Ludlow CC 2-Up 10

There were some red hot times on a red hot night as the first of two 2-Ups in as many nights saw some close competition at the top, the destination of the first Gold medals of the Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series decided and a couple of massive personal bests recorded. Ludlow CC’s Brimfield course is known for fast times, but taking victory surprised even the winners with some fierce competition taking the start line. Series leaders Ed Middleton and Nick Long put in a giant shift to see off the challenge from Ludlow Brewery RT’s Jack Wilson and Steve Minton by a narrow four seconds as the Nova Raiders pair stopped the watch on 21 minutes 16 seconds.

Whilst time can be made up pushing top gear down the 1.8 mile Brimfield Hill it takes a special kind of fitness to keep significant momentum to Sheet Island with the climb sapping the strength in the searing heat. Middleton was in no doubt where that four second advantage had been found, paying tribute to his team mate for keeping the hammer down on the toughest part of the course: “I was surprised to get the win, which I’m putting down to Nick dragging me up to the turn at God knows what speed! Fun times, thanks to Ludlow CC for hosting a great night’s racing“.

Long saw things slightly differently however, attributing the win to great team work and the pair knowing each other’s abilities: “It’s taken all season but we’ve been tweaking how we ride to get the most out of our strengths and it definitely paid off in Ludlow and we kept a strong momentum across the whole course. There were a lot of very fast teams on the night and though we went well we weren’t expecting to take the win, definitely a season highlight! Thanks to Ludlow and all the other riders for a great race“. Middleton and Long extended their Series lead to 20 points as they home in on the title on the strength of this fine winning ride, their second in two rounds.

Ludlow Brewery pairing Jack Wilson and Steve Minton posted an excellent time of 21:20 to take the runner-up spot on the night but seemed to loose impetus on the return back to the foot of Brimfield Hill in a part of the course which is overwhelmingly downhill or flat. Despite that time Wilson knew that things had fallen apart late in the race, costing the pair victory. He commented: “Myself and Steve were a bit disappointed. We went well to the roundabout then were awful on the return leg. Well done to the Raiders pair who won“.

The first Gold medals were settled in the Mixed Team Championship as Emma Serjeant and Mark Hill posted a superb personal best to seal those medals with the maximum 100 points available in this Best 5 from 9 Series. They rode to victory in an excellent 22:43, with the scorching conditions guaranteeing relatively easy passage through the air. Serjeant and Hill were clearly in no mood to hang around, with Serjeant paying tribute to an every-improving partnership: “Hot, hot, hot! Did I mention it was hot! We went out hard and Mark did a sterling job pulling me up to the roundabout. I’m pleased with our time, a 2-Up PB for us. Very happy to take the Mixed Team 2-Up championship win. A new pairing for us this year and I’m enjoying racing with Mark, who has improved my confidence and my ability to suffer“!

Hill meanwhile was careful not to overcook things in the little-needed warm-up, but gave it his all as they blasted away from the start line: “31ºc at the start meant a gentle short warm up. Straight of the line we went off hard and held full gas up to the roundabout, which was tough. Fast changes kept us going and we were both happy to see the finish line in that heat“.

Serjeant and Hill weren’t the only pairing to slice time off their personal best as Women’s Series leaders Sarah Grant and Alison Dockney took a huge bite out of their record time with a brilliant 23:04 effort. Having taken four maximums in all the rounds they have entered they had eyes on the following evening’s Wrekinsport event where another win would seal the Women’s title, but were delighted with their trip to the south of the County, with Dockney revealing: “A very hot day for racing but on the fantastic, fast Ludlow course we knew we had the chance of a 2-Up PB. I had very tired legs from a 50 the previous weekend, but Sarah was in great form and took to the front holding a fantastic pace on the return leg securing a 62 second 2-Up PB! I’m very happy with this result and will return next year setting our sights firmly on a ’22’“. Grant had reciprocal praise for her partner, adding: “A lovely hot evening and we flew round smashing our 2-Up PB by over a minute! This one meant a lot to me. An awesome return to racing for me after a brief hiatus and mega racing from my hardcore team mate Aly“.


Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Points
1 Nick Long & Ed Middleton Nova Raiders 21:16 20
2 Jack Wilson & Steve Minton Ludlow Brewery RT 21:20 18
3 John Barnes & Conrad Lawson Hereford Tri Club 21:31  
4 Andrew Evans & Rhys Jones Ludlow Brewery RT 21:35 16
5 Gareth Leek & Chris Davies Ludlow Brewery RT 22:03 14
6 Emma Serjeant & Mark Hill Hafren CC 22:43 12
7 Ian Connolly & Will Baugh Ludlow CC 22:56 10
8 Lee Monks & Roxy Wealfield Ludlow CC & Hereford Tri Club 22:59  
9 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 23:04 8
10 James Galliers & Simon Brown Ludlow Brewery RT 23:50 6
11 James Smith & James Forte Ludlow CC 23:57 4
12 Neil Deller & Neil Taylor Ludlow CC 25:33 2

Women’s Team

Women’s Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Women’s Points
1 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 23:04 20

Mixed Team

Mixed Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Mixed Points
1 Emma Serjeant & Mark Hill Hafren CC 22:43 20
2 Lee Monks & Roxy Wealfield Ludlow CC & Hereford Tri Club 22:59  

Cumulative Standings after six rounds


Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Ed Middleton & Nick Long Nova Raiders 86
2 Mark Hill & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 66
3 Alison Dockney & Sarah Grant SCCA Private Members 42
4 Steve Minton & Jack Wilson Ludlow Brewery RT 36
5 Jack Young & Jack Morris Mid Shropshire Wheelers 34
6 Andy Maxwell & Andy Rose Nova Raiders 30
=7 Ben Pierce & James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 20
=7 Chris Halford & Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 20
=7 James Satoor & Sam Holwill Mid Shropshire Wheelers & Hafren CC 20
=7 Tim Beardmore & Dean Dovey Nova Raiders 20

Women’s Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Alison Dockney & Sarah Grant SCCA Private Members 80
2 Jenny Newton & Jane Chapman Nova Raiders 20

Mixed Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Mark Hill & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 100
2 Jenny York & John Robertson Mid Shropshire Wheelers 32
=3 Adam Riley & Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC 18
=3 Andy Collins & Lucy Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers 18
=3 Elaine Langley & Terry Price North Shropshire Wheelers 18