Wrekinsport Chris Edwards Hilly 18

Shropshire’s time trialling season opened with a statement of intent from Matt Garthwaite as the Holohan Coaching rider won Round 1 of the Friction Hydraulics Series in some style at Worfield – despite some pre and in-race problems. With Wrekinsport’s Chris Edwards Hilly 18 featuring the fearsome climb of The Hermitage Garthwaite’s eye was on the competition from the holder of several local hill climb records, Jonny Morris, who was guaranteed to make up time as gravity did its worst.  

But gravity wasn’t the only consideration on a tough day blighted by a strong, gusting south-westerly wind that ensured riders had to take care to hold their line as they were hindered in all but the final two miles. Garthwaite won the race in 40 minutes 6 seconds, 2:17 ahead of Morris, but his mood was more one of thankfulness for getting his first event under his belt: “I was relieved with the win, especially after I struggled to put my skin suit on for the first time this year – I must still be carrying some Christmas indulgence! Jonny has the Strava King of the Mountains record up The Hermitage so I knew the course would suit him. I had a bit of trouble with traffic backing up behind slower riders in front of me that resulted in some dodgy undertaking skills, but thankfully the rain stayed away“.

Fishface RT rider Morris was also glad to get his first event out of the way and despite the winds appreciated not having to contend with ‘The Beast From The East’ that postponed last year’s race. He stated: “It was a great race to start the cycling season, and thankfully no snow this year! The crosswinds made it very interesting at times heading towards Sutton Maddock, but The Hermitage is a hill I know very well so it was good to finish with it. I’m looking forward to testing myself against the clock a bit more this year at more SCCA events“.

Garthwaite wasn’t the only local rider setting out is stall as Nova Raiders’ Tim Beardmore took the County runner-up spot on a course he is very familiar with. Beardmore stopped the clock on 43:23, exactly a minute behind Morris and stunning reigning Shropshire Best all Rounder Victor Chetta by 7 seconds. This was a superb performance by Beardmore, equalling his best ever position in this Series attained in the final round of 2018. But he went one better in the Veteran’s Series, taking an impressive win in +4:48, the best of only nine riders to beat their standard showing just how hard conditions were. Beardmore wasn’t finished there either, leading Nova Raiders team mates Dean Dovey and Nick Long to the team win.

Beardmore commented: “The wind made for a very nervous warm up, but when I got racing I coped with it pretty well. This is my local course, and one that I always enjoy, and I felt good all the way round. I was surprised and very happy with my time and the Veteran’s win. It was good to see so many strong rides from my team mates at Nova Raiders, with the team win being a nice bonus. Thanks to the timekeepers and marshals and to everyone who helped out“.

Chetta meanwhile probably lost that 7 seconds through riding conservatively thanks to conditions, finishing 3rd County rider in 43:30 but was still pleased with his efforts. He revealed: “The strong winds certainly made for some hair-raising moments on the north end of the course, I came very close to crashing which made me ride a bit more cautiously after that. I enjoyed pushing hard into the headwind on the return leg and was pleased with my effort up The Hermitage, a good way of reawakening the competitive drive“. The Mid Shropshire Wheeler lost out to the same rider in the Veteran’s Series – but by a bigger margin of 1:01 seconds when the age-related standards were applied, posting a good +3:49, 27 seconds ahead of Dovey.

In the Women’s Series it was another Nova Raider who took the win with Charlotte Chapman setting a 1:40 advantage over Hafren CC’s Emma Serjeant. Chapman ended her afternoon on a fine time of 49:26. Chapman had both the help and hindrance of light weight helping her fly up The Hermitage but getting blown around on more exposed parts of the course. She was happy with her efforts and pleased to meet up with many friends around the Shropshire time trialling scene: “It was lovely to see everyone! I was chuffed to take the win and to see a big improvement since my first go at the course two years ago. Looking forward to the rest of the season now – hopefully with less wind though“!

It was a two-horse race in the Junior Series, with Kieran Morris gaining victory in a fine 47:05 – good enough for 11th spot overall. The 18 year-old was challenged by a first-timer, Nathan Hester, who was left rueing his bad luck after puncturing near the foot of The Hermitage. Morris suffered in conditions and battled to control his bike, with tri-spoke wheels notorious for misbehaving at awkward yaw angles – exactly the conditions down the ‘Rabbit Run’. Despite this he enjoyed the testing course: “Thank you to the organisers, a great course. I really struggled using my front tri-spoke and couldn’t even get on my time trial bars because of the wind. Looking forward to the rest of the season now. Well done to everyone who rode. Not an easy day“.

Round 2 of the Friction Hydraulics Series takes place on 31st March when VTTA Merseyside run their 15 mile event taking in the Hodnet by-pass and the ‘Tiddly’ triangle


Pos’nNo.Forename SurnameClubTimeVet +/-Standard
150MattGarthwaiteHolohan Coaching RT00:40:06
220JonnyMorrisFishFace Cycles RT00:42:23
346TimBeardmoreNova Raiders00:43:23+4:4800:48:11
440VictorChettaMid Shropshire Wheelers00:43:30+3:4900:47:19
525TomGarbettTotal Tri Training00:43:55
62DanElliotTri Central UK00:44:58
736JackWilsonLudlow Brewery RT00:45:04
830BrynDaviesHafren CC00:45:09+2:4500:47:54
951StephenMintonLudlow Brewery RT00:45:31+2:5600:48:27
1032DeanDoveyNova Raiders00:45:49+3:2200:49:11
1116JamesGriffithsClee Cycles00:46:42+1:2000:48:02
1126NickLongNova Raiders00:46:42
1335TomosHalesWrekinsport CC00:46:49
147TonyGrassbyPeak Road Club00:46:57+1:5600:48:53
1510KieranMorrisTotal Tri Training00:47:05
1622SimonDightonBeacon Roads CC00:47:08+2:1200:49:20
1733ChrisDaviesLudlow Brewery RT00:47:16+0:3800:47:54
1847GaryWaltersLudlow Brewery RT00:47:29+0:5000:48:19
1921EdMiddletonNova Raiders00:47:46
2052AllanHendersonWrekinsport CC00:48:26
2144DeanCallisterNova Raiders00:48:29
2231MarkGriffithsWrekinsport CC00:48:32+0:3900:49:11
2343AndyDaviesWrekinsport CC00:48:56-1:1000:47:46
2424CharlotteChapmanNova Raiders00:49:26
2545NeilWilsonParamount CRT00:49:35-0:5900:48:36
266RichardSmithWrekinsport CC00:49:36-0:5200:48:44
2728SimonEvansMid Shropshire Wheelers00:49:38-0:4500:48:53
2815AdamMumfordWrekinsport CC00:50:25
2927EmmaSerjeantHafren CC00:50:46
3037IanConnollyLudlow CC00:51:45-3:1800:48:27
3117SteveChapmanNova Raiders00:51:59-2:0800:49:51
3248AlistairHattonWrekinsport CC00:52:11-2:3100:49:40
3323HannahPearsonFishFace Cycles RT00:52:40
3434JennyNewtonNova Raiders00:54:59-2:4000:52:19
358SteveElcocksRevolutions Racing00:55:21-6:1900:49:02
364JaneChapmanNova Raiders00:56:04-3:1700:52:47
3614SallyMaitlandPeak Road Club00:56:04-3:2600:52:38
3819MarkStocksNewport Shropshire CC00:56:07-7:1400:48:53
3949RichardGoddardNewport Shropshire CC00:56:13-7:0200:49:11
4039StephenPriceRetro Racing00:58:10-8:4000:49:30
419DavidSykesGlasgow Green CC01:01:32-12:4800:48:44
4213SteveDonaldsonFullarton Wheelers01:01:46-12:0600:49:40
4329AshleyKirkhamBlack Country Triathletes01:02:39-15:1100:47:28
4411DeclanLogueStratford CC01:04:04-14:5300:49:11
3NathanHesterNewport Shropshire CCDNF-P
18MillyDeerTotal Tri TrainingDNS-A
38DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersDNS-A00:52:57
41RhysJonesLudlow Brewery RTDNS-A
1DaveMooreWrekinsport CCDNS-A00:49:02
5Phillip GlazeFishFace Cycles RTDNS 00:47:37
12RobKerrOswestry Paragon CCDNS 00:47:10
42StevenPrinceFishFace Cycles RTDNS00:47:28

Friction Hydraulics Series – points


Pos’nForename SurnameClubTimePoints
1MattGarthwaiteHolohan Coaching RT00:40:0660
2TimBeardmoreNova Raiders00:43:2355
3VictorChettaMid Shropshire Wheelers00:43:3050
4JackWilsonLudlow Brewery RT00:45:0445
5BrynDaviesHafren CC00:45:0940
6StephenMintonLudlow Brewery RT00:45:3135
7DeanDoveyNova Raiders00:45:4930
8JamesGriffithsClee Cycles00:46:4225
8NickLongNova Raiders00:46:4225
10TomosHalesWrekinsport CC00:46:4915
11KieranMorrisSCCA Private Member00:47:0510
12ChrisDaviesLudlow Brewery RT00:47:165
13GaryWaltersLudlow Brewery RT00:47:295
14EdMiddletonNova Raiders00:47:465
15AllanHendersonWrekinsport CC00:48:265
16DeanCallisterNova Raiders00:48:295
17MarkGriffithsWrekinsport CC00:48:325
18AndyDaviesWrekinsport CC00:48:565
19CharlotteChapmanNova Raiders00:49:265
20NeilWilsonParamount CRT00:49:355
21RichardSmithWrekinsport CC00:49:365
22SimonEvansMid Shropshire Wheelers00:49:385
23AdamMumfordWrekinsport CC00:50:255
24EmmaSerjeantHafren CC00:50:465
25IanConnollyLudlow CC00:51:455
26SteveChapmanNova Raiders00:51:595
27AlistairHattonWrekinsport CC00:52:115
28JennyNewtonNova Raiders00:54:595
29SteveElcocksRevolutions Racing00:55:215
30JaneChapmanNova Raiders00:56:045
31MarkStocksNewport Shropshire CC00:56:075
32RichardGoddardNewport Shropshire CC00:56:135
NathanHesterNewport Shropshire CCDNF-P
RhysJonesLudlow Brewery RTDNS-A
DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersDNS-A
DaveMooreWrekinsport CCDNS-A
StevenPrinceSCCA Private MemberDNS
RobKerrOswestry Paragon CCDNS 


Vets Pos’nForename SurnameClubVet +/-Vets Points
1TimBeardmoreNova Raiders+4:4860
2VictorChettaMid Shropshire Wheelers+3:4955
3DeanDoveyNova Raiders+3:2250
4StephenMintonLudlow Brewery RT+2:5645
5BrynDaviesHafren CC+2:4540
6JamesGriffithsClee Cycles+1:2035
7GaryWaltersLudlow Brewery RT+0:5030
8MarkGriffithsWrekinsport CC+0:3925
9ChrisDaviesLudlow Brewery RT+0:3820
10SimonEvansMid Shropshire Wheelers-0:4515
11RichardSmithWrekinsport CC-0:5210
12NeilWilsonParamount CRT-0:595
13AndyDaviesWrekinsport CC-1:105
14SteveChapmanNova Raiders-2:085
15AlistairHattonWrekinsport CC-2:315
16JennyNewtonNova Raiders-2:405
17JaneChapmanNova Raiders-3:175
18IanConnollyLudlow CC-3:185
19SteveElcocksRevolutions Racing-6:195
20RichardGoddardNewport Shropshire CC-7:025
21MarkStocksNewport Shropshire CC-7:145


Women’s Pos’nForename SurnameClubTimeWomen’s Points
1CharlotteChapmanNova Raiders00:49:2660
2EmmaSerjeantHafren CC00:50:4655
3JennyNewtonNova Raiders00:54:5950
4JaneChapmanNova Raiders00:56:0445
DebHutson-LumbNova RaidersDNS-A


Junior Pos’nForename SurnameClubTimeJunior Points
1KieranMorrisSCCA Private Member00:47:0560
NathanHesterNewport Shropshire CCDNF-P

Top Club Award

1Nova Raiders 140
2Ludlow Brewery RT 90
3Holohan Coaching RT 60
4Mid Shropshire Wheelers 55
5Hafren CC 45
5Wrekinsport CC 45
7Clee Cycles 25
8Newport Shropshire CC 10
9Ludlow CC 5
9Paramount CRT 5
9Revolutions Racing 5