A sopping wet, thoroughly miserable afternoon put a significant number of riders off starting Round 15 of the Friction Hydraulics Series as contestants battled the elements in Fibrax Wrexham RC’s 25 mile event – with the Overall and the Women’s Course Records smashed and the destination of the Friction Veterans Championship decided. Held on a course taking in Tern Hill, Shawbirch and back, Dean Callister took the County honours in 52 minutes 56 seconds – but he had no answer for first rider off in the Overall event Leah Dixon of Wales Racing Academy who was 15 seconds faster; and overall winner Sean Mullen of Port Sunlight Wheelers who posted a superb 48:32. This clearly demonstrates that extremely wet conditions are favourable for record and personal best setting.

This was Callister’s first maximum points in the 2021 Friction Series, but he had second thoughts about it: “A very, very wet afternoon: getting changed under an umbrella in the pouring rain, wondering what I was doing. Actually I didn’t feel great on the day but I was very pleased with my time and despite the rain conditions were fast – thanks to Fibrax Wrexham for putting the event on”.

Taking County runner-up spot in 54:01, 17 year-old Henri Bedford has already helped himself to Junior Gold, and closed the gap on Tim Beardmore at the top of the Overall standings after beating him into third by 19 seconds. Like Callister he recognised that the conditions allowed easy passage through the air, but on the other hand was thankful when the experience was over: “The non-stop rain made for a miserable day, but it turned out to be quite a fast day. I’ve never been so glad to get back under shelter afterwards – thank you to the organisers and marshals”.

Beardmore was rueing that 19 second loss which narrowed the standings at the top to just 30 points and which wasn’t helped by a mechanical three-fifths through the race: “The worst weather I’ve raced in for ages, but I felt good in the race until I managed to drop my chain 15 miles in – I struggled to keep my concentration after that, so was relieved to still put in a half decent time. Massive thanks to timekeepers and marshals for enduring awful conditions”. However Beardmore headed up the Veterans standings on the day with +13:23, beating Bridgnorth CC team mate Jonathan Mills-Keeling into Veterans runner-up spot in +12:39; and that was enough to decide the first two medals in the Friction Veterans Series with Beardmore taking Gold and Mills-Keeling the Silver in what has been a fine battle. Mills-Keeling’s post-race comments regarding wind conditions usually reveal a still day as there is no obvious benefit in any direction: “I enjoyed the course, though it seemed like a headwind in every direction! Thanks to all involved in putting the event on, this is the first time I have done a full season time trailing and I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve found it friendly and having a good atmosphere”.

Unusually Deb Hutson-Lumb didn’t feature at the head of the Veterans competition, but revealed that was due to a bike selection choice. Nevertheless she still won County Women’s honours in 1:04:30: “This was my first 25 of 2021 and it chucks it down! I left the time trial bike at home and got round on my road bike. It was very, very wet but glad I did it; a big ‘thank you’ to the organisers who endured more of the rubbish weather than I did”.


1DeanCallister Nova RaidersS0:52:5660
2HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingJ0:54:0155
3TimBeardmoreBridgnorth Cycling ClubV0:54:2050
4JonathanMills-KeelingBridgnorth Cycling ClubV0:54:5245
5TomosHalesWrekinsport CCS0:55:1040
6MarkPritchardNova RaidersS0:57:0335
7RobJacksonWrekinsport CCV0:57:5230
8AndrewRoseNova RaidersV0:57:5925
9DanCuttingLudlow CCV0:58:1020
10PhilipRobertsWrekinsport CCS0:58:2115
11AdamMumford Wrekinsport CCS0:58:5810
12KarlMoseleyBridgnorth Cycling ClubV1:00:025
13IanConnollyLudlow CCV1:02:235
14PaulMulreadyBridgnorth Cycling ClubV1:04:115
15DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV1:04:305
16SimonJonesHafren CCV1:07:365
17MarkStocks Newport (Shropshire) CCV1:08:345
18HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV1:11:265
.DavidGriffithsOswestry Paragon CCSDNF.
.GraemeDonnellNova RaidersVDNS-A.
.AndrewLaconNova RaidersSDNS-A.
.RichSmithWrekinsport CCVDNS-A.
.JasonArnoldHafren CCVDNS.
.LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersVDNS.
.VictorChettaSCCA Private MemberVDNS.
.MatthewDaviesHolohan Coaching Race TeamSDNS.
.AlisonDockneyMarket Drayton Cycling ClubWDNS.
.PeterEscrittNova RaidersVDNS.
.EmmaSerjeantHafren CCWVDNS.


Vets Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1TimBeardmoreBridgnorth Cycling ClubV+13:2360
2JonathanMills-KeelingBridgnorth Cycling ClubV+12:3955
3RobJacksonWrekinsport CCV+11:4750
4DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV+11:3045
5AndrewRoseNova RaidersV+10:3840
6KarlMoseleyBridgnorth Cycling ClubV+09:3735
7DanCuttingLudlow CCV+08:3430
8IanConnollyLudlow CCV+06:0025
9PaulMulreadyBridgnorth Cycling ClubV+03:4520
10HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV+03:2715
11MarkStocks Newport (Shropshire) CCV+00:3310
12SimonJonesHafren CCV-00:415


Women’s Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV1:04:3060
2HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV1:11:2655
.AlisonDockneyMarket Drayton Cycling ClubWDNS.
.EmmaSerjeantHafren CCWVDNS.


Junior Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingJ0:54:0160

Top Club Award:

1Nova Raiders 125
2Bridgnorth Cycling Club 105
3Wrekinsport CC 95
4Revolutions Racing 55
5Ludlow CC 25
6Hafren CC 5
6Newport (Shropshire) CC 5
6Oswestry Paragon CC 5

Cumulative Standings after fifteen rounds

Friction and Hydraulic Services Shropshire Championship Points Series

Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Tim Beardmore Bridgnorth CC V 645
2 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing J 615
3 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Bridgnorth CC V 490
=4 David Griffiths Oswestry Paragon CC S 340
=4 Dean Callister Nova Raiders S 340
6 Bryn Davies Hafren CC V 305
7 Victor Chetta SCCA Private Member V 300
8 Andrew Lacon Nova Raiders S 295
9 Kieran Morris Oswestry Paragon CC S 285
10 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 260

Friction and Hydraulic Services Veterans Championship

Position Name Club Best 12
1 Tim Beardmore Bridgnorth CC 735
2 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Bridgnorth CC 645
3 Graeme Donnell Nova Raiders 415
4 Bryn Davies Hafren CC 410
5 Rob Jackson Wrekinsport CC 365
6 Victor Chetta SCCA Private Member 325
7 Andrew Rose Nova Raiders 310
8 Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 225
9 Leonie Keeling Oswestry Paragon CC 210
10 Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 155

Friction and Hydraulic Services Women’s Championship

Women’s Pos’n Name Club Best 12
1 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC 585
2 Alison Dockney Market Drayton CC 365
3 Leonie Keeling Oswestry Paragon CC 335
4 Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 285
5 Jenny Newton Nova Raiders 255
6 Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 240
7 Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 140
8 Alison Salthouse SCCA Private Member 130
9 Lauren Turley Nova Raiders 125
10 Marie Llewellyn Nova Raiders 110

Friction and Hydraulic Services Junior Championship

Junior Pos’n Name Club Best 12
1 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing 730
2 Ben Southgate Wrekinsport CC 55
2 Harry Corney Market Drayton CC 55
2 Max Bufton Hafren CC 55
5 Alex Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers 50
6 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers 45

Top Club Award

Position Club Total Points
1 Nova Raiders  1330
2 Bridgnorth CC 1225
3 Oswestry Paragon CC 875
4 Wrekinsport CC 765
5 Revolutions Racing 560
6 Hafren CC 450
7 Holohan Coaching RT 340
8 Mid Shropshire Wheelers 245
9 Ludlow CC 155
10 North Shropshire Wheelers 145
11 Newport Shropshire CC 105
12 Paramount CRT 95
13 Clee Cycles 70
14 Market Drayton CC 60