Agreed at SCCA AGM, the introduction of a single set of points to introduce a County Road Bike Championship to the Friction Hydraulics Series. This is in addition to points riders already qualify for in Overall, Women’s, Veterans and Juniors classes for riders meeting CTT’s Regulation 29 criteria shown below and entering Open events by choosing the ‘RB’ category:

29a) CTT Road Bike Criteria: the road bike can possess drop or straight handlebars; no tri-bars, clip-on bars or Spinaci bars are allowed; no disc wheels; both front & rear wheels must have at least 12 spokes each; the maximum rim depth allowed is 90mm.

A helmet restriction for this category was also adopted at CTT AGM on 3/12/23:

29b) Helmets used in Road Bike category events must not cover the ears or have a tear drop/pointy style “tail”, any helmet vents must not be covered or blocked. The helmet must not have been altered or had any element added or removed in terms of design or form but may be used as the manufacturer intended (e.g., sliding vents). It is prohibited to add a detachable cover to a helmet. The composition of the helmet material and its surface condition are not subject to any regulations. However, additions to the helmet are not allowed (cover, tape etc.).

CTT introduced the ability to clearly identify Road Bike entries in Open Time Trials part way through 2023 to encourage riders without specialist time trial equipment to enter events and to be able to compare themselves against other road bike users.

CTT also amended gender categories in Regulation 10 on 2/12/23 only becoming public in January 2024. The categories are now Open and Female. This is a decision made at CTT Board level which SCCA has no influence over. The Regulation stipulates that Organisers must adopt these same classifications as notified by CTT, which has seen a tweak to the way points can be scored from that initially proposed due specifically to this category change:

Points will be scored as per other Friction Series categories using an SCCA adaptation of VTTA Age Adjustments to calculate position:

  • Actual Time less relevant VTTA Age Adjustment for over 40’s riders.
  • For under 40’s Open category entrants actual time is used.
  • For under-40’s Female category entrants a blanket deduction of 9.4% of Actual Time will be made

Note that if a rider has to use a bike type different to the category entered due to e.g. mechanical issues it is allowable to race, but that change must be notified to the Organiser to allow adjustment and correct allocation for the result.