Reserve D25/20 Prees-Battlefield course


A maiden win of the season saw Nova Raiders’ Dean Callister cause an upset in Round 5 of the Friction Hydraulics Series as he pushed Dan Watts out by 8 seconds on one of Watts’ favourite courses. Originally scheduled for the Tern Hill – Shawbirch course riders were instead faced with the much lumpier Prees-Battlefield ‘out and back’ in the WCTTCA 25, with road works appearing to be everywhere in Shropshire currently enforcing a change. This tough course will soon find out any weakness, with the only flat respite briefly through Hadnall approaching the turn.

Callister stopped the watch in an excellent time of 54 minutes 31 seconds with strong support from Andrew Rose and Graeme Donnell helping to add an extra 100 points to the club’s advantage in their defence of the Top Club Award. Callister was delighted with his efforts to take the win, stating: “I was very happy with the time on the day, my legs felt good and the winds were not as bad as expected. However I got caught behind slow traffic on the return, but this allowed me to push hard in the final section. A course personal best for me, thanks to everyone involved that made the event happen”.

The rolling course suits Watts’ mountain goat style well, but he knows that the unrelenting climbs will seek out any overexertion cruelly, as his post-race comments show: “I really like the Battlefield course as you have to work hard all the time, and if you go too hard on the climbs you pay for it. I’m really enjoying the close battles at the top for the points; it’s just always seemed to be me being edged out by a few seconds for a win”. Watts moved up to runner-up spot in the Friction Hydraulics Series on the strength of his 54:38 effort, and just 10 points off the lead in what is a really close battle for supremacy in the shortened 2020 season.

But is Watts enjoyed his morning’s efforts the 2019 Silver medallist had a torrid time by his standards, with Victor Chetta ending his race on 55:17, a time many other riders can only dream about. Early morning events tend to be harder than those held in the afternoon or evening as heart rates and metabolism can often be lower, with Chetta seemingly suffering from morning-it is and the slog towards Battlefield into a headwind which can sap the strength: “It was one of those frustrating mornings when my racing legs and focus seemed to have deserted me, the undulating terrain helped to make the time pass quickly though, especially with a welcome boost from the tailwind on the return leg. I was glad to get it over with this time”.

Chetta’s efforts were not in vain however as he took the Veteran’s win from reigning champion and Veteran’s Series leader Deb Hutson-Lumb by 23 seconds in +11:23, with the 60 points awarded moving him up to third in this Championship. Hutson-Lumb went home happy however after stretching that Veteran’s Series lead to 65 points as well as taking a fabulous win in the Women’s Series by over six minutes from Jenny York as the Nova Raider sets out a great defence of the Women’s Championship in 1:03:58. Her race was not without incident however as she explained: “This is not my favourite course, so I was pleased to improve my personal best on it. I had a bit of ‘fun’ in a pothole which caused a few errant gear changes. Still, it’s great to be out racing and enjoyed it. Well afterwards anyway: smiling face with smiling eyes – many thanks to everyone helping run the event”.

Meanwhile the first medal of the Friction Series was sealed by 16 year-old Henri Bedford as he took Junior Gold thanks to a great effort of 55:46 – good enough for 4th place Overall. Bedford seems to be getting ever-faster as the season progresses and he was rewarded by moving into a narrow lead of the Overall Series for the first time in a close battle that sees the Top 4 covered by just 30 points. He was pleased with his morning’s work, commenting: “I am thrilled to win Junior Gold as this season has been a bit different to other year with its disjointed nature. I would like to say a massive thanks to Shropshire CCA and all of the member clubs that made these events possible in hard times. I really enjoyed the challenging and technical Battlefield course, but didn’t enjoy the wind on the way out. I smashed my course record by several minutes from last year – thanks to everyone who volunteered and ran the event”.


1Danny Glyn  RobertsClwb Beicio Egni/Energy Cycling Club00:53:1260
2Luke PollardRoyal Air Force Cycling Association00:53:4255
3Dean CallisterNova Raiders CC00:54:3167
4Mathew RobertsClwb Beicio Egni/Energy Cycling Club00:54:3678
5Mitch RussellClwb Beicio Egni/Energy Cycling Club00:54:3770
6Daniel  WattsRoyal Air Force Cycling Association00:54:3980
7David James WilliamsVelotik Racing Team00:54:4285
8Richard BottRichard Bott Racing00:54:5045
8Alastair RibbandsManchester Wheelers00:54:5084
10Matthew WalesRichard Bott Racing00:55:0164
11Victor ChettaPirate juice cc00:55:1771
12Henri BedfordRevolutions Racing00:55:4654
13Richard EvansBirkenhead North End CC00:56:2159
14Paul GrindleyLiverpool Century RC00:56:2876
15Thomas GarbettTotal Tri Training00:56:5661
16Robbie LawtonMersey Tri00:57:0258
17Gareth SangerVelotik Racing Team00:57:3440
18Ciaran PickeringTeam Sportslab00:57:5377
19James SmithChester RC00:58:0449
20Stuart McCormickPirate juice cc00:58:0674
21Steven HiltonWarrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering00:58:1165
22Dean HanwellNorth Endurance00:58:4351
23Philip KnupferManchester Bicycle Club00:58:5844
24Phillip WarburtonLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)00:59:3563
25Frances OwenWrexham RC00:59:4012
26Mat StephensonCongleton CC00:59:4883
27Andrew RoseNova Raiders CC01:00:0982
28Jake TurnerMersey Tri01:00:3214
29Ben LovePirate juice cc01:00:4957
30Philip HillPirate juice cc01:01:3250
31Ian CookChester RC01:01:3946
32Jarod GarringtonGraham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic01:01:4233
33Lucy RogersCongleton CC01:01:5225
34Graham NoblePirate juice cc01:02:1353
35Alan ChellCrewe Clarion Wheelers01:02:1543
36Graeme DonnellNova Raiders CC01:02:2636
37Richard BakerAudlem Cycling Club01:02:5427
38Paul MartinNorth Endurance01:03:1623
38Mike McKeenMersey Tri01:03:1635
40Tim WhitefootCrewe Clarion Wheelers01:03:2030
41Richard HowesWrekinsport CC01:03:2742
42Mike BigwoodWrekinsport CC01:03:5531
43Deb Hutson-LumbNova Raiders CC01:03:5838
44Colin HayesLiverpool Century RC01:04:0647
45Ian ConnollyLudlow CC01:05:0548
46Steve CornishMid Shropshire Wheelers01:05:3952
47John DromeyRhos-on-Sea CC01:06:3341
48Gino TrasattiNorth Shropshire Wheelers01:06:3726
49Stephen TurnerWestmead Team 8801:06:3966
50John ForbesBirkenhead North End CC01:07:2228
51David PottingerNorth Wirral Velo01:07:3713
52Patrick BreenNorth Endurance01:07:386
53Charlotte MarshallRoyal Navy & Royal Marines CA01:08:1339
54Eurwyn ParryVTTA (Merseyside)01:08:4911
55Jenny YorkMid Shropshire Wheelers01:10:0632
56Les BougheyNorth Shropshire Wheelers01:11:2419
57Ian CassonBirkenhead Victoria CC01:11:5921
58Louise  HurdleyHafren CC01:12:0422
59Emma  JeffersJRC Shutt Ridley RT01:12:118
60Milly DeerNorth Shropshire Wheelers01:13:5610
61Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CC01:15:5218
62Terry PriceNorth Shropshire Wheelers01:18:487
63Elaine  LangleyNorth Shropshire Wheelers01:31:545
.Philip McCormickPirate juice ccDNF9
.Andrew MossCrewe Clarion WheelersDNF24
.Warren JacksonCongleton CCDNF68
.Michael BoyesLiverpool Century RCDNS15
.Ben GilpinNova Raiders CCDNS16
.Peter MulloyWrekinsport CCDNS17
.Stephen SmoutNorth Shropshire WheelersDNS20
.Dave YorkMid Shropshire WheelersDNS29
.Philip HuntTri EnergyDNS34
.Gareth BrookesNorth Shropshire WheelersDNS37
.Peter GrindleyLiverpool Century RCDNS56
.Mark BerryRossendale RCDNS62
.Joel AckersInnovation RacingDNS69
.Ian LawtonMersey TriDNS72
.Jonathan Mills-KeelingCycle Club Bridgnorth RWGDNS73
.George  Mills-KeelingRibble Weldtite Pro CyclingDNS75
.Mike BookerChester RCDNS79
.Bryn DaviesHafren CCDNS81


1Dean CallisterNova Raiders CCS00:54:3160
2Daniel WattsSCCA Private MemberS00:54:3955
3Victor ChettaSCCA Private MemberV00:55:1750
4Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ00:55:4645
5Andrew RoseNova Raiders CCV01:00:0940
6Graeme DonnellNova Raiders CCV01:02:2635
7Richard HowesWrekinsport CCV01:03:2730
8Mike BigwoodWrekinsport CCS01:03:5525
9Deb Hutson-LumbNova Raiders CCWV01:03:5820
10Ian ConnollyLudlow CCV01:05:0515
11Steve CornishMid Shropshire WheelersV01:05:3910
12Gino TrasattiNorth Shropshire WheelersV01:06:375
13Jenny YorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV01:10:065
14Les BougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV01:11:245
15Louise HurdleyHafren CCWV01:12:045
16Milly DeerNorth Shropshire Wheelers01:13:565
17Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV01:15:525
18Terry PriceNorth Shropshire WheelersV01:18:485
19Elaine LangleyNorth Shropshire WheelersWV01:31:545
.Ben GilpinNova Raiders CC.DNS.
.Bryn DaviesHafren CC.DNS.
.Dave YorkMid Shropshire Wheelers.DNS.
.Gareth BrookesNorth Shropshire Wheelers.DNS.
.Jonathan Mills-KeelingCycle Club Bridgnorth RWG.DNS.
.Peter MulloyWrekinsport CC.DNS.
.Stephen SmoutNorth Shropshire Wheelers.DNS.


Women’s Pos’nNameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1Deb Hutson-LumbNova Raiders CCWV01:03:5860
2Jenny YorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV01:10:0655
3Louise HurdleyHafren CCWV01:12:0450
4Milly DeerNorth Shropshire Wheelers01:13:5645
5Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV01:15:5240
6Elaine LangleyNorth Shropshire WheelersWV01:31:5435


Vets Pos’nNameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1Victor ChettaSCCA Private MemberV+11:2360
2Deb Hutson-LumbNova Raiders CCWV+11:0055
3Andrew RoseNova Raiders CCV+08:1750
4Gino TrasattiNorth Shropshire WheelersV+07:0545
5Jenny YorkMid Shropshire WheelersWV+06:4840
6Graeme DonnellNova Raiders CCV+06:3735
7Steve CornishMid Shropshire WheelersV+05:4530
8Richard HowesWrekinsport CCV+04:2425
9Ian ConnollyLudlow CCV+03:1020
10Louise HurdleyHafren CCWV-00:1415
11Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV-01:4810
12Les BougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV-01:545
13Terry PriceNorth Shropshire WheelersV-11:205
14Elaine LangleyNorth Shropshire WheelersWV-18:165


Junior Pos’nNameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ00:55:4660

Top Club Award:

1Nova Raiders CC 155
2Wrekinsport CC 55
3Revolutions Racing 45
4North Shropshire Wheelers 25
5Ludlow CC 15
5Mid Shropshire Wheelers 15
7Hafren CC 5
7Oswestry Paragon CC 5

Cumulative standings after five rounds

Overall Top 10:

PositionNameClubCatBest 5
1Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ215
2Daniel WattsSCCA Private MemberS205
3Dean Callister Nova RaidersS195
4Tim BeardmoreNova RaidersV185
5Victor ChettaSCCA Private MemberV145
6Christopher HalfordWrekinsport CCV120
6Kieran MorrisSCCA Private MemberS120
8Tomos HalesWrekinsport CCS95
9Andrew RoseNova RaidersV75
10Liam HolohanHolohan Coaching RTS60

Veterans Top 10:

PositionNameClubBest 5
1Deb Hutson-LumbNova Raiders285
2Tim BeardmoreNova Raiders220
3Victor ChettaSCCA Private Member160
4Christopher HalfordWrekinsport CC155
5Andrew RoseNova Raiders125
6Jenny YorkMid Shropshire Wheelers100
7Dean DoveyNova Raiders95
7Phil GuyNorth Shropshire Wheelers95
9Jonathan Mills-KeelingCycle Club Bridgnorth RWG90
10Bryn DaviesHafren CC80

Women’s Top 10:

Women’s Pos’nNameClubBest 5
1Deb Hutson-LumbNova Raiders300
2Louise HurdleyHafren CC235
3Jenny YorkMid Shropshire Wheelers160
4Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CC150
5Bethan TillWrekinsport CC145
6Milly DeerNorth Shropshire Wheelers90
7Clare O’DonnellWrekinsport CC70
8Emma SerjeantHafren CC55
8Rebecca WoodvineMid Shropshire Wheelers55
10Carys BlowersMid Shropshire Wheelers45

Junior Standings:

Junior Pos’nNameClubBest 12
1Henri BedfordRevolutions Racing295
2Carys BlowersMid Shropshire Wheelers95
3Ben PierceMid Shropshire Wheelers60
4James SatoorMid Shropshire Wheelers55
5Rebecca WoodvineMid Shropshire Wheelers50

Top Club Award:

PositionClubTotal Points
1Nova Raiders 665
2Wrekinsport CC 455
3Revolutions Racing 215
4Mid Shropshire Wheelers 155
5Holohan Coaching RT 110
6North Shropshire Wheelers 90
7Hafren CC 85
8CC Bridgnorth RWG 80
9SCCA Private Member 40
10Ludlow CC 35
11Ludlow Brewery RT 20
11Oswestry Paragon CC 20
13Newport (Shropshire) CC 15
14Paramount CRT 5
14Propel CC 5