Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association 2-Up 10

A damp squib of a day resulted in a low turnout for Round 4 of The Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series – although those competing in the inaugural SCCA 2-Up 10 enjoyed fast conditions and guaranteed large points as a personal best was broken and a first-time pairing took an unexpected big win. Twenty-four hours of solid rain finally abated half an hour before the start – at the southern end of the Waters Upton – Hodnet course at least, as just five pairs braved decidedly chilly conditions and took the opportunity to give the sparkling new Peplow surface a good test of it’s potential.

After struggling to attract a 2-Up partner all week and hinting that he’d ride a private solo trial instead, Wrekinsport’s fastest rider Chris Halford made a flying entry into the Championship after team mate Tomos Hales took the bait, knowing that Halford would push him to his limits. With plenty of oxygen and easy passage through the air guaranteed after the downpour Halford stretched Hales to a fabulous 21 minutes 37 seconds, the season’s second fastest 2-Up 10 on a course not exactly renowned for fast times. The new partnership worked smoothly despite a lack of preparation, with Halford hinting at more to come: “My first time racing with Tomos, it worked really well. We can definitely can go a lot quicker. Many thanks to the helpers”. Hales added: “Thanks for putting on the event and all the marshals that helped out. A shame about the weather, but it was wonderful to ride with such a classy rider as Chris, who dragged me round for us to win it“.

Halford and Hales beat off the attentions of the young Mid Shropshire Wheelers pairing of Jack Young and Jack Morris by 55 seconds, with 15 year-old Young and 24 year-old Morris going one better than their third place in Round 3 six days earlier. The strength of their ride surprised 2018’s Silver medallists Ed Middleton and Nick Long as Mid Shropshire Wheelers youngsters again showed how much this format suits them. Stopping the watch on 22:32, Young commented: “We enjoyed the new road surface, it was a shame about the weather but it was good fun“. Morris also enjoyed the new surface adding: “It was great to take second on the improved road surface, thanks to all the marshals and organisers for standing out in the bad weather for us to ride“.

Middleton and Long suffered in the cold, with a crosswind not helping them to keep warm. The pair were 11 seconds behind Young and Morris in a respectable 22:43, which was good enough to  propel the Nova Raiders pair to the top of the Overall standings with a 10 point advantage over former leaders Mark Hill and Emma Serjeant of Hafren CC. Middleton knew he’d been in a race, commenting: “A tough day. Everything went well, apart from our time! Well done to the Mid Shropshire Wheelers and Wrekinsport pairs. Thanks for all the volunteers for making the race happen! A strange old day, we both put out our power and worked well as a team but the time didn’t come“. Long meanwhile had thought better of racing in the dreek conditions but capitulated, adding: “We’re blessed in Shropshire with such a full and interesting race calendar and with volunteers willing to put these races on. However, given the awful weather this was one race I was hoping to miss! In the end we both put in a strong shift. We worked well together and have finally learned to avoid blowing up at the seven mile mark“.

With just one Women’s paring in competition Sarah Grant and Alison Dockney had to make things interesting for themselves – and put in a major shift to knock four seconds off their 2-Up personal best to lower their benchmark to 24:06 This was all the more remarkable given the pair did not have the ideal pre-race preparation, as Dockney explained: “Another race where the ‘warm-up’ involved sheltering in the car with the heating on while trying to convince ourselves it was brightening up outside! We were glad we went anyway and were rewarded with a 2-Up PB despite the unfavourable conditions. Well done everyone who braved the foul weather, and thanks to all who supported the event on such a miserable day“! Grant was also delighted to set a new personal standard, adding: “We weren’t quite sure what to expect with the conditions, but everything came together nicely and we are so pleased with a 2-Up PB! Thanks so much to everyone for standing in the cold wet and windy June weather to make the race happen“. Dockney and Grant opened up a 20 point lead at the top of the Women’s standings from reigning Women’s Champions Jane Chapman and Jenny Newton making their soaking thoroughly worthwhile.

Like the Women’s race just one pair took the line in the Mixed Pairs Championship, although no points were added to the standings with the unaffiliated Wrexham RC pairing of Stan Elmitt and Tanya Samuels ending the afternoon on 27:04.


Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Points
1 Chris Halford & Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 21:37 20
2 Jack Young & Jack Morris Mid Shropshire Wheelers 22:32 18
3 Ed Middleton & Nick Long Nova Raiders 22:43 16
4 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 24:06 14
5 Stan Elmitt & Tanya Samuels Wrexham RC 27:04  

Women’s Team

Women’s Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Women’s Points
1 Sarah Grant & Alison Dockney SCCA Private Members 24:06 20

Mixed Team

Mixed Pos’n Names Club(s) Time Mixed Points
1 Stan Elmitt & Tanya Samuels Wrexham RC 27:04  

Private Solo Trial

Pos’n Names Club Time
1 Helen Tudor Oswestry Paragon CC 27:19

Cumulative Standings after four rounds


Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Ed Middleton & Nick Long Nova Raiders 46
2 Mark Hill & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 36
3 Jack Young & Jack Morris Mid Shropshire Wheelers 34
4 Andy Maxwell & Andy Rose Nova Raiders 30
=5 Ben Pierce & James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 20
=5 Chris Halford & Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 20
=5 James Satoor & Sam Holwill Mid Shropshire Wheelers & Hafren CC 20
=5 Tim Beardmore & Dean Dovey Nova Raiders 20
=9 Alison Dockney & Sarah Grant SCCA Private Members 18
=9 Ollie Atkin & Phil Birch SCCA Private Members 18

Women’s Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Alison Dockney & Sarah Grant SCCA Private Members 40
2 Jenny Newton & Jane Chapman Nova Raiders 20

Mixed Team

Position Team Club(s) Best 5
1 Mark Hill & Emma Serjeant Hafren CC 60
2 Jenny York & John Robertson Mid Shropshire Wheelers 32
=3 Adam Riley & Vikki Jones Oswestry Paragon CC 18
=3 Andy Collins & Lucy Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers 18
=3 Elaine Langley & Terry Price North Shropshire Wheelers 18
  • Round 5 of the Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series takes place on Wednesday, 12th June at 7pm when Nova Raiders promote their 10 mile event on the Cherrington – Newport course. Sign on at The Lamb at Edgmond car park.