Dean Callister narrowed the gap at the top of the SB Sports Injuries Series as he too a fine win in Round 10, Newport Shropshire CC’s ‘Tiddly’ 10. Held on the popular Tiddly triangle taking in Cold Hatton, Espley island and Stanton crossroads, riders had to endure a howling wind on the toughest part of the circuit, the A53, which features a long drag to the Shooing Ground turn. That didn’t stop Callister however as the Nova Raider dug deep to beat Series leader Henri Bedford by seven seconds in 21 minutes 10 seconds with a huge personal best. Callister has been making an impression in this Series, taking his fourth win to pull within 10 points of Bedford. He was pleased with his evening’s work, stating: “I paced it well with a strong headwind on the back end of the course. Just over a two minute course personal best, so I was happy with that. A very well run event by Newport, thanks to everyone involved”.

Bedford still holds the Overall lead as well as a massive 88 point advantage in the SB Junior Series as he stretched his lead in that Series by two more points over Harry Corney after crossing the line in 21:17, with Market Drayton CC’s Corney 2:30 back. Bedford was happy to have a ride on this quiet circuit, revealing: “It was my first time doing the Tiddly triangle this year. A strong headwind made the Shrewsbury road very tough, but it was nice to have a crack on it after a while – thanks to Newport CC for putting on the event”.

There was an unusual tie for third spot as two Wrekinsport CC team mates tried to settle a season-long battle for supremacy – and failed. Chris Halford and Tomos Hales have been trying to outdo each other in a friendly rivalry all year, but couldn’t be split on 21:46. Halford was pleased with his effort, whilst revealing for the first time why he has been slightly off his 2020 level of form: “I paced it well, but was due knee surgery two days later hopefully rectifying the problems I’ve had this season – great course”. Hales meanwhile was another rider who found the A53 leg a difficult prospect: “The race went well, a tough head wind on the top section off the course which made my average power numbers look good. I thought I would have done enough to beat Chris but he obviously had a good race too – thanks to Newport CC for putting on an SB Series race, well organised like always”.

Whilst Halford is struggling with an injury another rider is on the comeback trail and getting over her season-stopping one, with Nova Raiders’ Deb Hutson-Lumb taking the double win in both the SB Veterans and SB Women’s Series. Hutson-Lumb recorded a fine 24:31 to see off a challenge from team mate and Women’s Series leader Marie Llewellyn who ended her evening in 26:26; whilst she took the narrowest of victories in the Veteran’s race after finishing in +5:30 just one second ahead of Bridgnorth CC’s Jonathan Mills-Keeling, with Halford third in +5:00. Hutson-Lumb was relieved to finally be back racing, although she revealed she’s got a little bit of work to do to be back on absolute top form: “It was great to be back racing after injury. I’m a good few watts down and changes to the bike made the ride a bit too interesting. I was pleased with the result though and looking forward to the rest of the season”.


1Dean CallisterNova RaidersS21:1020
2Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ21:1718
3Chris HalfordWrekinsport CCV21:4616
3Tomos HalesWrekinsport CCS21:4616
5Jonathan Mills-KeelingBridgnorth CCV22:0812
6Mark PritchardNova RaidersS22:5810
7Darren ShawSCCA Private MemberV23:028
8Ian BondWrekinsport CCS23:166
9Harry CorneyMarket Drayton CCJ23:474
10Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV24:312
11George CoombesSCCA 1st ClaimS25:282
12Marie LlewellynNova Raiders26:262
13Mark StocksNewport Shropshire CCV27:012
14Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV29:432
15Clare CotterillWrekinsport CCWV30:402
16Megan FletcherNewport Shropshire CCWJ33:052


Vets Pos’nNameClubCatVet +/-Vets Points
1Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV+5:3020
2Jonathan Mills-KeelingBridgnorth CCV+5:2918
3Chris HalfordWrekinsport CCV+5:0016
4Darren ShawSCCA Private MemberV+3:3914
5Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV+0:5612
6Mark StocksNewport Shropshire CCV+0:1710
7Clare CotterillWrekinsport CCWV-3:398


Women’s Pos’nNameClubCatTimeWomen’s Points
1Deb Hutson-LumbNova RaidersWV24:3120
2Marie LlewellynNova Raiders26:2618
3Alison SalthouseSCCA Private MemberWV29:4316
4Clare CotterillWrekinsport CCWV30:4014
5Megan FletcherNewport Shropshire CCWJ33:0512


Junior Pos’nNameClubCatTimeJunior Points
1Henri BedfordRevolutions RacingJ21:1720
2Harry CorneyMarket Drayton CCJ23:4718
3Megan FletcherNewport Shropshire CCWJ33:0516

Cumulative Standings after ten rounds


Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing J 168
2 Dean Callister Nova Raiders S 158
3 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 90
4 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC V 72
=5 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Bridgnorth CC V 54
=5 Mark Pritchard Nova Raiders S 54
=7 Adam Baker SCCA Private Member S 52
=7 David Griffiths Oswestry Paragon CC S 52
9 James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers J 38
10 George Coombes SCCA 1st Claim S 34


Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC V 118
2 Jonathan Mills-Keeling Bridgnorth CC V 104
3 Rob Jackson Wrekinsport CC V 66
4 Andy Rose Nova Raiders V 56
5 Mark Stocks Newport Shropshire CC V 48
6 Gino Trasatti North Shropshire Wheelers V 46
7 Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders WV 42
=8 Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CC WV 34
=8 Darren Shaw SCCA Private Member V 34
=8 Jenny Newton Nova Raiders WV 34


Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Marie Llewellyn Nova Raiders W 136
2 Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CC WV 92
3 Jenny Newton Nova Raiders WV 58
4 Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders WV 56
5 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC WV 52
6 Clare O’Donnell Wrekinsport CC WV 42
=7 Alison Salthouse SCCA Private Member WV 36
=7 Victoria Doran Wrekinsport CC WV 36
9 Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers WV 34
10 Pauline Hughes Revolutions Racing WV 24


Position Name Club Cat Best 12
1 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing J 186
2 Harry Corney Market Drayton CC J 98
3 James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers J 52
4 Ethan Campbell Newport Shropshire CC J 38
5 Ben Southgate Wrekinsport CC J 36
-6 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers J 18
-6 Nathan Fullwood Bridgnorth CC J 18
8 Megan Fletcher Newport Shropshire CC WJ 16
=9 Cerys Blowers Mid Shropshire Wheelers WJ 14
=9 Luka Stolic Wrekinsport CC J 14