Paramount CRT 2-Up 10

The final medals were decided as the Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series closed for 2019 with new pairings taking the top two places and three last gasp brace of Bronzes surprising the winners in Round 9, Paramount CRT’s 10 mile event taking place on the Westbury – Shoot Hill course. That Overall win was taken by first-time entrants Stuart Glover and Barrie Pugh on a course both know well from solo races. The pair, representing Holohan Coaching RT used that local knowledge to good effect, stopping the watch on 21 minutes 10 seconds, with their ride all the more impressive given that they both entered on road bikes.

Glover has been in competition the whole season but came back for one final race as Pugh put domestic duties on the back burner, as he explained: “I stopped racing this year due to the arrival of baby twins in January so this was only my second race. Turning up on road bikes we knew we would be at a slight disadvantage but we are both strong riders and know the course very well, so it played to our strengths – though we did hope for a sub ’20’“! Glover added: “A great result and we were very pleased with it. I had finished racing for the season but with Barrie not racing all season we thought we would see how we went.  I was looking for sub 21 but missed out by 10 seconds“.

Round 8 winner Pete Thomas teamed up with another new partner, Sean Grosvenor to capture the runner-up spot in 21:33. This is Thomas’ third different team mate in the Series following an injury to usual partner Bryn Davies which has left Thomas frustrated and sitting on the sidelines, so he has seized belated opportunities to race in a format he loves. Davies co-incidentally made his first foray back into racing since that injury, teaming up with Louise Hurdley and finishing in 24:46. But for Grosvenor, in his first season racing this was a totally new experience: “It’s my first season doing time trials and Pete asked me to ride with him so I said why not! I went out of the start a touch hard but really enjoyed it, a good course with a nice tail wind out. It’s so different to doing solo time trials, we need to work on our tactics a bit more! I’ll definitely be back next year“! Thomas added: “First time in a 2-Up for Sean, I think he may be hooked! We worked well as had never ridden together before, as always I loved it and thanks to all involved“.

There was a surprise package taking third spot as 2-Up Women’s Champions Sarah Grant and Alison Dockney posted a superb personal best of 22:47 to add Overall Bronze to their medal haul. The pair are firm proponents of the format and were pleased to have some all-female competition in Wrekinsport’s Bethan Till and Finola Corley, making their debuts in the Series and posting a fine 25:53. Grant and Dockney were ecstatic when told they’d won Overall Bronze, with Grant commenting: “I’m thrilled to finish the Series off with another PB and a ’22’! My heart rate pretty much maxed out on that final hill – it was worth it. The Women’s win and the Bronze overall feels very special. Thanks to Aly for being an awesome 2-Up partner. I hope to see more people out next year, come on ladies“! Dockney added: “The final 2-Up was fantastic – I love the Westbury course and conditions were spot on for a fast time. Sarah was on flying form and we worked well together and got another decent PB to round off the season. I couldn’t be happier with the time for third place on the night, and Overall Bronze is amazing! Thanks to all involved, and especially my speedy 2-Up partner Sarah for another great Series of racing“.

Till and Corley were partnering for the first time, and if there has been one negative to the Series it has been a frustrating shortage of all-female squads in competition, exacerbated by a season-ending injury to former Champion Jane Chapman which, like Thomas, has seen usual partner Jenny Newton sidelined. Till and Corley captured Women’s Bronze due to their fine effort, with Till commenting: “I’m really chuffed with our time! The first time we ever rode together, so we will only improve. Very enjoyable, it’s always good to be out representing the club“.

Newton and Chapman took Women’s Silver thanks to their early season ride, and Newton reflected on that medal and had similar wishes to Grant: “Well what can I say – we only did one! It was wet and freezing cold so we said we’d just potter round but ended up working way harder than planned! Jane was injured early in the season so no more 2-Ups after that. We really hope to be back next season, we love racing together. Huge congratulations to Sarah and Alison on Gold but please – we need more ladies“!

The Mixed Team Gold medallists were already settled but with Emma Serjeant and Mark Hill keen to have one final parting shop to the 2-Up season their hopes of a flying run were dashed s they were hindered three times, which proved vital to their overall fifth place two seconds behind Wrekinsport’s Dave Moore and Richard Howes in 23:15. Hill explained the happenstance: “It was a good night with three teams out from Hafren. Our warm up was quick with a light south westerly wind. Off the start we were held up by a passing car which slowed right in front of us, so went around and picked up a good 34mph to the first roundabout where we were forced to stop by a articulated lorry holding the inside line. Then we were stopped dead at full speed into Ford by a ambulance on blue lights coming straight at us on our side overtaking cars. Thanks to Emma for the partnership this year. I’ve enjoyed every round and hope to be fit for next year too“. Serjeant added: “A frustrating night of racing with hold ups by a tractor and ambulance. It seemed to interrupt our flow, but we were pleased to still take the Mixed Team win. A massive thank you again to Mark for a great season and to all the volunteers and helpers who make all these events such a great success“.

Hill and Serjeant’s closest Mixed Team challenge came from Natalie Brooks and Alec Bond, finishing 10 seconds ahead of Davies and Hurdley in 24:36. And the two additional points proved vital as they just snaffled Mixed Team Bronze on the strength of their effort. Brooks was late being ‘persuaded’ to enter the Series but has enjoyed the format, stating: “The 2-Ups were fun, something else new for me! We were focusing on an event in France this year so missed most of the races, shame there aren’t any more this year. Me and Alec are just learning to work together, hopefully there’s room for improvement“! Bond was surprised by just doing enough to take that Bronze, adding: “It was a surprise to get a result from only two events, we dabbled in a couple of different types of races this year, the 2-Up has room for improvement next season“.

That left the Mixed Team Silver to be decided, with husband and wife team Bernard and Deb Hutson-Lumb already looking forward to the 2020 season, with Deb commenting: “I’m surprised to get Silver as we’ve only done two races this year. Hopefully we’ll be up for the full Series next year and there will be a few more Mixed Teams out“. Bernard added: “I am pleased and surprised to get Silver. Many thanks to the organisers and helpers on all the events this year who made our rides possible. Let’s hope that we can get some more competitors next year“.


Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Points
1 Barrie Pugh & Stuart Glover Holohan Coaching RT 21:10 20
2 Pete Thomas & Sean Grosvenor Hafren CC 21:33 18
3 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 22:47 16
4 Richard Howes & Dave Moore Wrekinsport CC 23:13 14
5 Mark Hill & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 23:15 12
6 Jack McGarry & Daniel Donnelly Paramount CRT 23:43 10
7 Mark Stocks & Mick Tomkinson Newport Shropshire CC 24:30 8
8 Alec Bond & Natalie Brooks Mid Shropshire Wheelers & Paramount CRT 24:36 6
9 Bryn Davies & Louise Hurdley Hafren CC 24:46 4
10 Finola Corley & Bethan Till Wrekinsport CC 25:53 2

Mixed Team:

Mixed Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Mixed Points
1 Mark Hill & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 23:15 20
2 Alec Bond & Natalie Brooks Mid Shropshire Wheelers & Paramount CRT 24:36 18
3 Bryn Davies & Louise Hurdley Hafren CC 24:46 16

Women’s Team:

Women’s Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Women’s Points
1 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 22:47 20
2 Finola Corley & Bethan Till Wrekinsport CC 25:53 18

Final Cumulative Standings after nine rounds


Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Ed Middleton & Nick Long Nova Raiders 90
2 Mark Hill & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 68
3 Alison Dockney & Sarah Grant SCCA Private Members 58
4 Steve Minton & Jack Wilson Ludlow Brewery RT 36
5 Jack Young & Jack Morris Mid Shropshire Wheelers 34
6 Andy Maxwell & Andy Rose Nova Raiders 30
7 Deb & Bernard Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 22
=8 Barrie Pugh & Stuart Glover Holohan Coaching RT 20
=8 Ben Pierce & James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 20
=8 Chris Halford & Richard Smith Wrekinsport CC 20
=8 Chris Halford & Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 20
=8 James Satoor & Sam Holwill Mid Shropshire Wheelers & Hafren CC 20
=8 Mark Hill & Pete Thomas Hafren CC 20
=8 Tim Beardmore & Dean Dovey Nova Raiders 20

Mixed Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Mark Hill & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 100
2 Deb & Bernard Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 38
3 Alec Bond & Natalie Brooks Mid Shropshire Wheelers & Paramount CRT 34
4 Jenny York & John Robertson Mid Shropshire Wheelers 32
=5 Adam Riley & Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC 18
=5 Andy Collins & Lucy Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers 18
=5 Daphne Jones & Andy Collins Mid Shropshire Wheelers 18
=5 Elaine Langley & Terry Price North Shropshire Wheelers 18
=9 Bryn Davies & Louise Hurdley Hafren CC 16
=9 Helen & Jack Inglis Wrekinsport CC 16

Women’s Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Alison Dockney & Sarah Grant SCCA Private Members 100
2 Jenny Newton & Jane Chapman Nova Raiders 20
3 Finola Corley & Bethan Till Wrekinsport CC 18