Coaching Revolutions 2 up 10 Mile Series

The Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series sees pairs of riders working their way around a selection of courses at all points of the County compass, urging each other on. With times taken on the second rider to cross the line a good working partnership is essential to gain points, which are awarded in three categories. Overall, Women’s and Mixed Pairs. In each case there’s a brace of trophies to be won in this best 5 from 10 Series, with 20 points awarded for a win descending in 2 point steps down to 2 for finishing in each category. To accumulate points towards those trophies or medals rides must be with the same partner, with all events taking place over 10 miles.

The need to work as an efficient team key to success, with most pairs recording faster times than they could solo thanks to spurring each other on and gaining a rest through drafting when at the back.

How often riders change over is dependent on that team – for some it’s done on feel, with the following rider taking over when the front one starts flagging; whilst with others it’s based on a fixed time taken by glancing at a bike computer. Others might play to the strengths of the individual riders, with a stronger rider taking longer turns on the front or a climber going to the front at every rise in terrain. The beauty of the format is that as pairs get used to each other’s styles they usually become more efficient due to familiarity, so riding several events is beneficial. But above all if you haven’t ridden the format before most riders report what great fun it is. Don’t miss out.

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2018 Coaching Revolutions 2 up 10 Mile Series

Date Round Club Click  Course – Click to View
11/03/2018 R1 North Shropshire Wheelers D32/10
22/04/2018 R2 Revolutions Racing D10/22
18/05/2018 R3 Oswestry Paragon CC D10/5c
07/06/2018 R4 Marches CC D10/5c
13/06/2018 R5 Nova Raiders K52/10c
03/07/2018 R6 Mid Shropshire Wheelers D1/11
24/07/2018 R7 Ludlow CC R10/6B
25/07/2018 R8 Wrekinsport CC D3/9rev
31/07/2018 R9 CANCELLED Paramount CRT D1/11
08/08/2018 R10 Hafren CC D310/1