Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association used their final promotion of the racing season at Ellerdine Village Hall to hand over £550 which was raised from a charity time trial on behalf of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity during August. The charity does not receive National Lottery or Governmental funding and is entirely reliant on the support and generosity of local people and businesses to keep three helicopters flying, providing a vital service where speed is of the essence and particularly where accidents happen in remote locations, taking on average just 10 minutes to arrive at an incident site.

That was instrumental in the selection of charity, as Association Secretary Dave Fletcher explained: “Cyclists are often to be found in the back of beyond; down small, remote country lanes which a land ambulance may struggle to locate or get to in a timely manner, and that seemed like a perfect fit when time is a factor. The Association are pleased to support this vital service and look forward to raising future funds for the service, and would urge others to support them too”. Dave was delighted to present the cheque to Maria Jones on behalf of Midlands Air Ambulance, with riders, helpers and supporters looking on.