWJ25:595
32DaveYorkMid Shropshire WheelersV26:005
33BethanTillWrekinsport CCW26:065
34Louise Hurdley Hafren CCWV26:085
35JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV26:195
36RichardGoddardNewport (Shropshire) CCV26:515
37HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV27:305
38MelGriffithsMid Shropshire WheelersV37:485
VictorChettaSCCA Private MemberVDNF
RobJacksonWrekinsport CCVDNS-A
JamesNealeNorth Shropshire WheelersVDNS-A
AndrewClarkeNorth Shropshire WheelersVW/D
RosemaryHomerNewport (Shropshire) CCWW/D
BenRawlingsWrekinsport CCSW/D
GeoffEdgertonNorth Shropshire WheelersVDNS
MarkPritchardNova RaidersSDNS

Shropshire Championship Veteran’s 10

Office 2007 XLSX Test Document

Vets Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV+5:3560
2ChristopherHalfordWrekinsport CCV+5:2655
3TimBeardmoreNova RaidersV+5:2150
4JonathanMills-KeelingCycle Club Bridgnorth RWGV+4:3245
5BrynDaviesHafren CCV+4:2540
6JennyYorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV+4:2235
7DeanDoveyNova RaidersV+4:1630
8PhilGuyNorth Shropshire WheelersV+4:1225
9AndrewRoseNova RaidersV+4:0520
10RichSmithWrekinsport CCV+3:3315
11GraemeDonnellNova RaidersV+3:3210
12SteveCornishMid Shropshire WheelersV+3:015
13JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV+2:475
14TonyHarveyMid Shropshire WheelersV+2:405
15RichardHowesWrekinsport CCV+2:335
16JonBradleyNova RaidersV+2:255
17NeilWilsonParamount CRTV+2:215
18SteveChapmanNova RaidersV+2:175
19DaveYorkMid Shropshire WheelersV+2:135
20Louise Hurdley Hafren CCWV+2:125
21IanConnollyLudlow CCV+2:115
22HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV+1:415
23LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV+1:245
24RichardGoddardNewport (Shropshire) CCV+0:215
25MelGriffithsMid Shropshire WheelersV-8:285

Shropshire Championship Women’s 10

Office 2007 XLSX Test Document

Women’s Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV23:5760
2RebeccaWoodvineMid Shropshire WheelersWJ25:4855
3JennyYorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV25:5450
4CarysBlowersMid Shropshire WheelersWJ25:5945
5BethanTillWrekinsport CCW26:0640
6Louise Hurdley Hafren CCWV26:0835
7JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV26:1930
8HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV27:3025
RosemaryHomerNewport (Shropshire) CCWW/D

Shropshire Championship Junior 10:

Office 2007 XLSX Test Document

Junior Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingJ21:1960
2JamesSatoorMid Shropshire WheelersJ21:4255
3RebeccaWoodvineMid Shropshire WheelersWJ25:4850
4CarysBlowersMid Shropshire WheelersWJ25:5945

Shropshire Championship Team 10

Office 2007 XLSX Test Document

Nova Raiders01:05:15
Mid Shropshire Wheelers01:11:40

Top Club Award R2

Office 2007 XLSX Test Document

1Nova Raiders 140
2Wrekinsport CC 85
3Mid Shropshire Wheelers 65
4Revolutions Racing 40
5Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG 25
5Hafren CC 25
7North Shropshire Wheelers 10
8Ludlow CC 5
8Newport (Shropshire) CC 5
8Oswestry Paragon CC 5
8Paramount CRT 5

Cumulative Standings after two rounds

Friction and Hydraulic Services Shropshire Championship Points Series

Position Name Club Cat Best 5
1 Tim Beardmore Nova Raiders V 95
2 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing J 85
=3 Kieran Morris SCCA Private Member S 60
=3 Liam Holohan Holohan Coaching RT S 60
5 Daniel Watts SCCA Private Member S 55
=6 Chris Pook Holohan Coaching RT S 50
=6 Dean Callister Nova Raiders S 50
=6 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 50
9 Christopher Halford Wrekinsport CC V 45
10 Victor Chetta SCCA Private Member V 40

Friction and Hydraulic Services Veterans Championship

Position Name Club Best 5
=1 Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 110
=1 Tim Beardmore Nova Raiders 110
=3 Christopher Halford Wrekinsport CC 55
=3 Victor Chetta SCCA Private Member 55
=5 Dan Dovey Nova Raiders 45
=5 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG 45
=7 Bryn Davies Hafren CC 40
=7 Steven Prince Ludlow Brewery RT 40
=9 Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 35
=9 Peter Escritt Nova Raiders 35
=9 Richard Smith Wrekinsport CC 35

Friction and Hydraulic Services Women’s Championship

Women’s Pos’n Name Club Best 5
1 Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 120
2 Bethan Till Wrekinsport CC 90
3 Louise Hurdley Hafren CC 80
=4 Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 55
=4 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers 55
6 Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 50
7 Carys Blowers Mid Shropshire Wheelers 45
8 Jenny Newton Nova Raiders 30
9 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC 25

Friction and Hydraulic Services Junior Championship

Junior Pos’n Name Club Best 12
1 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing 120
2 James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 55
3 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers 50
4 Carys Blowers Mid Shropshire Wheelers 45

Top Club Award

Position Club Total Points
1 Nova Raiders 230
2 Wrekinsport CC 165
3 Holohan Coaching RT 110
4 Revolutions Racing 85
5 Mid Shropshire Wheelers 65
6 CC Bridgnorth RWG 55
=7 Hafren CC 40
=7 SCCA Private Member 40
9 Ludlow Brewery RT 20
=10 Ludlow CC 10
=10 North Shropshire Wheelers 10
=12 Newport (Shropshire) CC 5
=12 Oswestry Paragon CC 5
=12 Paramount CRT 5
=12 Propel CC 5

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