Nova Raiders 10 – Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series

Nova Raiders took the top three spots in their own promotion in Round 5 of the Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series at Cherrington. The rolling 10 mile course to Newport and back had the added dimensions of the 10% climb of Cheney Hill and a strong westerly wind that made the longer return leg a grind. Reigning Champions Scott Harris and Matt Gibbons took up the defence of that title with some gusto after missing Round 4 to make it four wins from each of the rounds they have competed in.

Harris and Gibbons stopped the watch on 21 minutes 54 seconds with a big effort, and as Harris explained sometimes caution was thrown to that wind: “It was a tough night, fast in places and seriously tough in others. Hitting 46mph down Cheney Hill was not for the faint hearted in that wind! I was happy with the performance with Matt putting in some massive efforts. Thanks to all who helped with the event“. Gibbons added: “I felt good and managed to put a good ride in. It was great to see Nova Raiders picking up the top three spots“.

Meanwhile a promise made by Andy Maxwell after Round 4 came good as the Runner-Up spot ended in a dead heat between Maxwell and partner Andy Rose, and Ed Middleton and Nick Long. Maxwell had stated that they would “Try hard to get near Nick and Ed next time” and they duly did this thanks to a massive effort to tie on 23:03. That extra effort didn’t come without personal cost however as Maxwell explained: “I think I was a little ambitious with my efforts on the way out and paid for it after that! I worked well with Andy, who put some mega turns in again. I’d said we wanted to push Ed and Nick close after last week and it couldn’t have been closer. Great to see lots of Raiders racing, and more importantly volunteering their time to make the race happen“. Rose backed up Maxwell’s feelings, adding: “A great night’s effort from Andy and myself, we keep pushing ourselves harder with each race and the results are coming. Couldn’t get any closer to Ed and Nick, who are having a great season, I was delighted with the result. Many thanks to all the Raiders who volunteered to allow us race, it’s appreciated“.

Middleton meanwhile was doing his impression of Eric Cantona with his cryptic post-race comments, with the pair now six points behind Harris and Gibbons in the Overall standings: “I was a little scared going into the race knowing Nick’s spirit animal is a mountain goat, so I was happy not to be dropped on the climb. Well done to the other Nova Raiders’ pairs for putting in some great rides“. Long meanwhile revealed just where the race between the pairs had been decided – on Cheney Hill: “Such an interesting course to race as a 2-Up. We paced the first half well, but found it hard going in the wind. Huge credit to Andy’s M & R, they couldn’t have pushed us closer – they were much braver descending Cheney Hill than we were“!

Meanwhile another Andy was making an impression in the Mixed Team standings as Andy Collins and Lucy Hart took their third win of the Series ahead of Nova Raiders’ Deb and Bernard Hutson-Lumb. Collins had been looking forward to this event as both he and Lucy like rolling courses, and their 24:54 effort proved their ability as they pushed out the Hutson-Lumb’s by 12 seconds. However they look as though they could go faster still with Collins revealing some persuasion coming from the younger member of the team: “A good event, we both liked it. Lucy says I’m too slow“!

In the Women’s Team Championship SCCA Private Members Sarah Grant and Alison Dockney took a win by 32 seconds from Hafren CC’s Emma Serjeant and Louise Downward with a fine effort of 26:30. Dockney revealed the pair had been briefed about the rolling nature of the course beforehand and put that knowledge to good use: “Luckily we had been warned in advance about the rolling course and to expect the headwind on the return leg. It certainly helped to have so many marshals out on the course giving lots of support – especially on the hill after the roundabout! Thank you to the Nova Raiders for hosting and to all the other riders, we both really enjoyed the race“.


Pos’n Name Club(s) Time Points
1 Scott Harris & Matt Gibbons Nova Raiders 21:54 20
=2 Andy Maxwell & Andy Rose Nova Raiders 23:03 18
=2 Ed Middleton & Nick Long Nova Raiders 23:03 18
4 Ollie Atkin & Mark Binea Newport Shropshire CC & 3CPS 23:23
5 Graeme Donnell & Andrew Lacon Wolverhampton RCC & Halesowen AC&C 24:05
6 Steve Chapman & Steve Ford Nova Raiders 24:29 14
7 Rich Nickless & Mark Groom SCCA Private Member & Newport Shropshire CC 24:39 12
8 Lucy Hart & Andy Collins Mid Shropshire Wheelers 24:54 10
9 Deb & Bernard Hutson Lumb Nova Raiders 25:06 8
10 Jenny Newton & Andy Hazell Nova Raiders 26:03 6
11 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 26:30 4
12 Emma Serjeant & Louise Downward Hafren CC 27:02 2


Mixed Team:

Mixed Pos’n Name Club(s) Time Mixed Points
1 Lucy Hart & Andy Collins Mid Shropshire Wheelers 24:54 20
2 Deb & Bernard Hutson Lumb Nova Raiders 25:06 18
3 Jenny Newton & Andy Hazell Nova Raiders 26:03 16


Women’s Team:

Women’s Pos’n Name Club(s) Time Women’s Points
1 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 26:30 20
2 Emma Serjeant & Louise Downward Hafren CC 27:02 18


Cumulative Standings after five rounds


Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Matt Gibbons & Scott Harris Nova Raiders 80
2 Nick Long & Ed Middleton Nova Raiders 74
3 Andy Rose & Andy Maxwell Nova Raiders 62
4 Pete Thomas & Mark Hill Hafren CC 42
5 Steve Chapman & Steve Ford Nova Raiders 40
6 Andy Collins & Lucy Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers 34
7 Bernard & Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 24
8 Jack Young & Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers 20
9 Dave Griffiths & Ollie Kyte Clee Cycles & Paramount CRT 18
=10 Ben Pierce & Kieran Morris Mid Shropshire Wheelers/Oswestry Paragon CC 16
=10 Mark Hill & Neil Vose Hafren CC 16


Mixed Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Bernard & Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders 90
2 Andy Collins & Lucy Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers 78
3 Charlotte Chapman & Richard Guy Nova Raiders 20
4 Jenny York & John Robertson Mid Shropshire Wheelers 18
=5 Jenny Newton & Andy Hazell Nova Raiders 16
=5 Stuart Proctor & Louise Woodvine Revolutions Racing 16
7 Caroline Lloyd & Terry Price North Shropshire Wheelers 14
8 Geoff Edgerton & Linda Beckett North Shropshire Wheelers 12
9 Phil Guy & Elaine Langley North Shropshire Wheelers 10


Women’s Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Jane Chapman & Jenny Newton Nova Raiders 80
2 Louise Downward & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 54
3 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 20
4 Jo Coombes & Charlotte Wellsbury Evolve 18


  • Round 6 of The Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series takes place at 7:30pm on 3rd July when Mid Shropshire Wheelers promote their 10 mile event.