The most hotly anticipated event of the Shropshire time trialling programme returned with a bang after an enforced year away due to Covid-19 restrictions which prevented the format in 2020. With 23 teams on the start sheet, this rarely seen format saw some fantastic competition at the sharp end – as well as lots of laughs throughout the field, with teams of four riders working together to get around a 50 kilometre course starting at Edgmond and taking in Crudgington, Shawbirch and Hodnet before a final six miles from Crudgington that really tests teams already on the ragged edge. Nova Raiders ‘A; squad featuring Dean Callister, Andy Rose, Andrew Lacon and Mark Pritchard regained the County John Farr Trophy for the club in style, also taking Overall victory in an excellent time of 1 hour, 7 minutes 21 seconds, an average speed over 27.8mph.

The importance of this race for the team was clear from their post-race comments – as well as the opportunity to socialise at HQ The Lamb at Edgmond which is a big part of this event’s character, with Rose stating: “I was delighted to have won the 4-Up this year, a race that is the highlight of the racing calendar for me. I would like to thank my team mates and especially all the organisers and volunteers that put on such an excellent race”. Pritchard agreed, adding: “I really enjoyed the race, probably my favourite race of year. We worked really well as team and were chuffed that we got the win and could enjoy a beer after. Thanks for everyone involved for putting on a great event”. Lacon meanwhile captured the spirit of the event which always attracts a good number of spectators, something unusual for a time trial: “I was really happy with the result. This was a season target for the team and the training paid off! All four of us worked really well together to put in a strong performance and finish as a team. It’s always a highlight in the calendar, and great to see people out supporting, and as always, well organised – thank you the volunteers which allow it to happen”! It was left to Callister to summarise the team ethos: “A fantastic effort by Mark, Andy L & Andy R. We all worked very well together and it was great fun to be out with team mates on the course. Very pleased with our time on the day, apart from being held up a few times we gave it our all – top event as always”.

Taking the runner-up spot was one of several visiting squads who happy to travel to ride the format, with the Warrington RC team of Warren Giddins, Dave Wright, Malcolm Horner and Steven Hankey stopping the watch on 1:09:09. This is their first time attending this event, but by the sounds of it won’t be their last as spokesman for the squad Warren Giddins revealed in an insight into how different ability levels can cause issues: “We were over the moon to come second. Plans were made on the start line for Steve to go first and to take it ‘steady’. A mile down the road and he’s put us all well and truly into the red! For the first 10 miles Steve and Malcolm did the lion’s share of the work until Dave and myself felt slightly comfier and started to contribute more. Once we rounded the turn heading for home we were all working smoothly together when Dave got cramp in both calves. We eased up to wait for him but he waved us on, so finishing the last leg with three. I was well chuffed to see the speed we went at and to come second was fantastic. We all loved the event, from the great work by the marshals, to the refreshments at the pub afterwards. I’m sure we’ll be back next year to try and better it”. Giddins’ comments reveal one of the technical tricks teams can use to their advantage, with times taken on the third rider. This means it is possible for one rider to pull the team along at a fast pace and then drop off towards the finish, or limit losses due to a member going beyond the red line.

2019’s County Champions Wrekinsport ‘A’ comprising Tomos Hales, Andrew Hellowell, Phil Roberts and Ian Bond taking third spot in 1:09:44, with an injury to one of the members meaning that the team rode for 20 miles as a three, as Ian Bond revealed: “I was really looking forward to riding with these guys, but unfortunately the day before I injured my back. I was determined to take part and help the guys out as much as I could, but unfortunately I couldn’t continue at the pace of everyone else due to the pain in my back. I only lasted about 11 miles, so the ride by Tomos, Phil and Andrew was really impressive. It was great to be part of such a strong team, but disappointing I could help them out for any longer”. Hales wasn’t disappointed however, and is already looking forward to 2022, stating: “I was happy with the time and the performance from the lads, just Nova ‘A’ were a class apart and awesome on the day. Well done to them, and thanks for all marshals and organisers. The best event of the year and we will come back stronger”. Roberts meanwhile was getting his first taste of the all out effort and sheer exhilaration of this race, adding: “First time I’ve taken part in the 4-Up and it lived up to what I was hoping: pure exhaustion, flat out for just over an hour, with great teamwork. An awesome effort by the lads to take third Overall and first place Wrekinsport team – it was amazing to have so many teams take part and I’m already looking forward to next year”. Hellowell meanwhile showed that efforts can be adjusted based upon the strengths of team members and was in no doubt that Hales had done a massive workload: “I was really lucky to be part of a strong team. I sat in the draft for most of it! Thanks to Tomos who in particular did a lot of the work. I enjoyed it and hope I make the selection next year”.

Amongst the all female teams a squad of triathletes came together for the first time under the Total Tri Training banner, with Rebecca Holland, Leonie Keeling, Laura Grey and Emma-Jane Bradfield setting a very strong time of 1:16:11. Speaking on behalf of the team, Holland looks determined to give it another go after addressing some of the rough edges first: “We were delighted to take the win – this is the first time we have ridden together as a four and whilst we were happy with our ride we definitely have a lot more to give with some sharpening up. The rolling course made the 4-Up really technical, and communication within teams especially on the climbs was imperative so as not to drop riders. We loved this event – super friendly and a sporting course – we will be back”.

The County Women’s 4-Up Trophy went to Wrekinsport Women’s ‘A’ with the team fielding two squads. Comprising Clare Cotterill, Victoria Doran, Bethan Till and Helen Blake, the squad finishing in 1:30:20, with Cotterill revealing that a lot of strategy went into their ride: “We went into it with a plan and stuck to it. Great teamwork and effort from everyone, we thoroughly enjoyed the event. Lots of improvements to be made for next year”! Doran added: “It was my first ever 4-Up and I was delighted to win it with the other girls! We only managed to do one practice the week before, but things went really well on the day and I think we worked fantastically together as a team. I’m sure we could go faster next year! My partner and one year old son were out on the course too, so it was lovely to be cheered on by them and the other spectators. Another fantastic event, huge thanks to everyone involved who made it happen”.


PositionStart No.Forename SurnameClubSquadTime 
185DeanCallisterNova RaidersNova A01:07:21
186AndyRoseNova RaidersNova A
187MarkPritchardNova RaidersNova A
188AndrewLaconNova RaidersNova A
217WarrenGiddinsWarrington RCWarrington RC01:09:09
218David WrightWarrington RCWarrington RC
219MalcolmHornerWarrington RCWarrington RC
220Steven HankeyWarrington RCWarrington RC
377TomosHalesWrekinsport CCWrekinsport A01:09:44
378AndrewHellowellWrekinsport CCWrekinsport A
379PhilRobertsWrekinsport CCWrekinsport A
380IanBondWrekinsport CCWrekinsport A
449GraemeDonnellNova RaidersNova B01:11:19
450BenGilpinNova RaidersNova B
451RobJonesNova RaidersNova B
452NickLongNova RaidersNova B
545David MoleStourbridge VeloStourbridge Velo01:11:31
546DarrenShawStourbridge VeloStourbridge Velo
547MarkHammondStourbridge VeloStourbridge Velo
548ScottO’NeillStourbridge VeloStourbridge Velo
661AllanHendersonWrekinsport CCWrekinsport B01:12:20
662Rich SmithWrekinsport CCWrekinsport B
663AdamMumfordWrekinsport CCWrekinsport B
664RobJacksonWrekinsport CCWrekinsport B
753SimonRomeiParamount CRTParamount CRT B01:13:41
754EddieEmblenParamount CRTParamount CRT B
755RobMcGregorParamount CRTParamount CRT B
756ChrisRileyParamount CRTParamount CRT B
881Abdel KaderAllouniPoco Loco Cycling RTPoco Loco Cycling RT01:15:36
882LyndonGommersallPoco Loco Cycling RTPoco Loco Cycling RT
883NickGilesPoco Loco Cycling RTPoco Loco Cycling RT
884JohnSammutPoco Loco Cycling RTPoco Loco Cycling RT
969ElliottWillsWrekinsport CCWrekinsport C01:15:39
970BenWoodWrekinsport CCWrekinsport C
971MichaelBigwoodWrekinsport CCWrekinsport C
972DaveMooreWrekinsport CCWrekinsport C
1089RebeccaHollandChester RCTotal Tri Training Combined01:16:11
1090Emma-JaneBradfieldWarrington Triathlon ClubTotal Tri Training Combined
1091LauraGrayTotal Tri TrainingTotal Tri Training Combined
1092LeonieKeelingOswestry Paragon CCTotal Tri Training Combined
111DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersNova Mixed01:19:35
112MarieLlewellynNova RaidersNova Mixed
113ZachSmallboneNova RaidersNova Mixed
114LaurenTurleyNova RaidersNova Mixed
129GeorgeCoombesSCCA 1st ClaimSCCA Combined01:20:36
1210SimonGraySCCA 1st ClaimSCCA Combined
1211AndrewCoombesSCCA 1st ClaimSCCA Combined
1212KeithBateBlack Country TriathletesSCCA Combined
1337MarkStocksNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team Red01:21:36
1338StuartWrightNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team Red
1339MichaelTomkinsonNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team Red
1340AndrewHodgkinsonNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team Red
1425TomHydeNewport Shropshire CCNewport Youth Team01:25:34
1426TomJacksonNewport Shropshire CCNewport Youth Team
1427EthanCampbellNewport Shropshire CCNewport Youth Team
1428LeoAllenNewport Shropshire CCNewport Youth Team
1557AlexanderCapstickNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team Blue01:25:41
1558SeanLaceyNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team Blue
1559AndrewHullandNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team Blue
1560SteveGriceNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team Blue
1641NeilFurnissNova RaidersNova C01:28:10
1642GregRobsonNova RaidersNova C
1643ShaunDourishNova RaidersNova C
1644CarlDourishNova RaidersNova C
1773RichardGoddardNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team White01:29:10
1774AlanSimsNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team White
1775MartinRobertsNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team White
1776TomPageNewport Shropshire CCNewport Team White
1833MartinCowellParamount CRTParamount CRT A01:30:09
1834HayleyWellsParamount CRTParamount CRT A
1835ColinWellsParamount CRTParamount CRT A
1836JasonDavisParamount CRTParamount CRT A
1929ClareCotterillWrekinsport CCWrekinsport A Women01:30:20
1930Helen BlakeWrekinsport CCWrekinsport A Women
1931VictoriaDoranWrekinsport CCWrekinsport A Women
1932BethanTillWrekinsport CCWrekinsport A Women
2021StuartWortleyWrekinsport CCWrekinsport Z01:34:09
2022TrevorBeestonWrekinsport CCWrekinsport Z
2023RobGarradWrekinsport CCWrekinsport Z
2024SteveKingWrekinsport CCWrekinsport Z
215ClareO’DonnellWrekinsport CCWrekinsport B Women01:44:37
216AngelaBoycottWrekinsport CCWrekinsport B Women
217HannahJukes-JonesWrekinsport CCWrekinsport B Women
218Jo CarswellWrekinsport CCWrekinsport B Women
.65JennyNewtonNova RaidersOnly Fools and JennyDNF
.66AndyHazellNova RaidersOnly Fools and Jenny
.67SteveChapmanNova RaidersOnly Fools and Jenny
.68JohnRobertsonNorth Shropshire WheelersOnly Fools and Jenny
.13SimonOwen-JonesNova RaidersLet’s Rock n RollDNS-A
.14GaryWadeNova RaidersLet’s Rock n Roll
.15KathOwen-JonesNova RaidersLet’s Rock n Roll
.16JaneChapmanNova RaidersLet’s Rock n Roll
.TrophiesSquadTime .
.John Farr TrophyNova A01:07:21.
.Women’s 4-Up TrophyWrekinsport A Women01:30:20.