Mid Shropshire Wheelers

Solo, Tandem & 2-Up 25 Mile Time Trial

Sunday 21st April 2019

Start List
1Ian NisbettHafren CC08:01
2Tim RexNorth Shropshire Wheelers08:02
3Allan Henderson Wrekinsport CC08:03
4Peter NormanWrexham RC08:04
5Andrew RoseNova Raiders CC08:05
6James MeldrumLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)08:06
7Dean Callister Nova Raiders CC08:07
8David WilsonNorth Shropshire Wheelers08:08
9Paul CarrollNova Raiders CC08:09
10Victor ChettaMid Shropshire Wheelers08:10
11Edward ChiltonLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)08:11
12Jill WilkinsonChester RC08:12
13Andy CollinsMid Shropshire Wheelers08:13
14Richard HowesWrekinsport CC08:14
15Simon TinklerChester Triathlon Club08:15
16Ed MiddletonNova Raiders CC08:16
17Kieran MorrisTotal Tri Training08:17
18Fiona McdonaldTeam Newcastle Triathlon08:18
19Vic TriggerCrewe Clarion Whs08:19
20Daniel  WattsRoyal Air Force Cycling Association08:20
21Steven HankeyWarrington Road Club08:21
22Tomos HalesWrekinsport CC08:22
23Lucy HartCycling Performance Squad08:23
24Natalie BrooksParamount CRT08:24
25Thomas GarbettTotal Tri Training08:25
26Tim WilliamsChester RC08:26
27Deb Hutson-lumbNova Raiders CC08:27
28Harry CowleyChester RC08:28
29Linda BeckettNorth Shropshire Wheelers08:29
30Daniel ShackletonABC Centreville08:30
31Stuart MccormickPirate juice cc08:31
32Charlotte ChapmanNova Raiders CC08:32
33Gary BrooksPort Sunlight Wheelers08:33
34Milly DeerNorth Shropshire Wheelers08:34
35Richard KayNorth Shropshire Wheelers08:35
36Paul CubbinsMersey Tri08:36
37Gareth Brookes North Shropshire Wheelers08:37
38Martin SturgeGraham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic08:38
39Michael  ArmstrongLiverpool Century RC08:39
40Bryn DaviesHafren CC08:40
41Graham NoblePirate juice cc08:41
42Mark GriffithsWrekinsport CC08:42
43Paul  AtkinsonPort Sunlight Wheelers08:43
44Kenneth TriggerCrewe Clarion Whs08:44
45Paul Blackburn Coveryourcar.co.uk RT08:45
46Alan ChellCrewe Clarion Whs08:46
47Dean DoveyNova Raiders CC08:47
48James NealeNorth Shropshire Wheelers08:48
49Jason DavisParamount CRT08:49
50Mitch RussellThe Bike Bar08:50
51Edd Charlton-weedyArmy Cycling08:51
52William BaughLudlow CC08:52
53Andrew MossCrewe Clarion Whs08:53
54Chris Hanson-jonesFrodsham Wheelers08:54
55Kevin LarmerPort Sunlight Wheelers08:55
56Keith JonesBikmo Cycle Insurance08:56
57Chris LawsonGraham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic08:57
58Richard GoddardNewport (Shropshire) CC08:58
59Les BougheyNorth Shropshire Wheelers08:59
60Adrian HughesSeamons CC09:00
61Chris ReynoldsLiverpool Century RC09:01
62Tony HarveyMid Shropshire Wheelers09:02
63Ian ConnollyLudlow CC09:03
64Robert ElliottWrekinsport CC09:04
65Graham ThompsonAnfield BC09:05
66Dean HanwellMersey Tri09:06
67Dan ElliotTricentralUk09:07
68Ben DellicompagniStafford Triathlon Club09:08
69Claire GrimmerKnutsford Tri Club09:09
70Matthew DaviesHolohan Coaching Race Team09:10
71Paul WoodrowSurface Design Racing09:11
72Barry WilliamsMersey Tri09:12
73Naomi WrightManchester Triathlon Club09:13
74Julia SmithPort Sunlight Wheelers09:14
75Robin GreenRuncorn CC09:15
76Brett LowndesPro Vision Cycle Clothing 09:16
77Ian PollardCotswold Veldrijden09:17
78George AldridgeBirkenhead North End CC09:18
79Louise Thompson Port Sunlight Wheelers09:19
80Richard BottTeam Aspire09:20
81Mark SaggersRoyal Air Force Cycling Association09:21
82Kate GiddingsLiverpool Century RC09:22
83Gino TrasattiNorth Shropshire Wheelers09:23
84Helen TudorOswestry Paragon CC09:24
85Dan SmallTeesdale CRC09:25
86Wayne OwenEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni09:26
87Colin HayesLiverpool Century RC09:27
88Richard GadsdenLiverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club09:28
89Eurwyn ParryRhos-on-Sea CC09:29
90Luke PollardRoyal Air Force Cycling Association09:30
91Hywel IorwerthEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni09:31
92Alex WardMersey Tri09:32
93Steven HazeldineStone Wheelers CC09:33
94Paul EdwardsGraham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic09:34
95Andrew TibbettPirate juice cc09:35
96Jac LewisEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni09:36
97Jason WalkleyTri Training Harder09:37
98Paul MartinMersey Tri09:38
99Ian CassonBirkenhead Victoria CC09:39
100Arthur FranklinPortishead Cycling Club09:40
101Steffan JonesEnergy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni09:41
102Simon HigginsLiverpool Century RC09:42
103Stuart LaurieWrexham RC09:43
104Damian JayPropel Cycling Club09:44
105Dave ConnorMersey Tri09:45
106Phillip WarburtonLiverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree)09:46
107Chris FinnanLiverpool Century RC09:47
109Steve Cornish &
Toni Vaughan
Mid Shropshire Wheelers09:49
2-up TTT
111James SatoorMid Shropshire Wheelers
112Ben PierceMid Shropshire Wheelers09:52
113Toby WilliamsVelotik Racing Team
114Chris MannVelotik Racing Team09:54
115Robert FinchArctic Tacx RT
116Lucy DaviesArctic Tacx RT09:56
117Darren RobertsLeigh Premier Road Club
118Chris SouthworthLeigh Premier Road Club09:58
119Paul NelsonChester RC
120Philip HillChester RC10:00
121Richard ElmittWrexham RC
122Jan KardaszWrexham RC10:02
123John WestheadParamount CRT
124Christopher RileyParamount CRT10:04

Incorporating round 3 of the SCCA Friction & Hydraulics Points Series

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its Rules & Regulations

Course: D25/8E            Start Time: 08:00          Timekeepers: Jenny York & Dave York

Event secretary:  Simon Evans, 44 Bromley Road, Shrewsbury SY3 5AZ

Tel: 01743 353671  email: ruralwales@gmail.com

Headquarters: Tilstock Village Hall, Tilstock, SY13 3JL, 2.5 miles S of Whitchurch, open from 7am.

Additional parking is available on the hard standing at Prees Heath SY13 3JT,

just 0.9 miles from the HQ and adjoining the course.

Competitor’s Notes: Each competitor must sign on when collecting AND RETURNING their race numbers at the HQ, this is a CTT Requirement. Numbers should be pinned to the lower back area and be clearly visible. Make sure you call out your number at the finish, otherwise your time may not be recorded. Times will be displayed at HQ, do not ask for your time at the finish.

Distance from HQ to start is 3.8 miles so allow adequate time. Please use extreme caution riding on the A49, you are on the course so please ride in single file. The road narrows at Sandford Bridge on the A41. There is also a possibility of cattle crossing just north of the bridge. Any rider performing a U-turn within sight of the start or finish may be disqualified. Keep your head up at all times, have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Due to increased traffic levels at Prees Island riders are reminded to use caution on entering the Island. Any rider observed to be riding in an unsafe manner or disregarding the Highway Code may face disciplinary action.


The winner to hold the Arthur Bishop Memorial Cup for one year

  Category A Category B Category C Category D Women Vet + on Std
1st £30 £20 £20 £20 £25 £25
2nd £20 £15 £15 £15 £20 £20
3rd £15       £15 £15
Fastest Team of 3 £30  

Please note – the One Rider One Prize rule applies, except for Team prize.


1st £30 2nd £25 3rd £20

Course Description

Start on the A49 (Prees bypass) south of Prees Bridge at metal bridge join.

Proceed north on the A49 to Prees island                                                             2.76 miles

Turn right onto the A41 (3rd exit) and continue to Tern Hill island                             9.79

Turn right onto the A53 (3rd exit) and proceed to Espley island                              13.13

Encircle island and retrace to Tern Hill island                                                      16.50

Turn left (1st exit) onto A41 and retrace to Prees island                                         23.47

Turn left (1st exit) onto A49 and Finish at last grid before Manor House Lane        25.00

IN THE INTERESTS OF YOUR OWN SAFETY Cycling Time Trials and the event promoter strongly advise that you wear A HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. It is a condition of entry that all riders under 18 years of age must wear an approved cycle helmet.
It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.