The finale of the SB Sports Injuries Series for 2023 saw the final seven medals get resolved on a sopping wet afternoon in Round 15, SCCA’s Autumn 10 No.3 – with competitors enjoying the one break in the weather the day had to offer. Held on the Waters Upton – Hodnet course that start location was particularly apt as riders splashed through puddles left by a downpour an hour before the race, with Wrekinsport’s Tomos Hales taking the win in 21 minutes 53 seconds, 19 seconds ahead of Hafren CC’s Bryn Davies. Already SB Series Champion from as far back as Round 11, this was effectively a final lap of honour for Hales as he brought the curtain down on his season with a satisfactory win. He stated: “Good to race my last SCCA race of the year. A heavy downpour put a lot of water on the course about hour before the first rider was off, but I got wetter with what came off the road than what came from the sky – still enjoyed it! Thanks to Bridgnorth CC for hosting and to all the people that helped out; a good way to end a great season of racing in Shropshire”.

Davies had been in two minds whether to race given the appalling conditions at sign on, but used a bloom of late season form to round off a strong end to his racing calendar thanks to a short break in the weather just at the right time. Davies stopped the watch on 22:12, also taking the maximum 20 points on offer in the Veterans Series with +4:39, +1:10 behind Velotik visiting rider Sally Cunliffe; and was pleased he plumped for making the effort: “A good end to the season, I finally came into a bit of form after gaining a bit more consistency in racing – better late than never! I was wavering at sign on with the rain coming down heavy, but after committing we were gifted a window of dry weather just long enough to race. Thanks again to all for organising and hosting and to everyone taking part, not forgetting the cake of course – a great event as always”.

Chris Riley had already sealed the SB Veterans Championship before the race, but added Overall Silver to his medal haul too after taking third on the afternoon with a fine 23:01 – as well as third in the Veterans with +4:17. This has been a great season for the Paramount rider who didn’t let conditions dampen his enthusiasm: “Despite the despicable weather the last SB race was as enjoyable as all the rest – thanks to everyone who made this Series possible; and as for being on the podium among Shropshire‘s finest, a real honour”. Riley only had to finish to ensure Jonathan-Mills Keeling finished in the Bronze medal position overall, but sitting the final event out saw the Aerologic rider overtaken at the last gasp in the Veterans Series as Helen Tudor captured the Silver and consigned Mills-Keeling to a brace of Bronze. He commented: “I enjoyed the Series despite missing a load of rounds racing elsewhere – thanks to all for putting the racing on”.

Tudor already had the Women’s Series sealed, but took another maximum 20 points with a fine 26:04, 17 seconds behind Cunliffe. Like many, this was her last gasp effort of the season, and she was pleased to round it off with another medal: “Wet and muddy conditions for my final race of the year, thanks to everyone from Bridgnorth who made it possible and to Cheri at Ellerdine VH for coffee and cake. Bonus of Veterans Silver”!

The remaining medals went to riders who chose to miss a soaking, with Hafren CC’s Jan Davies taking Women’s Silver ahead of Wrekinsport’s Deb Hutson-Lumb who captured Bronze. When told of her win Davies commented: “I always enjoy this Series due to the friendly competitors and marshals. Thank you to everyone who makes them possible, I’m looking forward to 2024 already”. Hutson-Lumb added: “Congratulations to Helen and Jan on winning Gold and Silver, both well deserved. It was good to see a growing Women’s field, and thanks to all involved in running the races”. The final medal decided was Junior Bronze, which was taken by Paramount’s Chester Romei.


1Tomos HalesWrekinsport CCS21:5320
2Bryn DaviesHafren CCV22:1218
3Chris RileyParamount CRTV23:0116
4Jonathan WhittakerArmy Cycling UnionS23:17.
=5George CoombesNewport Shropshire CCS23:3714
=5Adam MumfordWrekinsport CCS23:3714
7Stan ElmittFibrax Wrexham RCV23:42.
8Ian ConnollyLudlow CCV23:4610
9Rich SmithWrekinsport CCV24:178
10Paul MulreadyBridgnorth CCV24:566
11Sally CunliffeVelotik RTWV25:47.
=12Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV26:044
=12Chris BowersMid Wirral WheelersV26:04.
14Jan KardaszFibrax Wrexham RCV26:11.
15Samuel WickhamR IrishS26:21.
16Colin WellsParamount CRTV26:282
17Andy CoombesSCCA Private MemberV27:322
18Tanya SamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV27:38.
19Chris MarrsMid Shropshire WheelersV27:422


Vets Pos’nNameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1Sally CunliffeVelotik RTWV+5:49.
2Bryn DaviesHafren CCV+4:3920
3Chris RileyParamount CRTV+4:1718
4Stan ElmittFibrax Wrexham RCV+3:48.
5Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV+3:4416
6Ian ConnollyLudlow CCV+3:2614
7Chris BowersMid Wirral WheelersV+3:15.
8Rich SmithWrekinsport CCV+3:0712
9Tanya SamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV+2:37.
10Paul MulreadyBridgnorth CCV+2:0510
11Jan KardaszFibrax Wrexham RCV+2:02.
12Colin WellsParamount CRTV+1:548
13Chris MarrsMid Shropshire WheelersV+0:316
14Andy CoombesSCCA Private MemberV-0:084


Women’s Pos’nNameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1Sally CunliffeVelotik RTWV25:47.
2Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CCWV26:0420
3Tanya SamuelsFibrax Wrexham RCWV27:38.

Final Cumulative Standings after fifteen rounds


Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 220
2 Chris Riley Paramount CRT V 142
3 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Aerologic RT V 106
4 Ben Southgate Wrekinsport CC J 82
5 Dean Callister Revolutions Racing S 74
6 George Coombes Newport Shropshire CC S 66
7 Phil Roberts Wrekinsport CC S 56
8 Bryn Davies Hafren CC V 50
9 Conrad Taylor Hafren CC S 44
=10 David Griffiths Oswestry Paragon CC S 40
=10 Mark Stocks Newport Shropshire CC V 40
=10 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC V 40
=13 Ashley Kirkham Wrekinsport CC V 36
=13 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon WV 36
=13 Jack Wilson Ludlow Brewery RT V 36
16 Robbie Disney Ludlow CC S 32
17 Ian Connolly Ludlow CC V 30
18 Mark Pritchard Revolutions Racing S 28
=19 Adam Mumford Wrekinsport CC S 26
=19 Ben Wood Wrekinsport CC S 26
=19 Rob McGregor Paramount CRT S 26
=19 Steve Minton Ludlow Brewery RT V 26


Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Chris Riley Paramount CRT V 196
2 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon WV 132
3 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Aerologic RT V 120
4 Mark Stocks Newport Shropshire CC V 94
5 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC V 70
6 Ashley Kirkham Wrekinsport CC V 60
7 Bryn Davies Hafren CC V 58
8 Jan Davies Hafren CC WV 54
9 Ian Connolly Ludlow CC V 52
10 Deb Hutson-Lumb Wrekinsport CC WV 50
11 Les Boughey North Shropshire Wheelers V 46
12 Mark Hill Hafren CC V 40
13 Jack Wilson Ludlow Brewery RT V 36
14 Paul Mulready Bridgnorth CC V 34
15 Steve Minton Ludlow Brewery RT V 30
16 James Neale North Shropshire Wheelers V 26
=17 Bruce Gregory Wrekinsport CC V 24
=17 Dan Cutting Ludlow CC V 24
=17 Dave Drew North Shropshire Wheelers V 24
=20 Colin Wells Paramount CRT V 20
=20 John Rowlands Wrekinsport CC V 20


Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC WV 156
2 Jan Davies Hafren CC WV 70
3 Deb Hutson-Lumb Wrekinsport CC WV 58
4 Hayley Wells Paramount CRT W 40
5 Thea Osmund-Smith Paramount CRT W 38
6 Jess Bufton Hafren CC WJ 32
7 Kathryn Rossiter North Shropshire Wheelers WV 24
8 Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC WV 18
9 Jayne Powell Paramount CRT WV 14


Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Ben Southgate Wrekinsport CC J 146
2 Jess Bufton Hafren CC WJ 40
3 Chester Romei Paramount CRT J 18