2018 Dates for the Friction and Hydraulics Open TT events

A season long competition run by SCCA member clubs with a 16 round county-wide time trial Series for 2018

This is a great chance to compete against members of other local clubs and gain points for yourself and your club. It is also a great opportunity to join in the social side around each event and sample the post-race cakes!
Time trial distances cover the spectrum of time trialling from 10 to 100 miles at all points of the county, with many right on your doorstep.

Points are awarded to all riders taking part in the events.  For events up to 50 miles the winner is awarded 50 points, reducing by 5 points for each place, with every rider getting 5 points for finishing.

New for 2018 is a 15 mile time trial event taking in the Hodnet by-pass and the Tiddly Triangle, which is occasionally used for club 10’s; whilst Hafren CC introduce a brand new 10 mile course based upon the fastest part of their 25 between Berriew and Welshpool

For the 50 mile TT it’s 70 points for first down to 10 points for finishing

For the 100 the winner is awarded 80 points going down to 15 points for finishing.

Best 12 rounds from 16 count

Overall, Women’s and Juniors sub-series on actual, Veterans on standard.

There is a club competition for the club whose riders accumulate the most points, so all entries by members count towards this

These events are strictly enter in advance via the standard procedures for entering CTT Open Time Trials

These are “Open” events, meaning they are pre entry (not sign on the line) 11-12 days before each event

The easiest way to do this is through CTT Online portal Click Here, where you also get full event information about the event

Some events may be On-Line only Click Here

For events accepting paper entries the form can be downloaded here

Sign up to ride and sign up early. If you don’t ride your club will need volunteers and Marshals

2018 Friction and Hydraulics Series Dates

1526/08/18SundayD25/8E25North Shropshire Wheelers



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Date Day Course

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Distance Club
Cancelled 03/03/18 Saturday K21/18 18 Wrekinsport CC
1 25/03/18 Sunday D315/1 15 VTTA Merseyside
2 31/03/18 Saturday K21/18 18 Wrekinsport CC
3 01/04/18 Sunday D25/8E 25 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
4 28/04/18 Saturday R10/6B 10 Ludlow CC
5 06/05/18 Sunday D25/20 25 Nova Raiders CC
6 13/05/18 Sunday D50/4 50 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
Cancelled 20/05/18 Sunday D30/12 30 WCTTCA & SCCA
7 06/06/18 Wednesday D25/24R 25 Hafren CC
8 16/06/18 Saturday D10/23R 10 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
9 28/06/18 Thursday D25/24R 25 Shropshire CCA
10 07/07/18 Saturday R10/6B 10 Ludlow CC
11 15/07/18 Sunday D100/6 100 SCCA & WCTTCA
12 19/07/18 Thursday D10/8 10 Oswestry Paragon CC
13 01/08/18 Wednesday D310/1 10 Hafren CC (SCCA Championship 10)
14 26/08/18 Sunday D25/8E 25 North Shropshire Wheelers
15 15/09/18 Saturday K52/10C 10 Nova Raiders CC
16 16/09/18 Sunday D30/11 30 WCTTCA & SCCA