The 11th and final round of The BBR Opticians Hill Climb Series saw seven medals decided, a great turnout of 37 riders and a win for event promoter Dave Scott on the Bwlch-y-Ddar, Llangedwyn in the Mule CC promotion. Scott made it a perfect 120 point score from his best six efforts as the curtain came down on the Shropshire time trialling season on a chilly but dry morning, taking a fine win in 5 minutes 59 seconds to see off the attentions of visiting rider James Pearce of Solihull CC by four seconds. Scott had won the Series after Round 9, but ended his season in emphatic style as he ended up top of the pile for the first time since 2019. He stated: “Really happy to take the win on Bwlch-y-Darr, my ride went to plan and I wouldn’t have done anything differently. It’s a great climb and we had a fantastic turn out for the event which made it all the more special as the organiser – it was nice to have a couple of dozen supporters on the top half of the climb, that really helped eek out the last few watts”.

Mule took four of the Top 5 places with local knowledge of the climb seemingly paying off as Troy Rimell took the third step on the podium in 6:40, 9 seconds ahead of team mate Jed Friskney. Rimell entered the Top 10 standings overall thanks to his fine effort and commented on the nature of the climb and the great support from the sidelines: “It’s a great course – no respite at all. It was a good event and a good atmosphere. My best result out of the few I did, so I was happy with how it all went”.

With Scott winning the Series the Silver and Bronze medallists were decided prior to the race with Steven Prince not making the long trip up from Ludlow as Tomos Hales was on a different continent thanks to work commitments. Prince had already won Veterans Gold, but added overall Silver to a fine season. He commented: “It’s been another great well organised Series with some close racing throughout. I was pleased with overall Silver, and credit to Dave Scott for winning, he’s been great to race against and a worthy winner – thanks to all involved with the SCCA”. Bronze medallist Hales concurred, adding: “It was a great hill climb year even if I was a little heavier than last year. It started off with the super steep Asterton Bank and we had some great events along the way. Well done to Dave Scott for the win, and Steven Prince for second, and thanks to all involved in making such a great Series”.  

Rounding off the morning’s Top 5 was the winning Veteran James Davis, who stopped the watch on 6:56 to see off the attentions of Paramount’s Chris Riley, who ensured he took Veterans Bronze to round off a very competitive season. Davis graphically summarised the ambience of the event and the need to punch through the pain to get to the finish line and the effort required to keep pushing when there is no one to chase: “The climb was never ending. The bells from the supporters kept making me think I was nearing the finish line – I wasn’t. Keeping on the gas when you have nobody to gauge your effort on is hard. If it wasn’t for people watching, I’d have slowed down. It was a great atmosphere; everyone was cheering their friends and competitors. Chips and a chat at the local afterwards attended by all, and it made the event. It was great to see so many people there, thanks to all involved”.

The Veterans Bronze could have gone two ways, with Riley involved in a great head-to-head with Mid Shropshire Wheelers’ John Woodward, but the Paramount rider was modest about taking that medal in a very busy season where he has been supremely competitive throughout. He was pleased to take the medal, stating: “Chuffed to come away with a medal amidst a strong veterans group this year. John Woodward was the real contender for Bronze but fell one event short. Thanks to everyone for another very friendly and competitive Hill Climb Series

Competition has been fierce in the BBR Women’s Series with two Paramount team mates battling it out for honours. In the end Becky Griffiths just managed to shade Hayley Wells by the narrowest possible margin – two points, to take Gold, with Wells capturing the Silver medal. Griffiths was delighted with her win, commenting: “Really pleased and surprised to take the overall win. Well done to everyone who took part; and thanks to all the volunteers for putting on these great little races”. Wells meanwhile recognised just how close things had been in a fabulous battle for the top spot: “Such a close battle for top spot this year! It’s been a great battle this year between the ladies, but a well deserved win for Becky! I was chuffed to have taken silver. A well organised series, each race with its own challenge; thanks to everyone involved”.

Honours on the day went to visiting rider Rebecca Richardson, a former Hafren CC rider of National Hill Climb podium standard who stopped the watch on 6:59 ahead of former Market Drayton CC rider Alison Dockney on 8:09, no mean rider herself but showing Richardson’s quality. Best placed County rider was Paramount’s Emma Richards in 10:35.

Another young female not only took third in the Women’s climb but also took the Junior win too as 16 year-old Carys Blowers crossed the line in 8:51. She was delighted to have a chance to race a familiar climb, stating: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to race up one of my local climbs; big thank you to the organiser”.

That left the final Junior medals to be settled with Newport’s Will Hyde and Ludlow’s James Saunders tied on 58 points each and unable to be separated even on count back rules sharing Silver. Hyde stated: “I was very happy and surprised to get joint Silver, I really enjoy these friendly events. Thanks to all the clubs and volunteers for putting on the events, I hope to do more next year”.


1David ScottMule CC S5:5920
2James PearceSolihull CCS6:03.
3Troy RimellMule CC S6:4018
4Jed FriskneyMule CCS6:4916
5James DavisMule CCV6:5614
6Rebecca RichardsonTeam Lifting Gear ProductsW6:59.
7James Scrivener Macclesfield WheelersS7:05.
8Matt JohnsonChorlton VeloS7:31.
8Alfonso Leone Chorlton VeloS7:31.
10Chris RileyParamount CRTV7:4512
11Matt SpeakeMule CCV7:5810
11Rob McGregorParamount CRTS7:5810
13Dan LipsonMule CC V8:046
14Alison DockneyMacclesfield WheelersW8:09.
15Mark MansonMule CCV8:134
16Andy PerryMule CC V8:372
17Sam Firkins Mule CC V8:382
18Neil ColesOswestry Paragon CCV8:492
19Carys BlowersJRC Interflon Race TeamWJ8:51.
20Neil WilsonParamount CRTV8:522
21Charlotte HunterMule CCW8:552
22Lee ProctorMule CCV9:012
23Kieran Barry Mule CCV9:072
24Carl FriskneyMule CCV9:102
25Clive BourneMule CCV9:182
25Will LyonMule CCV9:182
25Mark WilliamsMule CC V9:182
28Charlie Burton Mule CC V10:032
29Sean MorrisMule CCV10:342
30Emma RichardsParamount CRTW10:352
31Claire Blackwell-SmythParamount CRTWV10:412
32Sally CunliffeVelotik RTWV10:44.
33Dave SwettenhamMule CCV11:172
34Rob FreemanMule CCV11:262
35Paul BrownHafren CCV11:312
36Sue TaylorMule CCWV14:522
37Christopher ScottMule CCV17:372


Vets Pos’nNameClubCatTimeVets Points
1James DavisMule CCV6:5620
2Chris RileyParamount CRTV7:4518
3Matt SpeakeMule CCV7:5816
4Dan LipsonMule CC V8:0414
5Mark MansonMule CCV8:1312
6Andy PerryMule CC V8:3710
7Sam Firkins Mule CC V8:388
8Neil ColesOswestry Paragon CCV8:496
9Neil WilsonParamount CRTV8:524
10Lee ProctorMule CCV9:012
11Kieran Barry Mule CCV9:072
12Carl FriskneyMule CCV9:102
13Clive BourneMule CCV9:182
13Will LyonMule CCV9:182
13Mark WilliamsMule CC V9:182
16Charlie Burton Mule CC V10:032
17Sean MorrisMule CCV10:342
18Claire Blackwell-SmythParamount CRTWV10:412
19Sally CunliffeVelotik RTWV10:44.
20Dave SwettenhamMule CCV11:172
21Rob FreemanMule CCV11:262
22Paul BrownHafren CCV11:312
23Sue TaylorMule CCWV14:522
24Christopher ScottMule CCV17:372


Women’s Pos’nNameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1Rebecca RichardsonTeam Lifting Gear ProductsW6:59.
2Alison DockneyMacclesfield WheelersW8:09.
3Carys BlowersJRC Interflon Race TeamWJ8:51.
4Charlotte HunterMule CCW8:5520
5Emma RichardsParamount CRTW10:3518
6Claire Blackwell-SmythParamount CRTWV10:4116
7Sally CunliffeVelotik RTWV10:44.
8Sue TaylorMule CCWV14:5214


Junior Pos’nNameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1Carys BlowersJRC Interflon Race TeamWJ8:51.

Final Cumulative standings after eleven rounds

Overall Top 20:

Position Name Club Cat Best 6
1 Dave Scott Mule CC S 120
2 Steven Prince Ludlow Brewery RT V 108
3 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 104
4 Scott Palmer Aerologic RT V 92
5 Chris Riley Paramount CRT V 68
6 John Woodward Mid Shropshire Wheelers V 56
7 Ben Southgate Wrekinsport CC J 54
8 Troy Rimell Mule CC S 44
9 Jack Young Oswestry Paragon CC S 42
=10 Kirk Vickers Holohan Coaching RT S 38
=10 Robbie Disney Aerologic RT S 38
12 Phil Roberts Wrekinsport CC S 28
13 Rob McGregor Paramount CRT S 26
=14 Mason Durant Paramount CRT S 22
=14 Will Hyde Newport Shropshire CC J 22
=16 Ben Pierce Bridgnorth CC S 20
=16 Neil Coles Oswestry Paragon CC V 20
18 Ben Wood Wrekinsport CC S 16
19 Jed Friskney Mule CC S 16
=20 Becky Griffiths Paramount CRT W 14
=20 Daniel Lipson Mule CC V 14
=20 Hayley Wells Paramount CRT W 14
=20 James Davis Mule CC V 14
=20 James Saunders Ludlow CC J 14
=20 Sara Willhoit Paramount CRT W 14

Veterans Top 20:

Position Name Club Cat Best 6
1 Steven Prince Ludlow Brewery RT V 120
2 Scott Palmer Aerologic RT V 110
3 Chris Riley Paramount CRT V 102
4 John Woodward Mid Shropshire Wheelers V 88
5 Neil Coles Oswestry Paragon CC V 74
6 Claire Blackwell-Smyth Paramount CRT WV 48
7 Andy Collins Mid Shropshire Wheelers V 42
8 Daniel Lipson Mule CC V 32
9 Neil Wilson Paramount CRT V 26
=10 Ian Townsend Paramount CRT V 20
=10 James Davis Mule CC V 20
12 Simon Romei Paramount CRT V 18
13 Matt Speake Mule CC V 16
=14 Adam Riley Oswestry Paragon CC V 14
=14 Clive Bourne Mule CC V 14
=14 Dave Allen Bridgnorth CC V 14
=14 Grant Womack Ludlow Brewery RT V 14
=18 Mark Manson Mule CC V 12
=18 Neil Taylor Ludlow CC V 12
=20 Andy Perry Mule CC V 10
=20 Tim Evans Newport Shropshire CC V 10
=20 Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC WV 10

Women’s standings:

Position Name Club Cat Best 6
1 Becky Griffiths Paramount CRT W 114
2 Hayley Wells Paramount CRT W 112
3 Claire Blackwell-Smyth Paramount CRT WV 100
=4 Sara Willhoit Paramount CRT W 40
=4 Charlotte Hunter Mule CC W 20
=4 Faye Jackson Newport Shropshire CC WJ 20
=7 Emma Richards Paramount CRT W 18
=7 Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC WV 18
=9 Sue Taylor Mule CC WV 14
=9 Victoria Doran Wrekinsport CC WV 14

Junior standings:

Position Name Club Cat Best 6
1 Ben Southgate Wrekinsport CC J 100
=2 James Saunders Ludlow CC J 58
=2 Will Hyde Newport Shropshire CC J 58
=4 Chester Romei Paramount CRT J 18
=4 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers J 18
=4 Tom Oxley Mid Shropshire Wheelers J 18
=7 Faye Jackson Newport Shropshire CC WJ 16
=7 Jude White Mid Shropshire Wheelers J 16