Road works meant a late change for Hafren CC’s 2-Up to a 12 mile course from Welshpool to Four Crosses as nine pairs enjoyed the sunshine in Round 2 of the Mowermec 2-Up Series. A beautiful evening and smooth tarmac saw a close call for the winning spot as Ludlow Brewery Jack Wilson and Steve Minton took the win in 24 minutes 40 seconds by just nine seconds ahead of the Series leaders Chris Riley and Rob McGregor of Paramount. With team time trials one of the big losses of the Covid-19 era Minton hadn’t ridden the format for a while, which comes as a shock with a partner willing you on to go ever faster. He stated: “Three years since my last 2-Up with Jack, and probably the highest heart rate average since then! It was nice to take a win though”. Wilson added: “Happy with the win on a new course to us. Close times with the Paramount duo. Hopefully I’ll do a few more rounds with Steve”.

Riley and McGregor doubled their points tally to 40 to open up an early 22 point lead after crossing the line in 24:49. With the A483 surface in lovely condition Riley was quick to point out how riding on such a surface makes all the difference to time triallists and how well the pair worked together: “My 2-Up partner Rob was on song and we hummed along the super quick Hafren course on the finest of summer evenings. It was great to be only nine seconds behind the rapid winners who were motoring; thanks to Hafren for a well run, friendly event”. McGregor also picked up on the warm welcome and was already anticipating some close battles to come: ”It was a great event with a really friendly atmosphere. I was really happy that Chris and I were only nine seconds behind the winning team; I’m looking forward to some close competition across the remaining events – thank you to everyone involved in running the event”.

The Mixed Team Champions got off to a great start after Covid put paid to them racing in Round 1. Hafren CC’s Emma Serjeant and Mark Hill headed up a fine showing of five teams in this format, registering 26:31 – 2:01 ahead of Mixed Team runners-up Vikki Jones and Adam Riley of Oswestry Paragon. The pair were happy to be back racing in a format they’ve made their own, with Serjeant stating: “I really enjoyed being back doing 2-Up after missing the first one due to Covid. It took us a little while to settle back into it but we got into a routine and we both pushed hard against the headwind on the return leg – great to see so many new 2-Up pairs out”. Hill added: “It was good to be back with Emma. We work well and pushed hard all way. Thanks Hafren CC on the last minute change of course too”.

One of those new 2-Up pairs were another Hafren duo Jan Davies and Neil Vose, with Davies only eight seconds off that runner-up spot in 28:40 in her first experience of the format. She was pleased with her efforts after listening carefully to guidance from club mates: “My first time trial season and happy with the result of my first 2-Up. A nice evening, the weather helped, as well as the advice of Neil Vose and Mark Hill”.

It was early days too for the only all-female pair in competition as Olivia Hughes and Karen Proctor worked well together to stop the watch on 29:40, with Hughes enjoying the format: “Still in my early days of time trialling so far, I think that was my 5th! The 2-Up was great fun, I certainly enjoyed it, a different experience to a solo time trial and I would definitely do it again. I think for a first attempt of riding together like that we can be proud”.

Full result:

1Jack Wilson Ludlow Brewery RT 24.40.
.Steve Minton Ludlow Brewery RT 
2Christopher Riley Paramount CRT.24.4920
.Rob McGregor Paramount CRT.
3Carl Spencer Hafren CC26.3018
.Carl Evans Hafren CC
4Emma Serjeant Hafren CC26.3116
.Mark Hill Hafren CC
5Adam Riley Oswestry Paragon CC28.3214
.Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC
6Neil Vose Hafren CC28.4012
.Jan Davies Hafren CC
7Olivia Hughes  Hafren CC29.4010
.Karen Proctor Hafren CC
8Sofia Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC29.518
.Xander Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC
9Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC30.046
.Clare Cotterill  Wrekinsport CC

Mixed Team:

Mixed Pos’nNameClubTimeMixed Points
1Emma Serjeant Hafren CC26.3120
.Mark Hill Hafren CC
2Adam Riley Oswestry Paragon CC28.3218
.Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC
3Neil Vose Hafren CC28.4016
.Jan Davies Hafren CC
4Sofia Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC29.5114
.Xander Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC
5Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC30.0412
.Clare Cotterill  Wrekinsport CC


Women’s Pos’nNameClubTimeWomen’s Points
1Olivia Hughes  Hafren CC29.4020
.Karen Proctor Hafren CC

Cumulative Standings after two rounds


Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Chris Riley & Rob McGregor Paramount CRT 40
=2 Dave Drew & Geoff Edgerton North Shropshire Wheelers 18
=2 Carl Spencer & Carl Evans Hafren CC 18
4 Emma Serjeant & Mark Hill Hafren CC 16
5 Adam Riley & Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC 14
6 Neil Vose & Jan Davies Hafren CC 12
7 Olivia Hughes & Karen Proctor Hafren CC 10
8 Sofia Brandon-Higgs & Xander Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC 8
9 Chris Halford & Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CC 6

Mixed Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Emma Serjeant & Mark Hill Hafren CC 20
2 Adam Riley & Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC 18
3 Neil Vose & Jan Davies Hafren CC 16
4 Sofia Brandon-Higgs & Xander Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC 14
5 Chris Halford & Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CC 12

Women’s Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Olivia Hughes & Karen Proctor Hafren CC 20