The opening of the SB Sports Injuries Series was marred by an accident that took a lot of the shine off the return of time trialling in earnest in Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association’s Spring 10 No.1 – The Dave Fanning Memorial. Held in memory of the rider so tragically killed whilst training near Llangollen in January, David Griffiths had looked to honour Dave with a determined effort to win using Dave’s classic – and eclectic – bike. With a course change enforced due to road works at Peplow, the Cold Hatton – Shawbirch reserve was called into use. Having already just caught his second minuteman after starting from scratch position a car inexplicably pulled out at Crudgington crossroads, with Griffiths forced to brake violently and skid sideways twice to avoid hitting the vehicle across his path, showing superb bike handling skills according to a witness. However, the significant stresses put through the classic frame saw the bars come away a matter of a few hundred yards later, resulting in nasty facial injuries and a stay in Princess Royal Hospital. Griffiths had, up to that point, looked likely to win based on comparison with the times of the riders he overtook, and the crash cast a shadow over the fine intentions of remembering Dave and taking his bike out for a final competitive spin.

Understandably rider comments included concern for Griffiths, with the event won with a strong effort of 21 minutes 39 seconds by Tim Beardmore. The Bridgnorth CC rider struggled like many with a strong, hampering crosswind which hampered progress, but was pleased to take the win, stating: “It looked a nice sunny day for a time trial, but the blustery crosswind made things very testing. I was being blown all over the place. I just went out hard and tried to hang on. Very pleased with my power, and to take the win. Sorry to learn of David Griffiths’ accident, I hope he makes a speedy recovery”.

Beardmore has been on great early season form with this his second win in as many races, beating Revolutions Racing’s Dean Callister into the runner-up spot by a solid 22 seconds. Callister posted a fine 22:01 but also struggled in the wind which despite warm and bright conditions added an extra dimension to proceedings: “It’s great to be back racing but a shock to the system. The wind made it difficult on top of it being my first time out on the time trial bike. Well done to Tim for the win, and thanks for Propel CC for putting on the event”.

Third placed rider Tomos Hales also suffered in the conditions, but showed improved form over 2021 to record 22:15, beating Beardmore’s team mate Jonathan Mills-Keeling by seven seconds. The Wrekinsport rider commented: “I was happy with the first 10 mile time trial of the year. It was rather tough with the crosswind, however I felt fine when I was racing. Thanks to Propel CC for the well organised event and all their marshals who helped out”.

Beardmore finished runner-up in the SB Veterans Championship in +5:12, with Deb Hutson-Lumb taking the win, something she’s more than accustomed to in a fabulous +5:47. As seems almost obligatory she also took the Women’s win too with a fine 24:14, 59 seconds ahead of visiting Fibrax-Wrexham rider Frances Owen. The Wrekinsport rider stated: “It was a great first event, thank you Propel who even sorted out the sunshine. The wind made for a tough ride though. Well done to everyone who raced, and I hope David Griffiths recovers quickly”.

Reigning SB Veterans Champion Mills-Keeling had to settle for third Veteran with +4:24, 10 seconds ahead of a strong challenge from HafreN CC’s Bryn Davies. The Bridgnorth CC rider was pleased to be back in action, commenting: “A very gusty wind, it was all over the place. Great to be racing again, enjoying it – thanks to all for putting on the racing and all involved in making it happen”.

Despite those conditions one rider at least went away delighted by a new personal best, with 15 year-old North Shropshire Wheelers’ Chester Romei enjoying his first full season after experiencing just one SB event at the end of 2021 taking the Junior honours in 24:29. He commented: “The race was amazingly set up, I absolutely loved it, a new personal best for me. The marshals at the start, finish and around the course encouraged me every bit they could. I just want to say a massive thank you to every marshal and to the SCCA for putting on such an amazing event”.

Full result:

1TimBeardmoreBridgnorth CCV21:3920
2DeanCallisterRevolutions RacingS22:0118
3TomosHalesWrekinsport CCS22:1516
4JonathanMills-KeelingBridgnorth CCV22:2214
5BrynDaviesHafren CCV22:2712
6BenGilpinNova RaidersS23:1810
7AndyRoseRevolutions RacingV23:428
8DarrenShawSCCA Private MemberV23:476
9ChrisRileyParamount CRTV23:494
10DylanRobertsBala CCS24:08
11DebHutson-LumbWrekinsport CCWV24:142
12JamesGriffithsBridgnorth CCV24:272
13ChesterRomeiNorth Shropshire WheelersJ24:292
14AllanHendersonWrekinsport CCS24:312
16StanElmittFibrax Wrexham RCV25:04
17FrancesOwenFibrax Wrexham RC25:13
18MarkHillHafren CCV25:272
19PhilipBlackwellStourbridge CCV25:44
20DaveDrewMid Shropshire Wheelers V26:162
21ChrisBowersMid Wirral Wheelers V26:30
22TimEvansNewport Shropshire CCV26:492
23Jan KardaszFibrax Wrexham RCV26:51
24AndrewWilliamsMid Shropshire Wheelers V26:552
25LeeBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV27:032
26BethanTillWrekinsport CCW27:072
27PeteMulloyMid Shropshire Wheelers V27:532
28HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV28:272
29MarkStocksNewport Shropshire CCV29:202
30Bob ElliotWrekinsport CCV29:522
31BarryParsonsWrekinsport CCV29:532
32TanyaSamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV29:57
33Jan DaviesHafren CCWV30:092
34Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV31:122
35BethWilsonNorth Shropshire WheelersWV31:242
36ClareO’DonnellWrekinsport CCWV33:182
37JohnRowlandsWrekinsport CCV34:192
38SteveMoldWrekinsport CCV35:302
39AngelaBoycottWrekinsport CCWV36:122
DavidGriffithsRevolutions RacingSDNF


Vets Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1DebHutson-LumbWrekinsport CCWV+5:4720
2TimBeardmoreBridgnorth CCV+5:1218
3JonathanMills-KeelingBridgnorth CCV+4:2416
6BrynDaviesHafren CCV+4:1414
4AndyRoseRevolutions RacingV+3:3012
5ChrisRileyParamount CRTV+3:1810
7DarrenShawSCCA Private MemberV+2:548
8DaveDrewMid Shropshire Wheelers V+2:336
9ChrisBowersMid Shropshire Wheelers V+2:28
10StanElmittFibrax Wrexham RCV+2:20
11JamesGriffithsBridgnorth CCV+2:194
12MarkHillHafren CCV+1:452
13HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV+1:142
14Jan KardaszFibrax Wrexham RCV+1:07
15AndrewWilliamsMid Shropshire Wheelers V+0:562
16LeeBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV+0:412
17PhilipBlackwellStourbridge CCV+0:35
18PeteMulloyMid Shropshire Wheelers V+0:292
19TanyaSamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV+0:04
20TimEvansNewport Shropshire CCV+0:022
21Bob ElliotWrekinsport CCV-0:222
22Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV-0:252
23Jan DaviesHafren CCWV-0:572
24MarkStocksNewport Shropshire CCV-1:562
25BethWilsonNorth Shropshire WheelersWV-2:512
26BarryParsonsWrekinsport CCV-3:072
27ClareO’DonnellWrekinsport CCWV-3:372
28JohnRowlandsWrekinsport CCV-4:252
29AngelaBoycottWrekinsport CCWV-6:312
30SteveMoldWrekinsport CCV-8:232


Women’s Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeWomens Points
1DebHutson-LumbWrekinsport CCWV24:1420
2FrancesOwenFibrax Wrexham RC25:13
3BethanTillWrekinsport CCW27:0718
4HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV28:2716
5TanyaSamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV29:57
6Jan DaviesHafren CCWV30:0914
7Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV31:1212
8BethWilsonNorth Shropshire WheelersWV31:2410
9ClareO’DonnellWrekinsport CCWV33:188
10AngelaBoycottWrekinsport CCWV36:126


Junior Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1ChesterRomeiNorth Shropshire WheelersJ24:2920