It may have been a low-key entry but the 18th and penultimate round of the Friction Hydraulics Series proved decisive in sealing the destinations of all the Overall medals as well as the Veterans Championship in the West Cheshire TTCA 25. The third 25 run on the Tern Hill – Shawbirch course this Series, Tim Beardmore led from the front to not only take the event win but to help himself to Friction Series Gold, consigning Henri Bedford to Silver on a tough morning. Beardmore stopped the watch on 54 minutes 55 seconds to beat Bridgnorth CC team mate Jonathan Mills-Keeling into runner-up spot. Beardmore has been on fire all season and took the Friction Series thanks to a fine run of personal bests, as he eluded to I his post-race comments: “A strong headwind on the way out was really hard work. I was so glad to get to the turn. Not a particularly great time, but I was really pleased to take the county win, and seal the Overall Series win too. I’ve had a very consistent season and managed to maintain my form throughout with lifetime personal bests at 10, 50, and 100 mile distances, and winning the Series is the icing on the cake. As ever, thanks to everyone involved in organising races and thanks to all competitors for spurring me on”.

Mills-Keeling is one of a significant number of riders who are tasting success in their first full season of time trialling and posted a fine 56:43 effort, meaning he took Series Bronze at the first attempt. He was however shocked when told of that medal win, stating: “That’s great, I wasn’t expecting that! My first season doing time trails and I’ve really enjoyed them. As for the WCTTCA 25 it was an early start and typical early autumn weather, so I was happy with the result”.

Taking third on the day Wrekinsport’s Rob Jackson beat Ben Gilpin by exactly a minute with his 58:48 ride, but it was the 45 extra points he gained for finishing 4th Veteran in +10:51 that won him Friction Veterans Bronze. Jackson punched through the wind in a determined effort on the way out to Shawbirch, burying himself in search of that medal, as he revealed in his post-race comments: “I went out hard to limit time losses into headwind and strategy really paid off.  I’m proud to secure Veterans Bronze with a decent ride after long hard season, although I’ve been luckier than one or two more capable riders with injuries”.

Meanwhile Bedford sat this round out but was still pleased with taking Overall Silver after a huge season-long battle with Beardmore: “I am delighted with coming runner-up in the overall Friction Hydraulics Series, tough races have made for a challenging year but none of it is possible without all of the amazing volunteers and organisers. Massive thanks to everyone involved”.

Beardmore and Mills-Keeling finished 2nd and 3rd in the Veterans race in +12:48 an +11:00 respectively, but there was no stopping Deb Hutson-Lumb from taking a familiar win in +14:58. Despite this win she struggled into the stiff wind and nearly called it quits – but was glad she didn’t: “I spent the first half of the race looking for any excuse to get off the bike but managed to wake up after the turn. Despite getting stuck behind traffic on the way back I equalled my 25 power personal best. A good end (almost) to my season. Well done to everyone racing and fabulous job, thank you marshals”.


1Tim BeardmoreBridgnorth CCV54:5560
2Jonathan Mills-KeetingBridgnorth CCV56:4355
3Rob JacksonWrekinsport CCV58:4850
4Ben GilpinNova RaidersS59:4845
5Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV1:01:0240
6Andrew ClarkeNorth Shropshire WheelersV1:04:5535
7Jenny NewtonNova RaidersWV1:06:0630
8Simon JonesHafren CCV1:07:3925
9Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV1:10:1120
10Mark StocksNewport (Shrops) CCV1:10:1515
.Bryn DaviesHafren CCVDNS.
.Terry PriceNorth Shropshire WheelersVDNS.
.Gareth BrookesNorth Shropshire WheelersVDNS.
.Peter EscrittNova RaidersVDNS.
.Simon RomeiParamount CRTVDNS.
.Victor ChettaSCCA Private MemberVDNS.


Women’s Pos’nNameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV1:01:0260
2Jenny NewtonNova RaidersWV1:06:0655
3Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV1:10:1150


Vets Pos’nNameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV+14:5860
2Tim BeardmoreBridgnorth CCV+12:4855
3Jonathan Mills-KeetingBridgnorth CCV+11:0050
4Rob JacksonWrekinsport CCV+10:5145
5Jenny NewtonNova RaidersWV+08:3240
6Andrew ClarkeNorth Shropshire WheelersV+06:1635
7Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV+04:4230
8Simon JonesHafren CCV-00:3225
9Mark StocksNewport (Shrops) CCV-01:0820

Top Club Award:

1Bridgnorth CC 115
1Nova Raiders 115
3Wrekinsport CC 50
4North Shropshire Wheelers 35
5Hafren CC 25
6Oswestry Paragon CC 20
7Newport (Shrops) CC 15

Cumulative Standings after eighteen Rounds


PositionNameClubCatBest 12
1Tim BeardmoreBridgnorth CCV680
2Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ630
3Jonathan Mills-KeelingBridgnorth CCV565
4Dean Callister Nova Raiders S450
5David GriffithsOswestry Paragon CCS400
6Rob JacksonWrekinsport CCV310
7Bryn DaviesHafren CCV305
8Tomos HalesWrekinsport CCS300
8Victor ChettaSCCA Private MemberV300
10Andrew LaconNova Raiders S295


PositionNameClubBest 12
1Tim BeardmoreBridgnorth CC735
2Jonathan Mills-KeelingBridgnorth CC660
3Rob JacksonWrekinsport CC505
4Graeme DonnellNova Raiders 415
5Bryn DaviesHafren CC410
6Deb Hutson-LumbNova Raiders 405
7Victor ChettaSCCA Private Member325
8Andrew RoseNova Raiders 310
9Gino TrasattiNorth Shropshire Wheelers220
10Leonie KeelingOswestry Paragon CC210


Women’s Pos’nNameClubBest 12
1Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CC625
2Deb Hutson-LumbNova Raiders 420
3Alison DockneyMarket Drayton CC365
4Leonie KeelingOswestry Paragon CC335
5Jenny NewtonNova Raiders 310
6Emma SerjeantHafren CC285
7Jenny YorkMid Shropshire Wheelers245
8Alison SalthouseSCCA Private Member130
9Clare O’DonnellWrekinsport CC130
10Lauren TurleyNova Raiders 125


Junior Pos’nNameClubBest 12
1Henri BedfordRevolutions Racing730
2Ben SouthgateWrekinsport CC55
2Harry Corney Market Drayton CC55
2Max BuftonHafren CC55
5Alex HartMid Shropshire Wheelers50
6Noah WhiteMid Shropshire Wheelers45

Top Club Award:

PositionClubTotal Points
1Nova Raiders  1615
2Bridgnorth CC 1480
3Oswestry Paragon CC 995
4Wrekinsport CC 965
5Revolutions Racing 660
6Hafren CC 510
7Holohan Coaching RT 340
8Mid Shropshire Wheelers 270
9North Shropshire Wheelers 235
10Ludlow CC 165
11Newport Shropshire CC 150
12Paramount CRT100
13Clee Cycles 70
14Market Drayton CC 60