A delayed race at a rarely seen distance gave riders a quandary about how to pace themselves over 15 miles in the 6th and penultimate round of the Friction and Hydraulic Services Shropshire Championship Points Series that saw an audacious win by 17 year old Ben Pierce, and Deb Hutson-Lumb chalk off a successful retention of the Friction Women’s Championship in the VTTA (Merseyside) 15.

Originally scheduled for March, Covid-19 put paid to that original date – whilst what appears to be open season for road works in Shropshire almost put paid to the re-run, with a hastily created reserve course requiring a bit of creativity to avoid both the A442 and the A41 receiving many positive comments as faster than the original and a lot of re-jigging for North Shropshire Wheelers’ stalwart organiser Phil Guy. How fast the new course; predominantly based on the A53 between Edgebolton and Tern Hill was became evident by the superb time posted by Pierce, stopping the watch on 31 minutes and 9 seconds. Pierce beat off close challenges from Dan Watts and Victor Chetta, major scalps to take at such a young age, and even as a latecomer to the Series moved into the Silver medal position in the Juniors. He stated: “I really enjoyed the course which felt very fast and a great road surface – I can’t wait to do it again”.  

Watts was more effusive about taking the County runner-up spot in 31:42, beating off a challenge from Victor Chetta by 5 seconds after getting into the race as a reserve, just like Pierce, with the event giving priority to Over-40 riders as a VTTA National Championship and well over-subscribed. He moved into the Overall lead of the Friction Series on the strength of his effort and was pleased how he handled things, explaining the pacing decision facing every rider well: “A 15 is hard to judge, ride a flat out 10 and suffer the last 5, or ride like its a 25 and sprint for the line – who knows the best strategy? I think I got the pacing about right and was happy with my time and the points helping towards the push for the Friction Hydraulics Series”.

Incredibly the Series enters the final event, The SB Sports Injuries Shropshire Championship 50 with 11 of the 13 available Series medals in play in a race where riders have the double-whammy of Championship medals to aim for, as well as being the only surviving event at the distance in the County following Covid-19, also meaning that rider performance is critical to qualify for The Shropshire Best all Rounder competition. Chetta has won the County BAR for the last five years and was using this event as a warm up having lost a big part of an already truncated season to a motorcycle accident and seems to be on track for a title defence on the evidence of his 31:47 ride. He revealed: “I enjoyed the course change as it seemed to be a bit quicker than the standard one, and it was very well organised event with beautiful weather for it. My power is edging back up closer to where it was before my accident so I’m looking forward to the last few races of the season”.

The settled medals doubled from one to two with Deb Hutson-Lumb successfully defending her Friction Women’s title with an excellent time of 35:58, with Market Drayton CC’s Alison Dockney getting closest in 37:36. Hutson-Lumb has been in unstoppable form in this Championship, taking maximum points in all six rounds and has richly earned the 2020 Women’s title. The Nova Raider is also on course to retail the Friction Veteran’s Championship too as she headed for the top of the standings again with a fabulous +8:34, beating team mate Tim Beardmore by 30 seconds. This gives her a 20 point advantage going into the final event from the same rider who has been snapping at her heels all season. Hutson-Lumb was delighted with how her morning went, stating: “A fabulous event on an impromptu course that was easier to ride than the original Tiddly circuit. I paced it well I think, although I was expecting a headwind on the final section that wasn’t really there. Many thanks to everyone one helping run the event, and especially those making sure it happened despite the seemingly endless road works. Very pleased to have retained Friction Series Women’s Gold. I’m looking forward to both a full 2021 Series and Women’s field”.

Dockney was getting her first experience at the rarely seen standard distance and was another successful reserve rider who made impacts in the event. She added: “I really enjoyed my first go at a 15 – it’s a fun distance. Happy to have been able to race as a reserve rider, thank you to Phil for that. I was pleased with my performance on a great course devised at the last minute. Congratulations to Deb on a strong ride and winning the National Jersey! Big thanks to all the organisers involved in putting the race on in these unusual times”.

Beardmore meanwhile was another rider enjoying the course change, with his +8:04 pushing Chetta out by 14 seconds on Veteran’s Standard for the runner-up spot in this Championship. He is however under no illusions of the challenge facing him in the race for Veteran’s Gold: “I enjoyed the course, although the first mile felt really slow into a headwind. I felt I paced it well for a distance we don’t ride that often, and overall I was pleased with my ride. A very big thanks to Phil Guy for a wonderfully run event, and well done to everyone who raced – especially to Deb who, despite my best efforts appears unstoppable in the Veteran’s competition”.


1BenPierceMid Shropshire WheelersJ31:0960
2DanielWattsSCCA Private MemberS31:4255
3VictorChettaSCCA Private MemberV31:4750
4TimBeardmoreNova RaidersV32:0845
5HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingJ32:2840
6JonathanMills-KeelingCC Bridgnorth RWGV33:4135
7GraemeDonnellNova RaidersV35:3530
8DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV35:5825
9GarethBrookesNorth Shropshire WheelersV37:2520
10MarkHillHafren CCV37:2915
11SteveCornishMid Shropshire WheelersV37:3010
12AlisonDockneyMarket Drayton CC37:365
13GinoTrasattiNorth Shropshire WheelersV38:205
14PhilipGardnerMid Shropshire WheelersV38:435
15AndrewClarkeNorth Shropshire WheelersV38:455
16JohnWestheadParamount CRTV39:375
17JohnRobertsonWrekinsport CCV39:435
18JennyYorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV39:495
19LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV40:345
20DaveYorkMid Shropshire WheelersV40:415
21SimonJonesHafren CCV40:425
22JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV40:425
23HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV43:015
24DavidWilsonNorth Shropshire WheelersV45:485
.BrynDaviesHafren CCVDNS-A.
.TonyHarveyMid Shropshire WheelersVDNS-A.


Vets Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV+08:3460
2TimBeardmoreNova RaidersV+08:0455
3VictorChettaSCCA Private MemberV+07:5050
4JonathanMills-KeelingCC Bridgnorth RWGV+06:3145
5JennyYorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV+05:5040
6GraemeDonnellNova RaidersV+05:2635
7GinoTrasattiNorth Shropshire WheelersV+05:2230
8SteveCornishMid Shropshire WheelersV+04:5225
9GarethBrookesNorth Shropshire WheelersV+03:1420
10JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV+03:1015
10MarkHillHafren CCV+03:1015
12AndrewClarkeNorth Shropshire WheelersV+03:065
13JohnRobertsonWrekinsport CCV+02:515
14JohnWestheadParamount CRTV+02:355
15PhilipGardnerMid Shropshire WheelersV+02:035
16DaveYorkMid Shropshire WheelersV+01:535
17HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV+00:595
18LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV+00:425
19DavidWilsonNorth Shropshire WheelersV+00:395
20SimonJonesHafren CCV-00:505
.BrynDaviesHafren CCV..
.TonyHarveyMid Shropshire WheelersV..


Women’s Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersWV35:5860
2AlisonDockneyMarket Drayton CC37:3655
3JennyYorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV39:4950
4JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV40:4245
5HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV43:0140


Junior Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1BenPierceMid Shropshire WheelersJ31:0960
2HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingJ32:2855

Top Club Award:

1Nova Raiders 105
2Mid Shropshire Wheelers 85
3North Shropshire Wheelers 40
3Revolutions Racing 40
5CC Bridgnorth RWG 35
6Hafren CC 20
7Market Drayton CC 5
7Oswestry Paragon CC 5
7Paramount CRT 5
7Wrekinsport CC 5

Cumulative Standings after six rounds

Friction and Hydraulic Services Shropshire Championship Points Series

Position Name Club Cat Best 5
1 Daniel Watts SCCA Private Member S 260
2 Tim Beardmore Nova Raiders V 230
3 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing J 220
4 Dean Callister Nova Raiders S 195
4 Victor Chetta SCCA Private Member V 195
6 Christopher Halford Wrekinsport CC V 120
6 Kieran Morris SCCA Private Member S 120
8 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers J 115
9 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 95
10 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG V 85

Friction and Hydraulic Services Veterans Championship

Position Name Club Best 5
1 Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 295
2 Tim Beardmore Nova Raiders 275
3 Victor Chetta SCCA Private Member 210
4 Christopher Halford Wrekinsport CC 155
5 Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 140
6 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG 135
7 Andrew Rose Nova Raiders 125
8 Graeme Donnell Nova Raiders 105
=9 Dean Dovey Nova Raiders 95
=9 Phil Guy North Shropshire Wheelers 95

Friction and Hydraulic Services Women’s Championship

Women’s Pos’n Name Club Best 5
1 Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 300
2 Louise Hurdley Hafren CC 235
3 Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 210
4 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC 190
5 Bethan Till Wrekinsport CC 145
6 Milly Deer North Shropshire Wheelers 90
7 Jenny Newton Nova Raiders 75
8 Clare O’Donnell Wrekinsport CC 70
=9 Alison Dockney Market Drayton CC 55
=9 Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 55
=9 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers 55

Friction and Hydraulic Services Junior Championship

Junior Pos’n Name Club Best 12
1 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing 295
2 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers 120
3 Carys Blowers Mid Shropshire Wheelers 95
4 James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 55
5 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers 50

Top Club Award

Position Club Total Points
1 Nova Raiders 770
2 Wrekinsport CC 460
3 Revolutions Racing 255
4 Mid Shropshire Wheelers 240
5 North Shropshire Wheelers 130
6 CC Bridgnorth RWG 115
7 Holohan Coaching RT 110
8 Hafren CC 105
9 Ludlow CC 35
10 Oswestry Paragon CC 25
11 Ludlow Brewery RT 20
12 Newport (Shropshire) CC 15
13 Paramount CRT 10
=14 Market Drayton CC 5
=14 Propel CC 5