A brand new event on a brand new course gave yet another early season lumpy challenge to competitors in Round 3 of the Friction Hydraulics Series – with an added ingredient for good measure of 45mph winds from the tail end of Storm Kathleen. Based two laps on the Eaton Constantine Road Race circuit with a significant sting in the tail, Paramount CRT’s 20 mile hilly proved to be problematic for first-time organiser Chris Riley. Firstly a planned road closure on race day was delayed after significant negotiation with the contractor; then Riley had to get up at 6am to remove storm debris off the course. Thankfully the ‘road closed’ signs meant absolutely no traffic on the climb between Eaton Constantine and Woodgreen, and a huge area of standing water could be navigated safely using the wrong side of the road. This seemed to galvanise Riley who took a rare win in the Friction Veterans Series in +4:21, 31 seconds ahead of Jonathan Mills-Keeling, Veteran’s winner of Round 2. Mills-Keeling saw off a strong challenge from Bryn Davies, exactly a minute behind Riley, but this was enough for the Hafren CC rider to move into the Veteran’s Series lead with a solid 45 point lead.

Riley has a preference for lumpy courses and home advantage on training roads close to home seems to have played into his hands. He stated: “That’s as close as l am likely to get to Jonathan and Bryn this year so I’m chuffed with that. It was certainly an exciting day with the windy weather. Hilly time trials are just the best”. Mills-Keeling added: “Enjoyed the New Paramount course raced it many times in road races, could not find any rhythm nor could I really get into it but still a welcome change, Great ride and organisation from Chris, and an amazing time from Tomos Hales

Mills-Keeling was referring to the overall winner, and it was indeed an unbelievable effort from Hales who finished a huge 2:50 ahead of his nearest challenger in 46:51. Hales looked on a mission as he flew up the climb leaving Rushton, visibly faster than everyone else, taking full advantage of the roaring tailwind. The signs are already there that this is going to be a vintage season for the Wrekinsport rider, who had great backup from Female winner Hayley Wells who took a Top 10 spot. He stated: “I was happy to take the win on the new Paramount hilly time trail. The testing course suited me, with the climb through Eaton Constantine and the rolling kickers past Wroxeter. The early rain reduced the wind; however it did pick up on the second lap! Thanks for Paramount for getting out and sweeping the muddy lanes, and for the marshals that were out in the elements. Great event; and good for Wrekinsport to take the Open and Women’s win”.

Hales’ saw off a strong challenge from Paramount’s Mason Durant who took the County runner-up spot in 49:41 ahead of Mid Shropshire Wheelers’ Devon Round in 50:05. Durant led his team to a large 165 point haul in the Top Club Award, sending them clear at the head of the standings by 80 points. He commented: “The race went really good, a great course. The work put in to clear the roads was really great. A really testing course, definitely one I’m looking to ride again. Thankfully the course is quite sheltered and I did better than I thought”. Round added: “A fun, sporting course, a nice mix of flat main road efforts and tricky undulations. I was happy with pacing considering the conditions and looking forward to racing it again”. At the head of the Friction Series, Davies had double cause for celebration as he moved into a slim five point lead; with Round moving up to third spot just 10 points off the pace.

Hales wasn’t the only Wrekinsport rider on top form as Hayley Wells gained a dominant female win in 52:20 for 9th spot overall in her first appearance of the 2024 Friction Series. This performance moved her into the joint lead of the Female championship, and she certainly enjoyed the variety the course had to offer – even if the sting in the tail of finishing atop Leighton Bank made the end of the pain seem tantalisingly hard to arrive. She stated: “What a brilliant course! A mix of everything to really test riders, with a cheeky hill at the end which finished the legs off – I look forward to riding this one again. Many thanks for a brilliantly organised event Paramount; the club cupcakes were a great touch”!   

The new Road Bike championship seems to be made for the more testing circuits, with a rider who hasn’t raced for a long time surprising himself by taking the win. Paramount’s Jon Goh stopped the watch in an adjusted 50:41 in this handicapped event, designed to level the playing field both by age and gender. Goh saw off a strong challenge from Aerologic hill climb specialist Scott Palmer in 51:09 on a course that would suit his strengths. Goh seemed to consider himself there simply to make up the numbers judging by his post-race comments, but actually surprised himself with his fitness: “The main thing was not falling off! I took it easy on turns, and enjoyed the more technical course. It was definitely a day for riders with more confidence and bike handling skills. It was good knowing the lanes and having home advantage, I feel like the comeback kid”! Meanwhile third placed Mark Fenn did enough to move himself up to the head of the standings with a fine 35 point advantage after finishing in 56:01.


1TomosHalesWrekinsport CC46:5160
2MasonDurantParamount CRT49:4155
3DevonRoundMid Shropshire Wheelers50:0550
4JonathanMills-KeelingAerologic RT50:1645
5BrynDaviesHafren CC50:3440
6ChristopherRileyParamount CRT50:3735
7JonathanGohParamount CRT51:1230
8ScottPalmerAerologic RT51:2625
9HayleyWellsWrekinsport CC52:2020
10RobbieDisneyAerologic RT52:3715
11AlvydasJanusauskasParamount CRT52:4110
12RobertMcGregorParamount CRT53:315
13IanConnollyLudlow CC54:205
14MarkFennShropshire CCA56:495
15SamDaveyParamount CRT58:075
16IanTownsendParamount CRT58:365
17ColinWellsParamount CRT1:00:405
18DenisBrodovichParamount CRT1:01:415
19DavidCannellParamount CRT1:02:245
20AshleyKirkhamWrekinsport CC1:04:035
21EmmaBrownParamount CRT1:06:475
.PaulDuncanParamount CRTDNF.
.PaulHortonBridgnorth Cycling ClubDNS-A.
.BillyPanterParamount CRTDNS-A.
.DeanCallisterAerologic RTDNS .
.DebHutson-LumbWrekinsport CCDNS .
.RobKennardAerologic RTDNS .
.MarkPritchardAerologic RTDNS .


Vets Pos’nForenameSurnameClubVet +/-Vets Points
1ChristopherRileyParamount CRT+4:2160
2JonathanMills-KeelingAerologic RT+3:5055
3BrynDaviesHafren CC+3:2150
4JonathanGohParamount CRT+1:5645
5ScottPalmerAerologic RT+1:2840
6IanConnollyLudlow CC+0:3835
7ColinWellsParamount CRT-3:0830
8MarkFennShropshire CCA-3:2425
9IanTownsendParamount CRT-4:0520
10DavidCannellParamount CRT-5:1215
11DenisBrodovichParamount CRT-8:5910
12AshleyKirkhamWrekinsport CC-10:385


Female Pos’nForenameSurnameClubTimeFemale Points
1HayleyWellsWrekinsport CC52:2060
2EmmaBrownParamount CRT1:06:4755
.DebHutson-LumbWrekinsport CCDNS .

Road Bikes:

RB Pos’nForenameSurnameClubRB Adj TimeRB Points
1JonathanGohParamount CRT50:4160
2ScottPalmerAerologic RT51:0955
3MarkFennShropshire CCA56:0150
4IanTownsendParamount CRT56:4245
5DavidCannellParamount CRT57:4940
6SamDaveyParamount CRT58:0735
7EmmaBrownParamount CRT1:00:3030
8DenisBrodovichParamount CRT1:01:3625
9AshleyKirkhamWrekinsport CC1:03:1520
.PaulDuncanParamount CRT..
.DebHutson-LumbWrekinsport CC..
.BillyPanterParamount CRT..

Top Club Award:

1Paramount CRT 165
2Aerologic RT 85
2Wrekinsport CC 85
4Mid Shropshire Wheelers 50
5Hafren CC 40
6Ludlow CC 5

Cumulative Standings after three rounds

Friction and Hydraulic Services Shropshire Championship Points Series

Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Bryn Davies Hafren CC V 120
2 Paul Horton Bridgnorth Cycling Club S 115
3 Devon Round Mid Shropshire Wheelers S 110
=4 Matthew Garthwaite Newport (Shropshire) CC S 105
=4 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 105
6 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Aerologic RT V 85
7 Simon Romei Paramount CRT V 80
8 Christopher Riley Paramount CRT V 65
=9 Dean Callister Aerologic RT S 60
=9 Oli Freeman Wrekinsport CC S 60

Friction and Hydraulic Services Veterans Championship

Vets Position Name Club Best 12
1 Bryn Davies Hafren CC 160
2 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Aerologic RT 115
=3 Christopher Riley Paramount CRT 110
=3 Simon Romei Paramount CRT 110
5 Ian Connolly Ludlow CC 105
6 Mark Fenn Shropshire CCA 65
=7 Geoff Edgerton North Shropshire Wheelers 45
=7 Jonathan Goh Paramount CRT 45
=7 Paul Bailey Bridgnorth Cycling Club 45
=10 David Drew North Shropshire Wheelers 40
=10 Scott Palmer Aerologic RT 40

Friction and Hydraulic Services Road Bike Championship

Road Bike Pos’n Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Mark Fenn Shropshire CCA V 100
2 Ashley Kirkham Wrekinsport CC V 65
=3 Jonathan Goh Paramount CRT V 60
=3 Matthew Garthwaite Newport (Shropshire) CC S 60
=5 Paul Bailey Bridgnorth Cycling Club V 55
=5 Scott Palmer Aerologic RT V 55
7 Ian Townsend Paramount CRT V 45
8 David Cannell Paramount CRT V 40
9 Sam Davey Paramount CRT S 35
10 Emma Brown Paramount CRT F 30

Friction and Hydraulic Services Female Championship

Female Pos’n Name Club Best 12
=1 Hayley Wells Wrekinsport CC 60
=1 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC 60
3 Emma Brown Paramount CRT 55

Friction and Hydraulic Services Junior Championship

Junior Pos’n Name Club Best 12
1 Ben Southgate Wrekinsport CC 60

Top Club Award

Position Club Total Points
1 Paramount CRT 310
2 Wrekinsport CC 230
3 Aerologic RT 185
4 Bridgnorth Cycling Club 135
5 Hafren CC 125
6 Newport (Shropshire) CC 120
7 Mid Shropshire Wheelers 110
8 Ludlow CC 20
9 North Shropshire Wheelers 15
10 Oswestry Paragon CC 5