Namesakes won the day in Hafren CC’s 10 mile event on the fast Berriew – Welshpool 10 mile course as personal bests were scored in Round 4 of the Friction Hydraulics Series. Oswestry Paragon’s David Griffiths took the Overall win by 13 seconds in a fabulous 19 minutes 47 seconds as he made his first foray of the season into Open territory, making the most of the super smooth surface of the A458. Griffiths has made a mark at every event he has ridden since moving down from Scotland and coped well with the changeable conditions. The four-time Scottish Team Time Trial Champion has been tinkering with his position all season, and on this evidence has finally found the sweet spot. He stated: “Thanks very much to Hafren CC for organising the event. I am very pleased with the progress I’ve made with getting more aerodynamic on the time trial bike after lots of experimentation. Hopefully I can improve physically over the next few weeks and be challenging for the top places for the rest of the season”.

But it was agony for the runner-up despite setting a huge Personal Best as Henri Bedford just failed by a solitary second to beat the magical 20 minute/30mph mark by a single second. The 17 year-old recorded 20 minutes exactly to take both Overall runner-up and the Junior win, with a further consolation of rising to the top of the Overall standings for the first time and extending his Junior Series lead to a giant 135 points. Bedford fought his way through the changing conditions and despite not beating the benchmark for the very fastest riders knows that he’s got a target to aim for before the season is over. He commented: “I’m really pleased to come away with a new personal best. A shame not to just go under the 20 minute barrier, but decent considering the rain – thank you to Hafren CC for hosting”.

Bedford only just captured that runner-up spot with another Oswestry Paragon rider just a single second back, with Kieran Morris taking third place in 20:01. That vital second seems to have been caused by a problem with Morris’ bike, but he was philosophical about it: “I’ve had a couple of weeks off racing so loved to be back on the bike going hard. I had a slight mechanical throughout buts that’s racing. Some great rides, so well done to everyone else and a big thanks to the marshals and organisers”!

In the Friction Veteran’s Series Clee Cycles Dave Griffiths made an all too rare appearance in an Open event and scored immediate dividends with a win of 16 seconds from Bridgnorth CC’s Jonathan Mills-Keeling, stopping the watch on a Veteran’s plus of +5:35. Griffiths was surprised by his win with keen competition at the top with Mills-Keeling pushing out a sterling effort by team mate Tim Beardmore by a single second, with Beardmore elevating himself into the lead of the Veteran’s Championship and Nova Raiders’ Andy Rose, taking joint third in +5:18. Griffiths stated: “My first open time trial in about six years – all went well as I didn’t have any expectations, so I was very pleased to win the Veterans”!

In the Women’s Championship Series leader Alison Dockney took a superb win of 24 seconds ahead of another Oswestry Paragon rider Leonie Keeling in a vintage evening for the club which saw them move up to second in the Top Club Award standings behind Nova Raiders. Dockney stopped the watch on 23:39, but things could have been very different as she had to return home halfway to the event to pick up a vital piece of missing kit, as she explained: “I left home without my front wheel – argh! A scorching day turned to rain so I got totally soaked and my visor fogged up. A super fast night though, with lots of incredibly quick times and I was really happy with a 10 mile Personal Best. A great course – thanks Hafren CC for hosting the race”!


1DavidGriffithsOswestry Paragon CCS19:4760
2HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingJ20:0055
3KieranMorrisOswestry Paragon CCS20:0150
4KirkVickersHolohan Coaching Race TeamS20:1545
5Daniel WattsSCCA Private MemberS20:1640
6DeanCallister Nova RaidersS20:3835
7DaveGriffithsClee CyclesV20:4830
8Adam Baker SCCA Private MemberS20:5925
9JonathanMills-Keeling Bridgnorth Cycling ClubV21:2220
10TimBeardmore Bridgnorth Cycling ClubV21:2815
11AndrewRoseNova RaidersV21:4910
12MarkPritchardNova RaidersS21:575
13BrynDaviesHafren CCV22:325
14AdamRileyOswestry Paragon CCV23:005
15MaxBuftonHafren CC23:035
16TomRichardsonOswestry Paragon CCS23:065
17PeterFletcherOswestry Paragon CCV23:165
18ConradTaylorHafren CCS23:185
19MarkHillHafren CCV23:245
20AlisonDockneyMarket Drayton Cycling ClubW23:395
21PhilipGardnerMid Shropshire WheelersV23:415
22LeonieKeelingOswestry Paragon CCWV24:035
23JasonArnoldHafren CCV24:075
24Clive BourneOswestry Paragon CCV24:465
25JohnWestheadParamount CRTV24:585
26JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV25:005
27LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV25:045
28John Robertson North Shropshire WheelersV25:095
29MarkStocks Newport (Shropshire) CCV25:585
30DaveYorkMid Shropshire WheelersV26:345
31HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV27:145


Vets Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1DaveGriffithsClee CyclesV+5:3560
2JonathanMills-Keeling Bridgnorth Cycling ClubV+5:1955
3TimBeardmore Bridgnorth Cycling ClubV+5:1850
3AndrewRoseNova RaidersV+5:1850
5LeonieKeelingOswestry Paragon CCWV+4:3040
6JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV+4:2935
7BrynDaviesHafren CCV+4:0430
8MarkHillHafren CCV+3:4325
9AdamRileyOswestry Paragon CCV+3:3620
10PeterFletcherOswestry Paragon CCV+3:3015
10John Robertson North Shropshire WheelersV+3:3015
12PhilipGardnerMid Shropshire WheelersV+3:265
13JohnWestheadParamount CRTV+3:245
14Clive BourneOswestry Paragon CCV+3:055
15JasonArnoldHafren CCV+2:395
16LesBougheyNorth Shropshire WheelersV+2:335
17HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV+2:215
18DaveYorkMid Shropshire WheelersV+2:055
19MarkStocks Newport (Shropshire) CCV+1:205


Women’s Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1AlisonDockneyMarket Drayton Cycling ClubW23:3960
2LeonieKeelingOswestry Paragon CCWV24:0355
3JennyNewtonNova RaidersWV25:0050
4HelenTudorOswestry Paragon CCWV27:1445


Junior Pos’nForenameSurnameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1HenriBedfordRevolutions RacingJ20:0060
2MaxBuftonHafren CC23:0355

Top Club Award:

1Oswestry Paragon CC 140
2Nova Raiders 55
3Holohan Coaching Race Team 45
4 Bridgnorth Cycling Club 35
5Clee Cycles 30
6Hafren CC 25
7Mid Shropshire Wheelers 10
7North Shropshire Wheelers 10
9Market Drayton Cycling Club 5
9Newport (Shropshire) CC 5

Cumulative Standings after four rounds

Friction and Hydraulic Services Shropshire Championship Points Series

Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing J 170
2 Kirk Vickers Holohan Coaching RT S 165
3 Victor Chetta SCCA Private Member V 160
4 Tim Beardmore Bridgnorth CC V 145
5 Kieran Morris Oswestry Paragon CC S 105
6 Adam Baker SCCA Private Member S 85
7 Dean Callister Nova Raiders S 80
8 Bryn Davies Hafren CC V 75
9 Andrew Lacon Nova Raiders S 65
=10 David Griffiths Oswestry Paragon CC S 60
=10 George Mills-Keeling Bridgnorth CC S 60

Friction and Hydraulic Services Veterans Championship

Position Name Club Best 12
1 Tim Beardmore Bridgnorth CC 230
2 Victor Chetta SCCA Private Member 185
3 Bryn Davies Hafren CC 120
=4 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Bridgnorth CC 105
=4 Leonie Keeling Oswestry Paragon CC 105
6 Graeme Donnell Nova Raiders 90
7 Andrew Rose Nova Raiders 85
8 Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 70
=9 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC 60
=9 Dave Griffiths Clee Cycles 60
=9 Rob Jackson Wrekinsport CC 60

Friction and Hydraulic Services Women’s Championship

Women’s Pos’n Name Club Best 12
1 Alison Dockney Market Drayton CC 190
=2 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC 170
=2 Leonie Keeling Oswestry Paragon CC 170
4 Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 125
5 Marie Llewellyn Nova Raiders 110
6 Jenny Newton Nova Raiders 100
7 Lauren Turley Nova Raiders 90
=8 Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CC 50
=8 Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 50

Friction and Hydraulic Services Junior Championship

Junior Pos’n Name Club Best 12
1 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing 190
2 Max Bufton Hafren CC 55

Top Club Award

Position Club Total Points
1 Nova Raiders  390
2 Oswestry Paragon CC 235
3 Wrekinsport CC 225
4 Holohan Coaching RT 165
5 Hafren CC 150
6 Bridgnorth CC 120
7 Revolutions Racing 115
8 Mid Shropshire Wheelers 85
9 North Shropshire Wheelers 40
10 Clee Cycles 30
11 Market Drayton CC 25
=12 Ludlow CC 10
=12 Newport Shropshire CC 10